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Jon & Kate Plus

the Worst Kept Secret

6/22/2009 10:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So it happened. Jon & Kate Gosselin announced their separation on tonight's show. Nothing will EVER be the same.

Jon is moving out and so on and so forth.

So we gotta ask...


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I say they were better off poor, and not famous-

1944 days ago


AT last something ran that JON AND KATE off the headlines.. pretty sick of it. They need to vanish and take care of the kids out of the spotlight. AFter the way she treated him no wonder he WANDERED to some other woman.. : )

1944 days ago


Kate may be a royal bitch at times, but come on, someone has to take charge in that home. 8 kids to mother. Can you imagine how overwhelming that must be on a good day. But let's not forget bad days, we all have those right, I know I do and although that combined with exhaustion may not be the best excuse, it is however a reason for snapping out on your husband. Couples do it all of the time, it may not be ideal, but it is a fact of life that sometimes, the ones we love the most, also have the uncanny ability to bring out the worst in us, but they better be able to bring out the best as well and John doesn't seem to even want to try. He cracked me up, "I've finally stood on my own two feet", yep, he did, and walked right out the door. How about you stand on your own two feet, man up to your wife's face and not run away, that's not standing on your own feet, that's wussing out. So now he's going to move to NY. How much do you want to bet that in two years he's remarried and starting a new family. She'll probably be just like Kate, but the difference is, this time he'll have $$ to actually support a family, thanks to his first wife, because without her pushing, he would have next to nothing. I mean really, if you've watched this show from the beginning you can probably acknowledged that although he's not a bad person, he's not too bright either.

1943 days ago



1943 days ago


From what I saw of that episode, Jon has finally become a MAN.....after being a puppy for so long. Kate did not appear all that devastated and just kept talking about how "I don't want to do this alone". Nice, real nice.

Jon had an attitude on that show that I h ad never before seen...that of someone finally finding himself and making a move to be strong, independent, and so over it.

The only losers here are those kids. They are psychological messes as it is and this just adds to it. I think that the shows about the uber large families are sending the wrong message. Kids are NOT cash cows, families do NOT have to be so big that the kids are merely another chore for the day. Come on, people! As the Duggars say they would take as many kids as God would give em. Ummm.....does that mean I can drink as many beers as God will let me without passing out? What other irresponsible behavior can we get up to just because God doesn't yell at us for doing something? Common sense does NOT prevail here.

Good luck to Jon. I hope he finally finds happiness in his life with someone who treats him well. As for Octo-uterus, I really dont think there is much hope for her. She will just move on and find some poor innocent sap to step into Jon's shoes and become her slave boy.

Nuff said

1943 days ago

Michelle C.    

I have been watching Jon and Kate for awhile now. I love to see the kids grow up. Everyone has their own opinion on what is going on but the interview before this one when they were having problems you could see Kate wanted to work it out and Jon did not. Kate is a wonderful mother to her children. Jon is the one out partying all night with other women and getting his ears pierced and who knows what else. I haven't seen Kate doing any of that. Oh yeah thats right she is a mother! TLC will continue to air this show as long as people watch it. If you don't like it, don't watch. I will continue to watch it. The reason this makes good TV is because the world wants to see them grow up. They are the most beautiful children I have ever seen. Kate has all my support and I will be praying for her everyday. She is a strong woman and I know she can overcome this!!

1942 days ago


I feel bad for all of them. they wre just a family from Hershey PA. Just an average family. I don't know how any one of us would handle all of this. How things have changed for them on so many levels in just a few years.
None of our families could have stood up to all of this.
It also makes me laugh that we all think we have soooo much insite into this family when non e of us even know them. All we see is what is on TV and magazines... since when did that ALL BECOME SO REAL. ???? LOL


1942 days ago


I don't think that being on TV had as much to do with the divorce as many people think. I think Kate's behavior towards Jon, on air and in public, was the number one reason. He told her how he felt repeatedly but to no avail. What makes me really sad as a mother and person who has been through the very sad process of divorce is that there was no mention of any counseling! I can understand. There comes a time when all you want to do is get away from the pain; but it's still sad and I think just plain wrong when young children are involved. I'm sure Dr. Phil would have been thrilled to counsel them privately or - heck - on TV! LOL. Just joking. The fact is that it takes 2 people to agree to marital counseling. In my case, I didn't get that, but I did get counseling before I could reconcil myself to leaving my husband even though he wouldn't leave his girlfriend. I had married him "Til death do us part." Anyone who no longer wants to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 is free to do something else. However, if I were a betting person, I'd put money on the show. I'm sure it will have a big audience for any future espisodes. TLC is not to blame. TLC is not a charitable organization. Change your channel or turn off your TV if you don't want to see it. As for me, I'll be eager to see how Jon and the kids are doing. I'm guessing that Kate will have more book tours, etc. because she'll probably write a NEW book and maybe one after that! When the kids want to stop the show; it will stop. I guarantee it. Both Jon & Kate love those 8 kids!

1941 days ago


I can't stand people like this. Maybe if the media hadn't been so involved in their lives their marriage could have survived. But they let the media get to them and both of them became big-headed. And it will be the kids that suffer. Neither of them was mature enough to have one kid much less 8. They should have spent more time as a married couple instead of being in such a hurry to have kids, especially that many kids. Both of them should grow up and get some responsibility. And don't bring kids into the world...THAT MANY...and not pay enough attention to them. i mean really was 8 necessary? You had to have 8 kids? 8 kids that will have to have attention divided up otherwise they aren't all going to be getting the attention they need. They were too young and they didn't spend enough time together by themselves. Bottom line. They need to grow up and get some responsibility.

1940 days ago


#16 is right. Jon is having a mid life crisis. Someone has to teach the kids morals and rules. whats jon going to teach them. Give up when it suits you? how about sneaking around at 3 oclock in the morning with a 23 yr old? not what id want my kids to learn. If she is being a bitch for being the standup parent, then so be it. The kids will be better off in the long run. Its not all about fun and playing. There is responsibility and accountability in life and jon seems to have none of that.

1940 days ago


Jon is puffy, balding and dumb. Does he really think that any 23 year old would even give him the time of day if it was not for his celebrity? I am sure the girl thought, "father of eight..I want some of that!" No...she wanted some of the reality cash you are bringing in. Don't be delusional Jon. Your time of being a hip young man are over. At least with the money Kate improved her appearance. Jon just got dumpier. Go use the money and work out Jon. Your stomach is beginning to hang over your pants. I wish the people hawking their wares on the show gave them some free counseling. They need that above and beyond the teeth whitening and trips to the spa. And Jon saying he may just get a job...yea right....We believe that one!

1940 days ago


I think Jon got his stones back while he hung out with the OCC guys. I'd like to see the show Jon & Eight Minus Kate myself. I think being pressured and having to be in front of the camera right when they were separating might have been an extremely miserable moment for him-like being a rabbit in a cage. I remember how weird my Dad was when he and Mom were separating before their divorce. One moment himself, the next moment full of anger, sometimes arrogant, sometimes close, other times very distant. I can't imagine how HE would been in front of a camera at any given moment. Kate herself said they had been having problems for 6 months or longer, before ANY of that tabloid stuff started. If TLC has any integrity, they will take this show off for a while until the kids at least have a time to adjust. I was about the same age as the two oldest. It was a very difficult time in my life.

1939 days ago


Jon's an ass - he is jealous of Kate running around while he sat at home! Any man that goes out to the bar (how would he even have time with 8 kids) while his wife is away and flirts with the girls is no good. Alcohol causes all kinds of problems believe me I was going thru almost the same situation when I bcame successful - after my husband divorcing me and then finally seeing the light we remarried. That was 9 years ago and everything is fine. Jon needs to get a life and find himself (my husband became a pilot at 35). The money is going to run out and he is going to be liable to support those kids. Also, any woman that gets involved with this man - is more then crazy. Jon please dont make any more babies so that they can be part of a broken family!!!

1939 days ago


What they SHOULD have been annoucing was they were cancelling their show to focus on their marriage and their family.

1939 days ago


Maybe, just maybe this will teach Kate to quit being such a NAGGING B!tch!!! I'm a married women with kids and I don't care how stressed out I get I still would NOT treat my husband, or ANYONE to that matter, the way she treats Jon. I'm actually proud that Jon is FINALLY taking up for himself. I do feel sorry for the children bc they are innocent, but if Kate doesn't watch out the children will realize how horrible she is too and when they get a little older they will permanetly leave her house and ask to stay with their dad!

1938 days ago
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