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Perez vs. Will.I.Am -- CAUGHT ON TAPE

6/22/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained video footage of the heated confrontation between Perez Hilton and Will.I.Am -- in which Perez can clearly be heard calling the Black Eyed Pea a "f**king f*ggot."

The footage begins in the middle of the verbal altercation outside an after-party for a music award show in Toronto -- moments after Hilton claims Will went after him like a "heat-seeking missile" and unleashed a verbal tirade at him.

With a crowd surrounding Perez, Will and Will's manager, Polo -- the guys argue back and forth for about a minute, until Perez tells Will, "you're not a f**king artist ... you're a f**king f*ggot."

The scene suddenly turns chaotic -- and in the mess someone punches Perez in the face.

On a video blog on his website, Hilton claims Will's manager hit him "two or three times."

Will also posted a video blog saying he never hit anyone.


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#4 Andrea,
it's ok because you're latina? look bitch you need to get away from your 40 kids RIGHT NOW because you are INFECTING them with YOUR stupidity and craziness. its just like a chola gangster bitch to not see her own participation in her own disease. bitch you need to finish up cleaning the house you're at, turn in your fake green card, and find a boat back to LATINALAND.

1947 days ago



1947 days ago


first = LOSER

1947 days ago


second at #5 = BIGGER LOSER

1947 days ago

mellow yellow    

PIG HILTON. Did you SEE those nostrils. Someone needs to make a youtube spoof of this wearing a PIG mask.

1947 days ago

you must stupid    

I'll go as far as saying Mario isn't just a typical bullying homo that really doesn't have any principles, I'll say he's a typical, lying, hypocritical, double talk POS liberal that really doesn't have any core values. They just jump on bs to claim to be something near and dear to their hearts to have something to bitch and complain about.

The fact he's calling someone else a f*ggot is very hypocritical and sets gays back decades

1947 days ago


Ok..well I watched Perez's video and EVERYTHING he stated did come out on this video that TMZ posted. He stated that he did tell Will-I-am that he wasnt an artist and did name call just means that he was honest and open and I believe Perez because what he said and what the video matched to the t...I'm a fan of the Black eye Peas but I believe Perez..I believe that Fergie & Will-I-Am instigated the whole deal

1947 days ago


I'm no fan of violence, but I wouldn't lose much sleep if Perez got punched more often. In fact, I'm surprised he doesn't get hit more, considering the vile stuff he publishes.

1947 days ago


Perez Hilton you had your 15 minutes of fame its time you retire. You can pick on women and little teeny bopper girls all you want but when you step up to a real guy who wont take your crap you cry "WOLF" !!! I think poster # whatever said it right when they said "STOP BUYING LADY GAGA RECORDS UNTIL SHE STOPS SUPPORTING PEREZ HILTON" I think I will take mine into my local hastings and reselll it cause I want nothing to do with anyone who likes perez hilton.

1947 days ago

you must stupid    

Another lying liberal "activist" busted as a hypocrite yet again!!!!! This dumbass is making Carrie Prejean look better and better every time he opens his lying ass mouth. Next on the list are Lewis, Moakler and Harvey!!!

1947 days ago


Perez is a disgrace to the GLBT community!!! Perez is a disgrace to the GLBT community!!!

HE shouldn't have posted the sexual pictures of that guy last week. Serves his ass right. I hope this ends his BS career. Perez is a wannabe hangers on and that is all he'll ever be.

1947 days ago

Dane Barnhart    

This is Karma. If Perez wanted to avoid a confrontation he should have kept his mouth shut. He got what he deserved..... what he has deserved for a very long time. Will I Am is a talented artist. Perez is talented at shooting his mouth off proving daily what an arrogant conceited bastard he his.Can anyone tell me what exactly Perez has done to besides shoot his mouth off?!?!?!!

1947 days ago


# 13 Mick- It wasn't Miss America, it was Miss California USA at the Miss USA Pageant. At least get your information correct.

1947 days ago


whats stupid is the chicks around him squakking on to try to calm him down. let him get pissed off. you bitches are the problem, not him. you gode him on and antagonize the situation. perez probably had a mother do the same to him, and you are just collecting your WHORE PAYCHECKS and sending him to that awful place of MOMMY-SMOTHERING that LITERALLY DRIVES A BOY TO INSANITY, COZ MOMMY REFUSES TO JUST ALLOW HER BABY BOY HIS OWN PROCESS, SHE JUST HAS TO JUMP IN THERE LIKE A FILTHY WHORE AND TRY TO MOMMY THINGS OVER......this is prob what got him beat, so IT'S REALLY YOUR FAULT YOU STUPID WHORE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1947 days ago


the only problem with this is that perez isn't laid up somewhere in a hospital unable to move or talk.

i can't stank him and i love the gossip sites, but he's nothing but a hypocritical unfunny ahole. ship him off to siberia.

1947 days ago
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