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Will.I.Am -- I Didn't Beat Perez!

6/22/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will.I.Am just responded on his blog to Perez Hilton's allegation that he beat the blogger outside the MuchMusic Awards last night in Toronto.

Will.I.Am: Click to watch
Mr. I.Am says it was all news to him when Perez began twittering, accusing the Black Eyed Pea of the beatdown.


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majority opinion    

This guys a whiny bitch..cmon she's still crying about a punch in the face..suck it up didn't your dad teach you not to be a p__sy growing up. Why was ms. mario even asked to present an award in the first place and why do celebrities give him the time of day...they should know that nobody respects his opinions or considers him an expert on any subject matter.

1949 days ago


Damn Will you should have slapped him upside the head twice just because it was Sunday.

1949 days ago

RIP Sweet Spirit    

I heard Marios vide and now yours and to me, is in some big trouble with the authorities, as well as his manager.

1949 days ago


Perez Hilton is a parasite and his 15min of fame is now would not stoop way way down 2 that level

1949 days ago


I don't know what all you fans are saying. But I highly doubt that this is a publicity stunt. In Perez's video he FULLY states that's manager hit him. So maybe Will, isn't lying when he says he didn't hit him, but just definitely trying to get the upper hand. If he wasn't so concerned would he be posting all of these videos in his defence. Perez is the one with the bruised eye, not Perez's story sounds pretty solid to me, and I can't wait for the truth to come out.
And as for the comment about the ex-beauty queen..she wouldn't have won either way, she can keep blaming her loss on Perez, OR get on with her life. She obviously has no other interests and or talents, or else she woudn't be clinging to the buzz that PEREZ allowed her to have. No one stoled the crown from underneath her...she just never won it.

1949 days ago


Thank you for being a class act. And to whomever did hit Perez, thank you for doing what so many of us wish we could do.

1949 days ago


This is effing BS.
gawd who cares?!
the BEPs new single boom whatever is a sucky song anyway.
no need to punch someone over it
i never liked you in the first place... i always thought you were a sucky artist.
who is very egotistical.
and i dont care if anyone likes this comment or not.
either way you started this by making a blog out of it... if you wanted to be the bigger person... as you so call say.. then dont film an effing blog about it.
next time keep your effing mouth shut and let perez handle it the way he always does... thats just the way he is... and be the bigger person...
no i didnt like the way perez handled this situation either... but what else would you expect from him... but you....
i lost all respect for you and what you stood for.
either way.. if someone was punched or hurt.. you shold have stayed and consulted.. instead you ran away like the effing coward you are.
so eff you youre no man... youre a coward!

1949 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Perez is evolving and even though I abhor what he says at times,particularly about Rumer Willis, I do enjoy visiting his site. I find his posts very creative and entertaining. Although its not fun to be on the sharp end of Perez's biting wit, hitting him multiple times in the eye utter madness. You can detach someone's retina that way. What was the guy who did it thinking? Now he's in big trouble. Was it worth it? Of course not. People have to learn to control themselves. They used to say back in the day, sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Triumph the Insult dog dissed the black eye peas new release too - are they going to throw a beating on him as well? Its time for Fergie, Will.I.Am and their manager to get over themselves. They're not that good, and Perez is well on his way to becoming a bigger star. And he can write whatever he wants. Its a first amendment thing. is a little too much like Obama when it comes to not supporting the constitutional rights of others. That's why I have no use for either of them. Get well Perez. And have an eye doctor check your out to make sure your okay. The retina can detach for up to a year with a blow like that. And after dropping the F-bomb, its time for you to lay off Isaiah Washington. He's good people.

1949 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Will.I.Am, you look guilty as sin. Is it really worth having a meltdown over a blog post? Life is short, time is precious, yet you have nothing better to do then waste your time going postal on Perez. Do you realize people are homeless and starving in this country right now? I am sure you can think of better uses for your time than starting WWIII over a bruised ego because a blogger wrote something you didn't like. Have you ever heard of the first amendment? If you want to grow spiritually during this incarnation, apologize for your behavior and try to make amends. Go to a homeless shelter and serve food to work the bad fruit of your actions off lest you degenerate into a demon. It doesn't matter what a blogger thinks of you, it only matters what God thinks of you. And I imagine in His eyes, that night was not your finest moment. But not to worry, follow my advice and you'll more than make up for it. Be kind, and all good things will come to you. The quicker you apologize (since all involved had some fault) the quicker you and the peas and Perez can put this ugly incident behind you.

1949 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

I remember when you needed talent to become famous.
Perez is famous for being a fruity pants blogger... How retarded!!! I wish it was a punch or kick to the taint!!!
I love this world!!!
Ha Ha Ha

1949 days ago


At least can tell his side of the story like a man- without wearing pink and crying! LOL! Perez lives in another world if he thinks he's not hurting people with his nastiness and that he can say anything he wants- including taunting people to their faces and get away with it. He's lucky nothing worse happened to him!

1948 days ago

Mjoly I think you were super until now. Now I am disappointed.

from now on i will listen your music... but not buying your music.


1948 days ago


Mr. I. am should just admit who and what his is instead of trying to live his life on the down low. Everyone knows Mr. Hilton is a gossip monger and that is what he does! Yes , he's gay and he's proud as we all should be. It does not justify assault and violence from another human being even if you tell your staff to take care of it as Mr. I. Am obviously did!

1948 days ago


The Black Eyed Pea's and Fergie posse are wrong for thinking it's ok to assault anyone. No one should be allowed to hit anyone without consequences of the law. I hope they get community service and have to publicly apologize. It's simply wrong to assault people and justifing it because of name calling -- childish indeed.

1948 days ago

Chelsea Mandara    

Oh, yeah! Will I Am is my new hero, also. I had predicted that Hilton, would not get away with harassing men, the way he harassed Ms. CA and I was right. Kewl! Perez is such a wanna-be celeb, who will never make it to the Big Time. I love, love, love, Will I Am, for putitng Hilton in his proper place. Go, Will!

1948 days ago
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