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Daryl Hannah

Faces Off with Police

6/23/2009 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daryl Hannah has a smooth, flawless, gorgeous face that can stop traffic -- and today she got arrested for just that.

The 48-year-old "Clan of the Cave Bear" star, a NASA scientist and their ragtag group of protesters were arrested in West Virginia after blocking off a road leading to a coal processing plant in Raleigh County. Hannah's crew was protesting mountaintop removal mining -- a type of mining criticized for allegedly harming the environment.

30 were arrested in total and booked on misdemeanor charges of obstruction and impeding traffic.


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OMG! What happened to her once lovely face?
It looks like it's overinflated and it gave birth to a fish mutant pig! YIKES! Just So No To Plastic Surgery!

1910 days ago

Allen Johnston    

Why do are all these TREE HUGGING NUTS come out in my backyard? Where were all of them when in there own backyard people would destroy beautiful 200 acre farms to make concrete parking lots and strip malls? THEY NEVER SAID A WORD!!

A word for them...GET A LIFE!!

1910 days ago


How about the fact that these protesters are throwing rocks at the miners as they leave for work. Regardless of how they feel about it... they are endangering the lives by doing stupid crap like that. There are more than just strip jobs there... there are also underground mines. I am thankful that he's no longer down there because of these crazy people who obviously don't care how many lives they endanger by being stupid. They drug a guy off of a dragline for crying out loud. If you have an opinion...fine...we're all entitled to it, but leave thse guys along that are going to work everyday to make a living for their families. Without coal...this state would have nothing. Have you ever thought about the fact that in order to place these windfarms, you will have to bulldoze mountain areas to place them there? Leave the people of this good state alone!!

1910 days ago


O Plz, you are acutally very misinformed to the current laws and mining practices. Mining companies are required to reclaim the land they mind and bring it back to a natural state when they are done producing. They don't dump in local streams or watershedsl they creat 'slurry ponds' (that one coal producer in the state has now found a way to take this further by creating a method that compresses fine particles of coal into useable product) that can't not seep into the ground.

Yes, it destroys the mountains, thus changing the landscapes, and WV is trying to change that by limiting the permits it awards for surface mining. You know where else surface mining is a big producer on the local economy?? Wyoming...much closer to Hollywood, BUT it doesn't change the landscape all that know mines are generally on flat lands and few trees grow, so I guess WV was a better place to protest for the impact to the environment. What about the disappearing rainforests?? That is usually a hot topic...people protest that. Or the clearing of acrea and acres of domestic forest lands done by logging firms??

Bottomline here is there is a DEMAND for the SUPPLY of the product produced by 'destroying the enviornment'. The people who make a living at it don't like the impact either, but if they aren't willing to do it, then someone else will. Want to know the TRUE impact to our enviornment??? POPULATION! Figure out a way to get that back in control and all things will balance. Now do we want to start the moral argument of thinning that out!!??

Didn't think so....

1910 days ago


All of you wusses who are pro-mountaintop removal are total hypocrites. If this were happening in your backyard you'd be screaming! You wouldn't want to have to live through all of the blasting, the total desecration of the land, the polluted water and air. Well fortunately for your kids and grandkids, some of US care. And we're working to fix the problem. So go ahead and live your wasteful destructive greedy lives. It's times like these when I hope there is a god, one who cares about how we treat our own planet, and I hope this god forces you to live in the hell you condone.

1910 days ago


WVCaolMinersWife, you are SO uninformed! The coal companies lob off the tops of hills and mountains! Do you think they put them back? Of course they don't, the ground is forever leveled, and polluted to boot. The people who own properties in the removal areas have seen their property values plummet, to the point where only the coal companies will buy the property. Someone should force your b*tch ass to to live on one of those properties, then you'd figure out just what a dumb b*tch you are.

1910 days ago


environmentalist, it is happening in my back yard!! You say, "You wouldn't want to have to live through all of the blasting, the total desecration of the land, the polluted water and air."

You obviously DON'T live here!

The blasting can be annoying, but it ISN'T DAILY, or even WEEKLY.

Polluted water and air?? Not near like when I lived in the city, I will (and HAVE) drank directly from local streams and rivers without hesitation. The water is better than anything I have found in a bottled form.

Desecration of the land?? Yeah, got me there. We don't like that part either. That is the only complaint we have to strip mining. We are trying to come up with new ways to minimize that. Same thing with logging entire mountians for lumber. We hate it and it makes us sad,

BUT as long as the world continues to consume energy at the current rates, you tell me another option that won't break the bank, is just as effective, and doesn't kill the earth!

1910 days ago



That is what you all aren't getting! I agree with the fact that it impacts the enviornment. I know it lobs off the mounains, I don't make the laws that stop that! I don't like it either. I just know that the process is much BETTER (NOT PERFECT) than it was 20 years ago.

I want to know what the answer is!! How do we stop and how do my bills still get paid!??

How would you feel if I told you that your job is destroying the earth and for that reason you need to stop it! That no one cares how you will support your family. The best answer you got so far is that "find something else to support your family." Sorry, NOT good enough.

So, now....every last one who is criticizing me and my stance on this...go right ahead...but tell me....did you turn on your lights today? Have a working fridge keeping your food fresh?? Turn on your heat or air?? Power up that computer to check email and surf the web....well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle did it all with burning coal....

You're Welcome!

1910 days ago


WAAAAY too many injections....I believe she's lost perspective on her own appearance.

1910 days ago

Jon Aldridge    

Hats off to Daryl Hannah and her compatriats. The reason things changed in the 30's was because people stood up, protested, and demanded change. The reason things changed in the 60's was because people stood up, protested and demanded change. The only way things are going to change now is if, you guessed it, people stand up, protest, and demand change. How about using the internet to effect change, how about commenting about a real issue like mountain top removal as a mining process rather than someone's divorce. When you think about it, which one's going to effect our future????

1909 days ago

Jon Aldridge    

To WVCoalMinersWife: You voice a very valid point, how can we help? There are hundreds of thousands of us out here on the net, we all read what's happening, we all have a view point about it. How can we help to make sure that while the mountain tops are not ravaged, you still have a livelyhood??? Please challenge all readers to chime in and voice their opinion in a manner that will not only stop the pilfering of your land, but also not rob you of your jobs. Your in the driver's seat here, steer us in the right direction.... If you can get everybody on the same page then something might actually be acomplished. We honestly want to stop the problem, we just need to know how to do it without causing more problems. Give us some guideance, we really do want to help....

1909 days ago


ok, first of all we all age, how incredibly cruel to say such petty things. She is actually still very pretty. Second, maybe is she being thankful for what "god" gave us by protesting the rape of mother earth. She is willing to put her a** on the line for her beliefs, can you say the same?

1848 days ago

george jung    

"Daryl Hannah has a smooth, flawless, gorgeous face that can stop traffic -- and today she got arrested for just that" NOT ANY MORE, SHE HAS FAT NEGRO LIPS NOW ... EW! SHE IS NOT PRETTY ANY LONGER.

1352 days ago
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