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Accused of No Original Thoughts

6/23/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck ripped off a woman by plagiarizing her disease material -- so claims Susan Hassett, who fired off a letter to "The View" host just before suing her.

Elisabteh Hasselbeck Click to view docs

We obtained the letter -- in which Susan claims she sent Elisabeth a book called "Living with Celiac Disease" back in April of '08. Thirteen months later, Susan says Hasselbeck published the same book with a new title: "The G Free Diet-A Gluten Free Survival Guide." Yes, the title sucks.

Susan compares chapters and lines. Here are some highlights.

Susan's Book Chapter 1: What is Celiac Disease?
Hasselbeck Chapter 2: What is Celiac Disease?

Susan's tips: "Shop in the outer isles of the supermarket."
Hasselbeck's tips: "Food in the outer isles of the supermarket."

And the comparisons go on and on.

Susan just sued Elisabeth for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

UPDATE: We've just obtained a statement from Elisabeth's people: "Neither Center Street nor Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been served with the Complain in this action. However, there is no basis for the allegations in the Complaint as published in the press. Ms. Hasselbeck worked diligently and tirelessly on her book and is disappointed in this attempt to discredit her work and her ability to bring this important message to the public."


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you must stupid    

An isle means "a small island." It's not normally thought of as shorthand for "island." With the tremendous amount of grammatical errors you see on this site daily, it's safe to assume the errors were from the TMZ staffers, or whom ever typed the files. Depending on where the errors originally appeared. Sorry you got your hopes up BettyBoop

1927 days ago


I hate to tell all you Hasselbeck-Haters out there: Firstly, how ELSE would you start out a book about a specific disease? OF COURSE the first chapter is going to be an explanation of what the condition entails -- that's just basic writing sense, folks. And as for "copying" the "shop in the outer aisles of the supermarket" -- well, that is also common nutritional sense FOR EVERYONE who wants to eat more healthy -- but, I guess, especially those with celiac disease -- because the outer aisles are where stores keep the most nutritional foods: vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, etc... Any of you who have ever been on ANY kind of eating program/diet/nutritional program have been given the same advice.
Seems to me this Susan Hassett didn't corner the market here on any huge news flashes or anything and she's just trying to make a buck off someone who she knows has money and who has a daily forum to plug her book. Sounds like maybe Ms. Hassett is a little jealous because her book didn't seel very well?

1927 days ago


I do truly hope this has merit and she is sued!!! LOL
If she is it couldn't have happened to a better *itch!! LOL

1927 days ago


Why do you guys hate someone so much just because they do not have the same beliefs as you? It is a scary world when people start bashing other people just because of their different VIEWS! Don't say she is guilty when you don't know the whole story and just because she is a Republican. Just give it a little time and it will all come out if she is guilty.

1927 days ago

you must stupid    

Sorry, but there's something extremely comical reading an article about a Conservative not having an original thought on a liberal website such as this. Oh the irony!!!!!

1927 days ago


It seems to me that the copying of the misspelling of "aisle," (not "isle") as pointed out by some people already, is a pretty strong argument buttressing the plagiarism argument. Even if the knowledge in the books is "common knowledge," so are most self-help books. What the judge or jury will have to decide is the extent of the copying, which seems large from the samples in the lawyers letter.

1927 days ago


excuse me... I meant "SELL very well" in my previous post.

1927 days ago

you must stupid    

The sky must be falling. We have liberals bashing someone for not being "original" when their President can't even tie his own shoes without reading the instructions off his teleprompter.

1927 days ago

you must stupid    

Uh oh!!! Liberals coming up on the short end of the stick yet again. Looks like Susan is a headcase. She has a long and lengthy track record of suing people and accusing them of the exact same thing. As usual, kooks lose!

1927 days ago


1:55 Betty Boop

I agree, the similarities are pretty surprising. Two people came up with the Rome wasn't built in a day analogy? The structure and wording similarities outlined in the letter, etc. seem to be too similar for them to be independently written. Even the chapter titles, You guys need to read the list of similarities. What's even more surprising is this lady notified ABC via the blog, and her posts were quickly deleted. So ABC is aware? And ABC tried to hide it? Something is off. This lady did not initially try to do gain anything from Hasselbeck. It looks like she sent Hasselbeck the book, likely hoping it would get promoted. Instead, a book worded surprisingly the same is published thirteen months later?

1927 days ago

you must stupid    

Careful Desperate even for Harvey,

The TMZ Nazi mods usually frown upon posters that post factual information. Liberals don't like hearing the facts about themselves :)

1927 days ago

who gives a shit    

She didn't steal anything and all of you left wingers can go to hell!!! Get rid of Joy Behaer, she's the BITCH!!!!!!

1927 days ago


Although many are claiming that the two lines given to us to compare are general info how can anyone not see that less than a year after being given a book on this disorder Hasslewreck suddenly writes her own version of the same book. It may not be found to legally be plagiarism but it sure does make Elizabeth look like a lazy opportunist, taking something that's already been laid out and just switching stuff around a bit, slapping her name on it and hoping to make a buck. Elizabeth is just another grand standing conservative republican hypocrite who love to let others know what is right and wrong while doing whatever she wants with no regard for anyone else.

1927 days ago


TMZ needs to learn the difference between supermarket aisles and isles that you lounge around on in the ocean....duh

1927 days ago


'm with tony714p on this one. If Elizabeth did forge, then she deserves to get sued. Her opinions do not make a difference.
I'm a liberal and this intolerance amongst fellow libs over people that have different beliefs is hypocritical. If you don't like Hasselback, press the mute button on your remote.

1927 days ago
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