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Accused of No Original Thoughts

6/23/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck ripped off a woman by plagiarizing her disease material -- so claims Susan Hassett, who fired off a letter to "The View" host just before suing her.

Elisabteh Hasselbeck Click to view docs

We obtained the letter -- in which Susan claims she sent Elisabeth a book called "Living with Celiac Disease" back in April of '08. Thirteen months later, Susan says Hasselbeck published the same book with a new title: "The G Free Diet-A Gluten Free Survival Guide." Yes, the title sucks.

Susan compares chapters and lines. Here are some highlights.

Susan's Book Chapter 1: What is Celiac Disease?
Hasselbeck Chapter 2: What is Celiac Disease?

Susan's tips: "Shop in the outer isles of the supermarket."
Hasselbeck's tips: "Food in the outer isles of the supermarket."

And the comparisons go on and on.

Susan just sued Elisabeth for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

UPDATE: We've just obtained a statement from Elisabeth's people: "Neither Center Street nor Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been served with the Complain in this action. However, there is no basis for the allegations in the Complaint as published in the press. Ms. Hasselbeck worked diligently and tirelessly on her book and is disappointed in this attempt to discredit her work and her ability to bring this important message to the public."


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Kelly J.    

AMAZING!!!!! Two different books...............One disease.................Similar findings.............Who woulda thunk it?

1859 days ago


Why are people turning this into a Republican vs Liberal argument? Where does this constant drive for divisiveness come from? What the hell does Obama have to do with this issue, and Hasselbeck's lack of intellect? I have no problem at all with there being a conservative voice on "The View." In fact, I think it would make for a much more interesting show if the panel was more balanced.

1859 days ago

Connie De Los Reyes    

I sooooo hope this lady gets justice....since Elizabeth has chosen to be sooooo intelligent....the truth finally comes out....she is a FRAUD!!! I can't wait for her to go on maternity leave...I think Barbara should give her the boot.....she brings the View to a lower level, which is disrespecting to all of us!!!!!!!

1859 days ago

Sandy Williams    

Its about time someone came after her for not having her own thoughts Shes been doing It on the View for years. Don't like her She thinks she all high and mighty and thinks she knows It all. I am sure the View will back her up Something they never did for Rosie.

1859 days ago

melissa b    

PLEASE make TMZ (and ABC, etc.) a Hassel-FREE Zone!!!

1859 days ago

Connie De Los Reyes    

I think it's pretty sad for all the PROTECTORS of Elisabeth.....obviously all of you have not heard her RANT AND RAVE.....she should of been a PROFESSOR since she BELIEVES she knows it all.....and it's true we ALL have our own opinions.....the sad part is Elisabeth feels HER OPINION IS THE ONLY ONE THAT COUNTS......people really need to watch THE VIEW before you defend her......she is quite a CHARACTER FOR TV!!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago


Elisabeth is a moron, and a cheat it turns out as well! I get so tired of her - she wants to play tough but then cries and whines when challenged. She's a bad example for women everywhere.

1859 days ago


I am a celiac and must say that the book was a huge disappointment. Like someone else mentioned, you can find this basic information at which is an excellent site for those with the disease. Don't dislike her but she should have had more original material and at least related how it is for someone to really live with the disease.

1859 days ago


Between having kids and doing the show I was wondering myself how Liz could have the time to write a book. I was thinking maybe her boyfriend Sean Hannity helped her. But I guess I was wrong. It truly does not surprise me that she copied someone else's. Republicans never have a new or fresh idea of their own. Hopefully Whoopie will start a show of HotTopics on this issue. Hey Elizabeth, Whats it like having the morals of a gutter slug?

1859 days ago


This girl is so obviously riding the wave of The View before they do "can" her.....she's obviously never had an origional thought and I personally think she gives the "conversative party" a worse name everyday she's on the air. I think she is only on The View because she's blonde, tries to provoke the left daily, and had a small stint on Survivor. What is her problem anyway? She needs to regroup and find another line of work after she has baby #3....we are obviously over her,.

1859 days ago


I agree with post #8. Elizabeth just regurgitates Hannity's talking point and never seems to have analyzed the statements beforehand. If she put some thought into it, she'd have more credibility. I also believe "The View" would benefit from an intelligent person who happens to be conservative. For some reason, there are loads of intelligent conservative writers but all of the TV/ radio conservatives are like Hannity and Limbaugh-- stupid. Elizabeth has a serious lack of brain-power and I don't think she's capable of writing a good, thoughtful book without lifting someone else's ideas. She's also not reality-based enough to write anything with any depth; she lives in a Utopian world.

1859 days ago

J McCray    

What?? Elizabeth is still here? She always seems to go on hearsay bull*^$# with no original thoughts of her own. I guess she's still America's dumb Barbie.

1859 days ago

Gina K in Hawai'i    

I, also," wouldn't be surprised if she 'did it, and the judgment goes against her"... she's not someone to give credit to others on The View...

She got married to a football player, after she 'made' her fame on Survivor...she has never given a unique 'view' that I've ever heard on the show, and I 've always thought Barbara Walters was just too opportunistic to have kept her on the show...
She exists on Barbara Walters' The View, it seems, for just being 'a very bad representative for modern-day women.'
Gives the other women on there someone to 'duke it out with'....and basically win against...

I am liberal, but Elizabeth, conservative or not, isn't even entertaining to listen to...

Potential judge problem, if there's a court case....
Lots of men like her type....blonde and pretty (I am blonde, too - not quite ass pretty), truly dumb, but thinks she's smart (not me , I hope :( ), and seems to mostly bows to men a lot in her 'views' (definitely not me, which is why most men cannot 'truly love' women like me, and prefer to 'keep' women like her).....makes them feel more macho and powerful...

If it goes to trial, let's hope she gets a modern-day woman judge, to make it a truly fair trial,
and that other celiac-book writers are brought in as witnesses for the plaintiff...

An aside: I, too, have Celiac Disease, but am smart enough to NEVER even consider buying anything written by an airhead...

BUT...maybe BECAUSE SHE IS AN AIRHEAD, it might be true she lifted passages from another book(s)...just because she's too dumb, most probably, to know not to...

...but, in the case of 'the law,' IGNORANCE IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE DEFENSE, EVER.
So, IF she 'did it,' she should be held accountable!

IF she did actually take WORD-FOR-WORD PASSAGES

and/ or presented very unique perspectives from the 'gifted to her book, '

and did not just re-word a few basic well-known gluten-free living facts....

....without saying it's common knowledge among celiacs, she should pay up!

Selling books is too easy if you're famous... plagiarism needs to be penalized, no matter who.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak out :)

1859 days ago


I bet Joy and Whoopi would love that she was off the show. She doesn't bring anything to the show. I only watch for Joy and Whoopi and when Whoopi isn't on I ususally don't watch the show UNLESS it's a guest I want to see. She's the reason why ROSIE isn't on anymore and I never could stand Elizabeth ever since she joined the show. I've been watching the show since the beginning and boy was I disappointed when Elizabeth joined. I was only happy that Whoopi joined. Joy and Whoopi make me laugh so much. I don't care too much for BAW WAWA either. I hope Susan Hassett wins her case. I agree that Elizabeth should stay home with her kids and hopefully will be replaced by someone who actually knows what they are standing behind. She just sprews this stuff out and doesn't even have sense to back up what she "Stands for" Now Whoopi and Joy they are two of the ones that actually know what they are talking about when they are behind someone or something they believe in

1859 days ago


Interesting. I have also experienced my views being censored on ABC message boards, much like this woman suing Elisabeth. For example, I posted a message on The View's message boards on Friday criticizing Elizabeth for suggesting that Obama should deal with Ahmadinejad the same way he did that fly (ie. kill it) and criticizing Sherri for calling flies 'usesless' (I suggested that she could learn about evolution from the study of flies). My message was removed from the message boards & I was sent a form letter telling me that attacks against specific members of the View are not allowed. My message may have been bluntly worded, but it contained no offensive language. Clearly, the View is only interested in the myopic POVs of their panel, and not those of their viewing public.... except when they can steal them & make them their own.

1859 days ago
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