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Jon Gosselin -- I'll Ride This Thing Out

6/23/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day his wife filed for divorce, Jon Gosselin was so emotional about the major shift in his life -- he could barely concentrate on hitting a jump on his ATV.


To his credit, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star did spend some quality time with some of his kids at their PA home, but his wife was nowhere to be seen.

After a breakup, some people buy new clothes or completely change their hairstyle. Hopefully Kate is one of those people.


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R U 4 REAL    

#8 you are one stupid moron that has absolutely no life!! how the f&*W do you know all those are either glued to the damn TV watching that skank called Kate and the loser called Jon, or you are kate posting all of that s&*$ cus you are bitter,!! that he is leaving you a$$..MILK IT WHILE YOU CAN JON AND KATE...CUS U GOING DOWN....THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN

1956 days ago


Jon & careful what you wish for.....just saying

1956 days ago


I think that everyone should leave this family alone and let them go through this with out everyone watching. I feel really bad for the kids, they didn't ask for this. I feel for Kate because she didn't ask for her HUSBAND to go out and cheat on her. I think that he should have known better. Jon is pissed off because he got caught. If he didn't want to get caught he should have kept IT in his pants knowing that he has 8 kids and a wife at home. Everyone is going on about how will Kate be able to support HER children doesn't anyone remember that she was a nurse before she became a mother of multiples. Kate is a strong woman that will come out the other end stronger then she is now. I hope that Jon is happy with the decisions that he has made in his knowing that the children will pay the price of his immaturity. To all the people calling Kate a bitch and worse,you try raising multiples and see how you would be. I have one child and I find it tough at times with one so I can just picture how she feels with 8 beautiful children.

1956 days ago


Everyone is coming down on Kate. WHY? She is a great mom that teaches her kids respect, discipline and manners. She feeds them good balanced meals and spends time with her children. Maybe if everyone else in this world did this stuff for and with their children, the world would not be the train wreck it is today. People judge her, but the show is edited, they don't show everything. You try and raise 8 children and do the things she does, see how you do. Until then: shut up!!

1956 days ago


First thing I said after watching the show last night was Kate will blame Jon for all of this. She already stated "the show didn't cause this", I look on, and wahlah....It's all Jon's fault per Kate. Surprise? Not at all...she'll never take responsibility for her own actions. Poor little Kate Gosselin. My guess is both sides of the family are on HIS side!!!

1956 days ago


What an embarassing mid-life crisis Jon is having. What a loser...father of 8 with no real job wearing Ed Hardy & looking at apartments at trump towers. Does he really think he'll keep pulling in young women when the tv salary is gone and he's nothing but a loser with 8 kids? What a jerk he is.

1956 days ago


RUN JON!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!! That woman is a bitch!!!!!!

1956 days ago


I can see this fool launching that ATV right into one of his clown car kids, and taking his/her head off. If I were one of their kids, I would probably welcome it.

1956 days ago


The winner in all of this... John. He no longer has to put up with Kate's constant belittling and nagging...

The losers in all of this... The kids... Because Kate will need someone to belittle, and the kids will be next. If someone would just put her down, then EVERYONE would come out a winner.

1956 days ago


Me: Good point. That is what annoys me so much about these people - they actually think they have some kind of talent or work ethic - and have "earned" their possessions. If left on his own, this jackoff would be living with his parents, driving a 12 year old Tercel and playing Warcraft all day.

1956 days ago


At last, there is finally someone to take over the title of "Biggest Douche" from Nick Hogan.

1956 days ago

??????? least kate had the chance to show off some cleavage at
that revelation show...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH... She says Jon did not
give her much choice but to file for divorce....Whatever happened to
COUPLE'S COUNSELING? sO...guess her renewal vows were just for the
SHOW....never meant anything to her...she just broke a promise to her
kids..she will never ever separate from their dad...ahhhh...

1956 days ago


they can take a break ($$$$$$), no big deal!!!. this show made them (8 MILLION DOLLARS), so far!!!!.did everyone laugh, as hard as i did when ( HE ), talk about about having a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

1956 days ago


Can't understand why you guys (TMZ) talk so bad about Kate, I mean she is a mother who does her job, and cares for her children. So she took an offer to have a show to help support the kids, but to just drill her every day for no reason about her hair and clothes is just pathetic. Would you want someone to talk about your mother this way, she does the best she can and doesn't deserve the put downs and just harsh comments about her. She is not a Madonna or any big celebrity who does things to deserve these put downs, she's a regular person like all of us, with all she's got on her table, chill on adding insult to injury will ya.

1956 days ago


Notice how when he's with their kids, he's actually playing with them. When Kate's with their kids, she's on her cell phone.

1956 days ago
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