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Jon Gosselin -- I'll Ride This Thing Out

6/23/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day his wife filed for divorce, Jon Gosselin was so emotional about the major shift in his life -- he could barely concentrate on hitting a jump on his ATV.


To his credit, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star did spend some quality time with some of his kids at their PA home, but his wife was nowhere to be seen.

After a breakup, some people buy new clothes or completely change their hairstyle. Hopefully Kate is one of those people.


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The twins last night talked down to everyone just like Kate does to Jon.

1912 days ago

Who Dat!!!    

For #1, #6, #9 and other like those posts.....

Jon and Kate invited the public into their life and they're getting paid for it. If they wanted privacy, then they should just cancel the show. Their fame hinges on their "reality" life, so I don't feel sorry for them. I do, however, feel sorry for those beautiful children. God bless them because their going to have a hard life after the cameras are gone and they have to deal with the aftermath of the chaos their parents created for them. I certainly hope that TLC is going to offer counciling for these children after milking them for all their worth.

1912 days ago


LEAVE HIM ALONE.....You see him jumpin....CAUSE HES FINALLY HAPPY!!!! Hes a good Dad he loves his kids but shes a bitch so its time to move on!!! GET OVER IT!!! You guys act like its your realtionship!!! When the bitch is crazy ya gotta roll out!!!

1912 days ago


OMG! People treat them like they aren't human. I can't see anything wrong with them sharing their life with us. Its not like it is 24 hrs a day. You don't have to watch it, its your choice. Nobody sees all the stuff that goes on in their personal life. All it is is that Brittney and LO aren't doing anything so people can put their nose in their business. They have got boring. But remember these aren't just 2 people they are messing with there are 8 children also. So why don't people leave them alone. I think they should work it into their show. Its called "wake up this is the real world." And another thing I think Jon wants this more than Kate. Read the Body language. The comment Jon said really bothered me. "I DON'T HATE KATE" most people after being married 10 yrs. have some kind of feelings maybe not love from the heart but they still care what happens to that person. What I understand Jon is the one being accused 1st for stepping out not Kate

1912 days ago


These two people need some serious help from marriage professionals. Instead of bringing in Emril, the Chopper Guys
and the playhouse makers, they should have asked Dr. Phil or another professional for help keeping their family together
and getting a reality check!
Money is not worth losing your family or people you love. The money will run out, and they can't go back once the damage is done to all involved. Why don't the family members or parents of Jon and Kate ever get involved. If I were
Kate's mother, be sure I would give her a come to Jesus lecture, and tell her to stop being a spoiled bitch and appreciate
what she has in front of her!!!! I would also tell Jon to get a backbone and act like a man!!!!

1912 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Last night was the first time I actually felt sorry for Kate - but I think she still doesn't get it.
The "crooked houses" - another freebie in exchange for the plug. Kate said something about that the kids will have so many good childhood memories in those houses. NO...the kids will remember that the houses came and their parents split was announced on the very same show.
And did you see when the kids told Jon - "Daddy go away we are doing our interviews!" Those poor kids looked confused the whole show - even Cara was acting strange.
Can't believe Jon and his pierced ears - a big rock in each one. And the OCC chopper - now he thinks he's 19 again. Sorry, Jon, no time to relive your teen years when you've got 8 kids.
But Kate still doesn't get it - while I felt sorry for the fact that I don't think she wants to split, she still doesn't FULLY acknowledge the damage she did/does with her control issues. There were dozens of instances on camera where she hit or belittled Jon and I would cringe. It was still all about her job, her kids and I don't think she thinks she has any ownership in the marriage faling apart.
Both are to blame, but it's too bad that Jon just wants to move on and not go to counseling to try and see if it can be saved. They both always claimed to be "Christians" - they should try and work it out. Every marriage hits rough patches, it's all about sticking thru it. Poor kids.

1912 days ago

no name    

Just take the show off air, for the sake of the kids. Jon needs to get over his mid life crisis, his sports car, motorcycle, blah blah hanging out with college kids. DEAR JON WAKE UP YOU ARE JUST AN OVERWEIGHT 32 YEAR OLD FUGLY BALDING DUDE. Enough with the "I'm only 32 years old" crap, you have eight kids so unless you GET A REAL JOB good
luck with child support.
THE Apartment hunting in New York bwahaa.


1912 days ago


I watched last nights episode, and for the first time I felt sad for Kate. she showed some emotion while Jon well he acted like and a... He didn't to care. I was hoping that they were going to announce counseling, mediator or quit the show in order to reconnect with eachother.

1912 days ago


You people are mean.

This is a divorce and NO ONE ESCAPES THE PAIN OF IT. PERIOD.

Get off Kate's back. Jon chose to commit adultery REGARDLESS of her behavior.
He re-signed those TLC contracts. Remember he quit his job to participate in this crap.
Jon is a cheater and a liar and free so make the most of it.

For your sake Kate, its going to be tough but you'll make it.

1912 days ago


kate is a tough women i wish her all the best. jon is a child looking for attention, it is sad to see this being played out in front of us. look in the mirror people what would your life look like if your spouse and you were to seperate? i do feel sorry for the kids in any divorce, but she has the brains to make money i would not want to have their food,collage,orclothes bill.stay strong kate your are a insperation to alot of people i wish i had i ounce of courage that you have.

1912 days ago


Jon seems as if he could give a sh*% about the whole thing. He actually said he is exicted about this change to start a new chapter in his life. Who the fu*% says that about a divorce when children are involved?? If he really is moving to NY that proves it right there. Anyone who cared to see their children at any change possible would atleast stay in driving distance to the children if possible. He seems like an immature idiot. I know Kate is bitchy but I am sure she was always this way and he finally just woke up so now the kids have to suffer. I think Kate truly is upset about the divorce...maybe she will be less bitchy to her next man. Jon grow up you are so young girl is going to want your fat @ss especially with 8 kids!!!

1912 days ago


He cheats on his wife with that mouth.

1912 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I do feel sorry for Kate - but seriously, don't you have to wonder about someone's personality when their parents live an hour away and she hasn't seen or spoken to them in 4 years?? She pushed them out of her life, and now she did the same with Jon. Now Jon is no saint, but I hope Kate really sees herself before she alienates those kids when they are teens. Right now she can control them, but they will maybe also grow up and resent her. I also see her personality in the haircut, tannings, and love for the spa. Good for her that she is out there traveling and making money - but at what price??

1912 days ago


Ellen Degeneres once said that "even if an ending relationship is the right decision, it still hurts" Speaking from experience, sometimes people grieve a lost relationship long before they choose to leave and the leaving part is the easy part. I did not watch the show because I do not agree with this kind of media exposure. However, it is news everywhere and I am sorry to hear that something that is painful and should be private is happening to all of them.

1912 days ago

who gives a shit    

Enough already with these people!!!

1912 days ago
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