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Jon Gosselin -- I'll Ride This Thing Out

6/23/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the same day his wife filed for divorce, Jon Gosselin was so emotional about the major shift in his life -- he could barely concentrate on hitting a jump on his ATV.


To his credit, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star did spend some quality time with some of his kids at their PA home, but his wife was nowhere to be seen.

After a breakup, some people buy new clothes or completely change their hairstyle. Hopefully Kate is one of those people.


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Jon is just another male loser who doesn't want day to day responsibility of his kids. Go out and party Jon - that is all you are good for - LOSER

1949 days ago


The only ones I have concern for is the kids. As far as their parents, they signed up for another year of J&K+8. They were already having problems with their marrage but chose to continue filming at $75,000 an episode and have this dirty laundry aired.
I have no mercy for either one of them even if they are crying..................all the way to the bank.

1949 days ago


The house they moved out of this year is still up for sale. Jon should move back in there and the kids could visit him at HIS house. Jon wants a condo in NYC with no room for his children. He has his car with only 2 seats and his new shiny diamond earrings. Jon now dresses like a teenager. What change is he so "excited" about?? Is Jon coming out of the closet? Is that the person he now knows he is?

1949 days ago


They should end the show, it's no longer about rasing multiples-its about Jon being a run away dad absent parent-and her all shocked like oh Jon is gone-what now a contest of who loves the kids the most who's the coolest parent-it's not about raising multiple children any more it's about destroying a family-a family breaking up-parents soap opera....just goes to show-money can't buy happiness-they were better off poor.

1949 days ago

Cheri Webster    

Jon and Kate,

You say “What is most important to you (Jon and Kate) are your children... Then, if that is the case, do not move out; do not separate, run away from each other and, abandon your kids even for a few days a week...They will feel the loss and abandonment of having one of you gone knowing why one of you are gone. Looking back, the hardest part is past with them being so tiny and needing so much of both of you... Now they will be gong to school, take this time to rebuild your marriage and grow closer to each child having more time and energy to be with them separately... Unless you (Jon and Kate feel your personal n freedom and needs are more important than the life changing events, you are creating for your children...

Keep them as the center with two active parents who are capable of working out their difference for his sake of the kids and for yourselves... What you have been through is a lot, but nothing can come close to the years of harm this divorce will create on your children... They are very bright and know exactly what is going on... probably more than you can ever imagine, and most importantly they will blame themselves... you are still young and acting like 30 years olds.. When you are 50 you will look back and see how selfish and self satisfying, and damaging to your family and spouse it was to go out by yourself, party, and have no regard for the damage you were creating then… and how at the expense of your family you chose to be self satisfying. the expense of your family.. What have each of you become and done to yourself and especially to your children.. You are not the same people who started this show.. YOU HAVE CHANGED AND BECOME SELFISH>>>... You will wish you had taking the time to seek some wisdom from older therapist, hopefully Christian ones who can shed some light on where you are and how to get back to where you were before you had the 6 new children.. Remember when you were so happy with just two children ... people can change if you give them a chance, forgive your mistakes and the other persons and move forward... people can change if you allow enough time to grow in wisdom and faith..

Please do not do this to yourselves and your beautiful family... Just think about their 5th birthday, do you really think they had a special birthday... I think not.!!.. they knew exactly what the two of you were doing...How you avoided each other.. There was an under tow of unhappiness in the mist of their celebration, thus discounting it.. This will go on forever in their lives if you do this… do you want every special event in their lives now and for the rest of their lives shaded with unhappiness and having to choose between which parent they invite, when they can or can not come, having to keep secrets from the other parent to keep some peace, and the guilty feeling that will arise.. what if you both find other people to spend the rest of your lives with, they will pull apart your family and separate it making the children again having to deal with friction, disappointment and will then have difficulty with their own relationships. It will not stop when the kids become adults either.. IT will go on into their adult lives, with only one parent being invited to gatherings such as with their spouses parents or other gatherings.. thus creating more disappointment and then even into the next generations.. Grandparents not being invited to al events because of the friction.. and on and on and on.. You don’t know this now because of where you are in life.. It will happen and does… You think today you will get along for the benefit of the kids, in a divorce this does not happen.. I have watched this happen for over 40 years.. it is a pattern of divorce..

Think about what you are doing…. There is no hurry or time farm for heating and rebuilding your relationship or filing for divorce… .. Taking the time to change and evolve now can save you from this.. People grow in maturity… no hurry here ,, life takes time… You can separate for a long time with out actually going through a divorce.. What is the big hurry getting a full divorce.. Once that is done, there is no turning back the clock.. Why not just make an agreement to separate for a while emotionally, get serious with counseling, and wait for time and your person effort to create changes in your lives. You do not need to stay angry forever.. Where are the Christian values no you had when you decided to keep all 6 babies. What were your commitment to them then when they were so important to you.. I can imagine the changes that have happened to Maddy and Cara..They too did not ask to have two such stressed out parents who are now headed for divorce.. LOOK how this changed their lives … Don’t make it forever a sad case of affairs for them.. I have witnessed soo many families and children who have gone through divorces over the last 40

1949 days ago



TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1949 days ago


Please stop "reporting" on this crap.

1948 days ago


Hope well soon.

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1051 days ago
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