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Kate Gosselin Rings in Her Divorce

6/23/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A day after filing for divorce, a wedding ring-clad Kate Gosselin was all smiles as she filled up her tank in PA on Tuesday.


Perhaps Kate was just happy because she covered up her chunk-striped, bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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1910 days ago


She may have her ring on but he doesn't!

1910 days ago


Bring on the Duggars!

1910 days ago

the end of the day    

To polly purebred:

99. Spent money on playhouses - what planet are you living on? these two spend money on NOTHING. Those playhouses were donated, for a "plug" on the show. Like I said, want to hit them where it hurts, boycott anyone company who advertises on this (freak) show.

Posted at 5:48PM on Jun 23rd 2009 by polly purebred

NOW...I'll tell you what planet I am living on, it's called EARTH. Not sure I can say the same for you.
Whether the houses were given or paid for does not erase the fact that there was still money provided to do the building, construction, etc. and to be so shamless and callus about a "plug" for business with so many families in need is utterly unforgivable.

1910 days ago


I really wish that Jon & Kate would have stayed together. Kate is a great wife and mother.

Kate, I wish you and the kid's, the BEST.
Jon, you need to be with your wife and kid's!! Shame on you.

1910 days ago

Fed Up of Media Whores    

I'm sure the ring is for the sake of the kids! One step at a step at a time....

It IS time for the show to GO! This isn't going to be easy on anyone involved! The kids especially! The cameras OUTSIDE are BAD enough...time for the ones INSIDE to go now. Let this family heal and learn to cope in peace (as much as they can) now!

Let's quit watching, buying and peering into their lives and let them "go" into their own again. I know they "signed up" for this...but now it's time to let them "go".

TLC....let them GO!! Find another GRAVY TRAIN!

1910 days ago

Been there done that    

Are you kidding! She only wants the fame and money! Typical biatch!
Do you think she got the boob job and tummy tuck so she would look good for her husband! Hell No!
She did it to look good on TV. Hell, Jon probably hasnt got any in two years, and if I were him, I'd leave the biatch too!
She's nothing but a self centered, self absorbed publicity hound. She will probably move forward with the show and replace Jon with her "bodyguard".
Run Jon, ditch her, take your kids, make her pay child support, and raise them like a real parent would!

1910 days ago


Enough is enough! The Goselins should have given up the show long before the turmoil became divorce. They have eight beautiful children to think about and they should consider how all of this is going to affect them. What happened to love one another always? They need to go to counseling and save this marriage for the sake of those kids. Money shouldn't have let them sacrifice so much.

1910 days ago


She's laughing....all the way to the bank!!!!

1910 days ago


Before anyone points a finger at Kate, look in the mirror. There is no one and I mean NO ONE who would not jump at the money if given the opportunity. (you are lieing if you say you wouldn't) Hell, Jon doesnt' have a job so she needs to take care of the kids somehow and if doing a show is the only way she can do it, then more power to her. As far as her being so "into herself" lets think about this. For those of you who have kids you certainly can understand how getting a free minute to yourself is hard to come by. The tanning, the hair, the nails..... did any of you think that maybe this is the first time in years that she has not only had the money to invest in herself, but she has help so she can take time for herself? I think the media has been too hard on Kate. Jon does not have a job! and he sleeps around. Oh gosh poor Jon. He is too laid back and doesn't get that like most women, it is important to Kate that the kids look good when they leave the house. Hello? Can we say mom? Kate is allowed to be bitchy. She has 8 kids! Oh and Aunt Jodi and uncle Kevin oooh soooo sorry that you did not benefit monetarily from the show, I guess you will have to keep working your pathetic little jobs like the rest of us normal people. Jealousy is a terrible thing oh and it ruins relationships.

1910 days ago

Juliana Jackson    

I cried very real tears at the separation announcement. I pray they will reconsider and watch their previous episodes, look at the beautiful family pictures and find it in their hearts to forgive each other, and remember the true love they probably still have for each other deep inside. Theiy've ALWAYS started their show by saying it's a big family, but they are in it together forever. Maybe time will heal some wounds. They took marriage vows TWICE, til death do them part. They should remember that most important part of the vow. I will always be aGosselin supporter and wish I could help.

1910 days ago


TMZ rocks! Keep up the good work.

Keep on those kid pimping losers.

1910 days ago

who gives a shit    

She sure looks happy, bet she's counting the $$$$$$$ she's gonna make! Poor kids too bad their mom is a sick bitch!!!!

1910 days ago


Any couple who prositutes their kids for profit deserves whatever happens to them.

It's always been about the money and free gifts, free travel, free whatever and never about their marriage and family.

Kate wants the show to go on because she loves the attention, fame and can continue to scam freebies. The man that dates her will need to love controlling, cold, manipulative and fakeness.

Jon's a tired loser. Any woman who dates him will need to deal with his bitchy ex-wife and will end up babysitting his kids. What kind of boyfriend would he make? He's no catch.

1910 days ago


Sure, she's laughing on the outside, but is she crying on the inside? Just want to get it straight.

1910 days ago
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