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Miley --

Too Young For this Much Fun?

6/23/2009 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These pictures of Miley Cyrus allegedy mocking Asians goofing around in the makeup room on the set of her latest film, "The Last Song," has the Internet buzzing the poses are too provocative for a 16-year-old.

Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman

Director Adam Shankman -- who is a producer on the film and appears in one of the pics -- originally posted the photos on his Twitter page and tweeted the following message in reference to the so-called "controversy":

"Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister.


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Miley Spears    

You people are so silly. Miley Cyrus is a Discordian American Princess, but it's not some big conspiracy. Discordians believe in personal freedom and that reality looks different depending upon how you see it. Different cultures have different grids they look through and see things differently.

Miley Ray just wants to have fun. What's wrong with that? Would you keep all teenagers locked in the closet? And Miley is hot! Why shouldn't she show it?

And also the site it TMZ not TNZ. Maybe it does stand for The Master of Zion I don't know! :)

1601 days ago


That guy is kinda too old ;|
I can't believe that Miley do it with him.
He can be her father !
btw I don't like Cyrus' family. I udnerstand that she want to show the world she isn't like Hannah Montana anymore, but not like this.
Miley - we know it, you're not a little girl who playing Hannah.
You are a young woman and you don't have to prove it.
Greeting from Poland, peoplee !

1601 days ago

Miley Spears    

Miley Ray Cyrus is a Discordian American Princess but it's not a conspiracy silly. And Discordians are not controlled by the Illuminati or Satan or anybody!

But you're right TMZ is making money showing everybody these photos that they paid people to get and then they act like they're shocked. Whatever.

Discordians and DAPs like Miley Cyrus are free to be themselves and to see the world as they will. Societies make grids so that people who look through them see things lined up the way society tells them to see them. Discordians can look through any grid they want.

And it's not TNZ it's TMZ. Maybe it stands for The Miley Zone. ;)

1601 days ago

Rick Garner    

Here's the thing, just like Miley Cyrus, we've all given lap dances. Read more and comment here:

1601 days ago


i wish all of you guys stop talking shtt and sorry for my vocabulary... Miley is a teenage girl who want to have fun just like any other girl would like to have.. i bet some of you would like to take pics like that but you are so ugly and have bad self-esteem issue that cannot do it..but if you had the chance to look like that you wont think about doing it twice.. taking pic like that doesnt mean she is a slut.. for my understanding "slut" means to have sex with one guy today, tomorrow w/ another one, and continues.. all of you are just jealous of her.. leave w your own bussiness, not somebody else...

1601 days ago


Holy Crap I am 16 and all the hot girls grind and take provocative pictures. I have to say that I would tear that ass upppp!

1600 days ago


this is VERY i repeat VERY, gross... and i HATE U MILEY! :P

1600 days ago


I don't see it's a problem? Adam is an openly gay man so..?

1599 days ago


This is very disgusting. She cant even dance. So Miley stop trying. Get a life.

1599 days ago


she is a teenager that needs to grow up, and act more like an mature for her age. She's just a BIG SLUT.

1599 days ago


people really need to chill. this is normal for 16 year olds that I know. Maybe it's not normal for ya'll because you're not normal. This is how people dance these days, kids in middle school dance like this, it's called grinding, or juking, get used to it and stop hating on people just cause you don't do it. As for those pics, are you saying you've never taken a picture with a friend or tried to looks should have cause it's fun to do sometimes. I think the pose in the chair looks dumb, but hey, it's just a pic with a chair. Let her grow up, if you dont like her, then leave her alone and stop wasting your time and hers. I support Miley Cyrus even if some ppl think she is too provocative...get with the times ppl!

1597 days ago


so what adam is trying to say is that he will dance dirty with his "little sister" wow who would do that((: :P :D

1594 days ago


she is so bad that's not cool HM she killed it.

1594 days ago


Yeh, if shes your little sister why would you let her grind on you?
thats sickening, that's like rape almost lmao
but whatever; angel? HA, i don't think she knows what angel is anymore.

1593 days ago


her dad deffened her saying that she was just having "fun"
some dad.....

1592 days ago
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