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Miley --

Too Young For this Much Fun?

6/23/2009 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These pictures of Miley Cyrus allegedy mocking Asians goofing around in the makeup room on the set of her latest film, "The Last Song," has the Internet buzzing the poses are too provocative for a 16-year-old.

Miley Cyrus and Adam Shankman

Director Adam Shankman -- who is a producer on the film and appears in one of the pics -- originally posted the photos on his Twitter page and tweeted the following message in reference to the so-called "controversy":

"Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She's like my angel little sister.


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I've never really had a problem with miley cyrus cus i don't knoe her and don't care for celebs dat do stupid stuff all the time The only reason I looked at this was because a friend of mine wanted me 2; I mean i don't really think shes a whore but i defenitly don't think she should be on disney channel or any kids show when she's dancing on 44 year old men at parties when she's 16. Im 14 and I dance on boys at parties (that are around my same age) who doesn't thats what you do at parties. But these pictures are weird why would you be doing that with a 44 year old man in a make up room; doesn't seem like deres anyone around but them two. If I was a celeb and my dad was 2 and he saw those pics he'd whoop my a@# and dat mans.So no I don't think she's a whore I just think she makes dumb chooses. I wouldn't do anything like that but i know I dance on guys (dat are around my age), take silly pictures but only with my frans nd we're just playin around. She just makes dumb choises nd she needs 2 learn quickly.

1610 days ago


I truly hate what she is doing to herself. I understand that she's growing up but that doesn't mean she has to expose herself in the way she is doing. It's seems she's just getting caught up in all the hollywood scene. To me she doesn't need that kind of attention----shes Miley Cryus for goodness sake. She's beautiful without having to expose herself to that type of sexual image. She needs to rethink her Christian background and listen to some of her pervious interviews. As I heard her say about not making her family (sister,brother) embrassed, will she just did!!! I love Miley and her music and I hate what she is doing to herself. The pole dancing I was totally shocked. It's all un-called for. She successful without having to expose herself in that way. Please Stop MILEY and go back to your roots of who you truly are.

Hurting for you and hoping to always being a fan!!! I love your new song.

1607 days ago


wow "angel little sister"? kinda sick that he would act like that with someone that he calls his "sister"

1606 days ago


Omg, Let the girl dance. People are freaking out for no reason. She could be doing much worse things like drugs maybe. But dancing, that's just fun, girls and boys dance all the time. And the way she's dancing ain't so far from how everyone else dances

1600 days ago


Dear adorable 15 year olds that keep saying, "I'm a teenager and I would never do that!":

Since your so perfect and don't have a splotch of sin attached to your name, why don't you get on you knees and ask Jesus to save Miley's supposedly wretched soul.

1597 days ago


Wow - Miley is turning out to be a little whore. She was such a nice girl and great roll model for my 5 year daughter. Now, I don't want to her to have anythign to do with Hannah Montana.
Miley should be ashamed of herself and where the hell are her parents? Um hello? Anyone looking out for this kid? Who clearly has some issues. At 16 years old, I sure hope she was grounded for a year for acting like a such a slutty fool. She is such a beautiful girl, she doesn't need to dry hump a gay guy to prove it.
It's really sad....really. Where are the GOOD role models for my kid?

1593 days ago


miley cyrus is such an effing slut. she needs a reality check. what happened to the cute little disney channel star? does she really want all those innocent little girls that idolize her, see her give some freakin old *** a lap dance? she is a freakin uglyyy slut!!!!!

1588 days ago

jonnydropmy seed    

Its pretty obvious shes had lots of fun in the past and who gives a sh^t. she has functioning girl tools let her use em.Most her age now are fatass little cheeto eaters wishing they could get some weenie.

1588 days ago


she's sexy and I'm tired of all the conservatives comments. She likes sex get over it and shut up conservatives.

1587 days ago


Ok, so she's grown up. It doesn't mean she can go having these low attitudes. Either she wants it or not, she IS a role model for many teenagers who already live in a world full of vulgar people, who can't get enough attention for over showing their bodies in disgusting poses. Does she want to be a +1 in the long list of lost celebrities? It's her call.
I get it, she is just having fun. I'm her age and I have fun my that way sometimes as well. But she is no ordinary girl. She is in "the world of fame excess", right? And there are things you can and cannot do there. If she can't tell them apart then I don't think she's ready to be there. Wake up, Miley, in the world you live in, it's all about your image. You say you've grown up and that sexy is just something that comes naturally with age. Well, all I see is a childish brain in a mature body. Is that what you call "fit in"?

1583 days ago


i say that this kind of behavior is not "normal", maybe for me...or for you...but we got to think that she's a woman now...she can't stay likee the little girl hannah montana as the same kids who love her show...the thing is that you don't care about that kind of behavior..becouse is like the same as you....when you where little you like to play toys or imagin you like to play kinds of things. so as miley

1582 days ago


So basically you like it when your sisters are ****ing grinding against your penis???? You sick Incestal ***!!!!

1581 days ago


not all teenagers/children are like this!!!!! i am a teenage girl and i dont pull crap like that! and if so many teens are like this mabey its because the people we haveto look up to do stuff like this. in what world is this ok?!?!!?!?!?! if u think it is u were raised wrong! its inappropriate. if u think this is ok then when ur daughter goes out and does it and mabey ends up prego then u cant say crap cuz ur the 1 that thinks it is ok. yes miley is a good rrole model when disney writes the words she is sayin and the things shes doin but when shes makin her own ddecisions shes a great role model 4 some1 who wants 2 grow up 2 b a skank! miley ur young act like it. u rly want 2 get some1 n ur pants that bad that u have 2 go 4 a 44 yr old that is said 2 b gay?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! very desprete and sad!

1581 days ago


Only sluts take photos like that... yeah there are lots of pics of girls that are not famous and posing like that, but they're mostly sluts too. It was only few years ago when I was Miley's age and I never ever took pics like that even if it meant I wouldn't get noticed by boys as much. 'Cause that's why they do it.. to get attention. I couldn't be more happy that I didn't fall for it. I still have my dignity!

I wouldn't care about Miley and what she's doing if she weren't such a hypocrit acting all innocent. Photo's like these leak on the web by "accident" my ass... How would someone know she's got pics of her in her panties stored up somewhere?
So post the photos if you want, but don't make statements like "I'm sorry, I didn't think blah blah blah"
Isn't she supposed to be a rolemodel for the kids... so be rolemodel if that's what you wanna be, or be slut. You can't have both when kids are looking up to you!

1561 days ago

sunshine pyt    

first and formost I am a 19 year old college student I jus got dont watchin her show in tellling my mother how she is such a good role model n how I hope she does not become the nxt linsey or brttney yeaaaaaaa i did say those two young confused ladies. It really makes my skin crawl to see this kinda behavior coming for a than 16 yr ain now still underage 17 year wit A grown man own enough to be her father (eeeeeeeeeeewww) not to mention the lab dance I juss saw on youtube of her n the sameeeeeeeee oold rustey man wut i disgrace to MEssgae to old "gay"(so he calm to be openly gay) THAt aint no exucse to be rubbin up on a young gurl yes it takes to in a situation like this n she knows betta as well but idk who ***z on to who but ya both should have respect to say dis is nasty WUT wud the world think yes u shouldnt think bout wut ppl care but wen you r a worldwide role model huny sumthing U JUST DNT DO miley u have little eyes watchn u 5 years of age on up i juss saw a reeun of the tyra show dis afta noon n a lil gurl want hair hair to be lil yourszzzzzzzzzz.In what pisses me off the most is Im a young balck women have been auditioning for dinesy since i was 14 and never once got a part i felt if i cud get n dat spotlight I would b the best role model this is n look at her screwn it all up cuz she feel its a stage in life news flash huny everybody dnt have to go thru that stage u jus want an excuse to acted yess u to young n no no 1 cant telll me these has never enagaged in any other kind "fun" look at the pic my dad would hurt a man they if they look like they were interested ughhhh get it together.

Ps disregarud all the short hand typein lol.

1556 days ago
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