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Perez to GLAAD -- Now I'm Mad!

6/23/2009 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonGLAAD was furious when they heard Perez Hilton used a gay slur to attack Will.I.Am on Sunday night -- and even asked for an apology -- but now Perez is ticked off at the organization for being ticked at him. Follow that?

Hilton, a former GLAAD employee, tells TMZ:

"I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me."


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Hmmm. Let’s think back to the tirade that Perez unleashed when Isaiah Washington used the same slur – and the result he helped generate. He just doesn’t seem to get it. What goes around comes around – like the hand on the Warhol clock. I think that this one’s going to jump him right to minute 14. It certainly has for me.

1916 days ago


Mr. Hilton find a rock and crawl under it your a disgrace to all man kind

1916 days ago


Seems to me that a member of a minority "owns" a word , so blacks can say the n word. I guess Will thinks its terrible to be called something that means gay.Homophobe . Hitting someone is never OK.

1916 days ago


what makes me wonder is when ashton kutcher was doing punk'd, they tried to punk the black eye peas but it never aired b.c they say their bodyguard punched an actor pretending to be a cop(help tmz?). i don't think a stranger would punch him, it was def someone in their crew. sorry p, sounds like you were drinking and being full of yourself

1916 days ago

Perez sux    

i love the perez is trying to rationalize his retarded actions. hopefully everyone will finally let this bastard go.

1916 days ago


I think he is a brown stain in the underwear of the gay community. I am a gay man, and in no way shape or form is what he did okay. He is right, people do say irrational things in those situations, and they apologize for it too! What an arrogant little pathetic jerk!

1916 days ago


LMAO @TMZ using the fat Perez pic. I find it so interesting and odd that this was the same guy who held the biggest protest during the Isaiah Washington "F" word fiasco. He demanded that he be fired and said it every chance he could. That azzwipe Perez is a hypocrite.

1916 days ago


First of all......
The only reason words have any power is because people give them that power. At the end of the day, a word is nothing more than letters formed into sounds. If the word is offensive to you, you have given it that power over you..and ultimately the person who said them to you.

Does a forced apology mean anything? An apology is supposed to come from a heart that is repentant and sorry for what they have done and it MUST BE VOLUNTARY. Anything beyond that is placating...which ultimately means nothing.

I hope someday that people will take back the power they have given to words and to those who might use them to try to hurt. I miss the "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words cannot hurt me" days.

1916 days ago


Dude....You are the f**king fa***t in this picture. WTF? I cannot believe Perezzz would say that...He's is officially on my LONG list of haters. Go away Hilton.

1916 days ago


It's bad enough when the Christofascists, White Supremists, and plain ol' homophobes throw that word around but a gay man yelling it at someone as an insult? No way. I'm glad GLAAD rebuked him. They should have.

1916 days ago


must suck to be you perez we gays dont even want you!

1916 days ago

CB - USA    

This Perez guy is a complete loser. His 15 minutes of fame was up . . . 15 minutea ago. He thinks it's o.k. to call people horrible names - names that we teach our children not to use. We all need to stop giving him the attention he craves. Maybe he'll crawl back into his hole. The hatred that he continues to spew is so evident in his facial expressions. The person is full of rage and anger, everyone needs to start laughing at him. Maybe he'll lighten up.

1916 days ago


"At the end of the day, a word is nothing more than letters formed into sounds." Um, No. Those sounds have attached meanings, nuances and all. This is letters formed into sounds: Limomomoomola. These are words: "It is superficial to forget that words are communication of thought from one human brain to another."

1916 days ago


Ok, yes violence is worng ok we get it. But it happens. Perez thinks he can get away with a lot of things he does because he is flamboylantly (sp?) gay. And the way he will go after one person for a rather long time, he should expect something to happen. He was wrong and he should apologize. He was asked nicely to stop bashing Fergie, but again he felt that it would make him more popular and he could get away with it because he is gay.

1916 days ago


I agree, violence is never the answer....but Perez, you are a pathetic hypocrit. You would be all over someone for using that slur, yet you are trying to justify its use. There is no justification for using it. You, a gay male, doesn't give you the right to use that slur. Maybe, just maybe, had you stood up and acknowledged using the slur was wrong you might have more support. Your self promotion is finally catching up to you. YOU WERE WRONG.

1916 days ago
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