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Perez to GLAAD -- Now I'm Mad!

6/23/2009 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonGLAAD was furious when they heard Perez Hilton used a gay slur to attack Will.I.Am on Sunday night -- and even asked for an apology -- but now Perez is ticked off at the organization for being ticked at him. Follow that?

Hilton, a former GLAAD employee, tells TMZ:

"I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me."


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I don't condone violence of any kind, but I'm surprised someone didn't punch Perez Hilton sooner. The guy needs to learn to shut up. And there's NEVER a good excuse for calling someone the name he used. He's a whiner and he wants publicity. Plain and simple.

1912 days ago

Perez Hater    

You can't condone violence... but this b!tch@ss got what he deserved. Why is he even famous??? He's just as big of a douchebag as Speidi.

1912 days ago

you must stupid    

Wow, the Neo-Comm left getting a little taste of thier own OBVIOUS hypocrisy. I'm glad Mario is getting tons of sh*t kicked in his ugly face for being a lying, bigoted hypocrite, but I find it odd that we give a pass to Obama and Biden, who have made some of the most racist comments ever to be elected to the White House. But then again, these are the same people that attacked a Conservative Christian college student for agreeing with Obama on gay marriage. I forgot the group of people we're dealing with for a moment.

1912 days ago


congratulations perez i hear that youve been nominated for MISS HOGTOWN HUSSY

1912 days ago

you must stupid    

I wonder if all these same people on here that are stating "violence is never the answer" are also the same people that cheered Mario on when he incited violence against Carrie Prejean?

Just sayin.....

1912 days ago


Write all the advertising companies that are on Perez hiltons blog page and lets finally get this pig face off the internet. Do not support anyone who supports him. Katy Perry and Lady gaga constituently stick up for this Hateful little prick and I will never buy anything from them again. ANTI PEREZ!

1912 days ago


When did "F***** F****" become an intellectual statement? He sounds like a fat 15 year old who can't handle his booze. And Fergie wasn't the aggressor but WILL.I.AM came to her defense when Perez was provoking her and saying nasty things. Perez got what he deserved. PERIOD! Now he used a deragatory term which if anyone else but him had used it he would have slammed them on his site and he is mad that GLAAD called him out on it.

hahahaha, plus he didn't get hit that hard one punch in the back of the head.

He is such a vagina!!!

1912 days ago


You need to apologize Perez. I will keep writing and boycott anything that supports you and your hateful blog. I am so finally you are finally losing your power that you thought you had over every celebrity. The straight community does not like you and the Gay community does not hate you..You ruined yourself!!!

1912 days ago


Perez Hilton deserved whatever he got...If he doesn't like the drama then he needs to shut his mouth! As far as calling Will.I.Am a thug, I would love for him to explain to me why he thinks Will.I.Am is a thug...he is the furthest thing from what a thug is....maybe he wouldn't have gotten stomped out if he wasn't trying to pick on a girl....Will.I.Am was just trying to keep Fergie from being upset....I say, Well done, Will.I.Am!!!

1912 days ago


I'm so sick of hearing about Perez Hilton. He isn't liked by anyone, including the gay community. How about a new show where we drop off a bunch of "celebrities" in the jungle and just leave them there. Perez, Jon and Kate, Lindsay Lohan, The Kardashians, Paris Hilton....and so on and so forth. We'll call it...They Think They're Celebrities...Leave Them There

1912 days ago


oh yeah he's open minded, tolerant and wants diversity, UNTIL you disagree with him then he tears you down and attacks the victims. good for you GLADD!!! I hope his 15 minutes of fame are up and he just goes away. he is a hypocrit, he attsacks miss california (former) for speaking her mind but when he does it and it is HURTFUL and terrible he wants a pass? he's an ignorant publicity hound who should just go away

1912 days ago


Perez is a hypocrite. The only reason he ever 'wins' any of his celebrity word battles is that he never shuts up. He talks in circles. That doesn't mean he's ever right. He's a sell out, has become a Z list celebrity himself, plays favorites, is neglecting his site - hence the lack of proof-reading and originality, and set himself up for confrontation. No, he shouldn't have been hit, and the person who hit him is classless, but hopefully, Perez will take a good look at what he's doing and realize he isn't the center of the universe. Right now, he's doing a great impression of Jesse Metcalf.

1912 days ago


He has cornered himself into a bad place now, if he had any saving grace, he has lost it now as he can't deal with the fact that in any argument (that goes physical) you need two douches, and that one of them was him.

It's way beyond pathetic that he is taking this "princess" self-degrading stand towards the whole thing, fueled of course by a bunch of enablers that in some cases have him as someone worth knowing what he does at all times (i.e. Tweeter).

1912 days ago


If the person who struck him called him a fa***t, wouldn't that be considered a hate crime???? This is so stupid...Perez, I don't like violence, but you deserved this for what you did to Ms. Prejean.... I hope your words make you squirm and you have to try to endlessly explain your way out of this. You were wrong, but won't admit it.... I guess if you are liberal and gay, you can use any term that no one else is allowed to utter. If you are heterosexual and conservative, in your opinion, you may NOT have an opinion that is different from yours. Perez, you are a hypocrit, and the folks who defend him are worse.

1912 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Perez has always irritated the hell out of me, but his statement is not only 100% coherent, it's CORRECT! I can imagine it's quite a traumatizing experience to get assaulted. But on top of that he gets chastised by an organization that he not only WORKED FOR (giving his time and energy) and probably feels a lot of betrayal over that. Personally I don't like either parties involved in this altercation but I DO KNOW what's right and what's wrong.
Will.I.Am (I've never felt so ridiculous as when I typed that!) is indeed a thug disguised as a musician. Same goes for all of those trash rappers (even though BEP is a complete mish-mash of styles that completely doesn't work together). You want to call yourself a musician? Learn how to play an instrument, because 99.9% of what you people hear today on the radio is created on and by a computer. And they even hire someone to do THAT for them!! Music is no more in this decade. And I thought the 90's sucked because of Grunge! At least those guys knew a few chords on guitar! That's virtuosic compared to all the hacks today!

1912 days ago
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