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Perez to GLAAD -- Now I'm Mad!

6/23/2009 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonGLAAD was furious when they heard Perez Hilton used a gay slur to attack Will.I.Am on Sunday night -- and even asked for an apology -- but now Perez is ticked off at the organization for being ticked at him. Follow that?

Hilton, a former GLAAD employee, tells TMZ:

"I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me."


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Perez deserves to be hit here and there. I mean cmon, open mouth and insert foot. You scream at someone and brutlize them with your words and you dont expect retaliation. The thing thats worse is that he used this again to get 15 minutes of fame. A 30 year old man who went online and cried about how scared he was at a music awards show. He cried ladies and gentlemen. It is a set up to make us feel bad. So stupid. He should apologize to Will I am, his manager and the gay community for representing us in a poor way.

1918 days ago


I think this should just about wrap up This sissy's 15 minutes!!!!!!!
Now he can start a flower shop, or do some dog grooming.
Just saying........

1918 days ago


Mario is delusional....he actually thinks he can do no wrong. I applaud GLAAD for coming out against him. What he did was wrong, plain and simple. If you don't want the word used by other people, don't use it yourself.

1918 days ago


Perez doesn't want to be further victimized by this "thug" musician? Let's all be clear: Not only is he a self-hating homosexual using such a derogatory term, he is making his obvious racism pretty obvious using veiled language such as "thug" for Can this guy please be scraped off of our collective shoe?

1918 days ago


What a hypocrite. He helped ruin a man's career over a slur tossed out in the heat of the moment (Isaiah Washington) but it's A-okay for him to do it.

1918 days ago


I'm so tired of him. Exactly who made him the voice of all things respectable. He's a hypocrite and needs to get over himself. Grow up Hilton and learn how to take responsibility for your own actions. Everyone has seen the video, and yet he still feels the need to play the victim. Do me a favor and pull that broom stick out of your ass and go fly away on it be/c no one wants you around.

1918 days ago


I hope this is the beginning of the end for this loser. The rant he posted on his site was hysterical, what a two faced double standard a-wipe. As one commenter pointed out, you can't jump into the arena with the gladiators after taunting them and expect NOT to get a smack down. He's a disgrace to all humans.

1918 days ago


Perez, real name Mario Something or Other, is a fake, disgusting queen who should just shut up and get back in his closet. His cheap vile behavior is one of the reasons people dislike homosexuals. His crass actions need to be stopped, people need to just shun and ignore him, turn their backs and not give him the publicity this media whore craves.

1918 days ago


Shut up Perez. The reason that you got in this situation in the first place is because you have your head up your butt and you think that you're better than everyone so you have the right to talk badly about them. You're obnoxious and it finally caught up with you. You started it. give it up, no one thing's you're the victim...and maybe someone would believe you if you weren't still calling Fergie fugly. shut up and go away.

1918 days ago

who gives a shit    

Oh boo hoo!!!! Go away already.....................

1918 days ago

Zach Swan    

Let's cut through the crap: the primary issue is that Perez is completely incapable of handling his booze. This loser got hammered beyond control and when confronted, HE created a disturbance, was the verbal aggressor, and pushed someone over the edge to physical violence. He deserved what he got.

My advice, Perez? Try to learn how to be a decent human being, cut back on the booze / drugs, and be thankful you were punched and not stabbed or shot. And apologize to the gay community for using such an ugly slur: you're not 15 anymore -- you should be able to control yourself.

1918 days ago


ROTFLMAO Perez, "victimize me " ????
That is what He/She does all day everyday!!

1918 days ago


May God have mercy on you Perez Hilton.

1918 days ago


Hey Perez this is 15 minutes calling, times up.

The only one I heard yelling in the video was Perez, you can't act like that out in the real world. Go back into your mom's basement to the safety behind your keyboard.

1918 days ago


For someone who is "GAY" he does not seem very "HAPPY"

1918 days ago
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