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Perez to GLAAD -- Now I'm Mad!

6/23/2009 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonGLAAD was furious when they heard Perez Hilton used a gay slur to attack Will.I.Am on Sunday night -- and even asked for an apology -- but now Perez is ticked off at the organization for being ticked at him. Follow that?

Hilton, a former GLAAD employee, tells TMZ:

"I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me."


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Perez YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW-unfortunately you had this one coming!! You can NOT make a living out of talking smack about people on a daily basis and NOT expect any repercussion from it! You sit there a verbally abuse people with harsh insults and want to cry "wolf" when the abuse comes back on you, which by the way you totally started it! Karma's a bitch Perez!

1913 days ago


It doesnt surprise me at all the Hilton is acting like a little btch. His whole MO in life is playing the little btch part. His self esteem and worth must be completely warped thanks to what I am sure was a childhood full of taunt and ridicule (funny but he probably throws the words around that emasculated him when he was a youth as a form of power and control, since that is how others used to bring him down). He is a little btch for tweeting about the whole thing. Be a fricking man and take care of yourself. No need to cry to the public to call the cops for you. Little b tch move. Obviously the press/exposure was way more important to him than the well being of the "eyeball that felt like it was falling out of his head" after being hit. A real man doesn't make the statement that you can say whatever you want because the law will protect you. Little btch move. Maybe he should be having a sex change because apparently he has way more estrogen in his life than me or any of my girl friends. Sorry your childhood was so bad that you feel the only way to make yourself feel better is to throw slurs at them. Perez, you should blame your mami not Will for your problems. Had you been taught what a man is to act like you might not run around acting like a little btch. You can't run around acting like a little btch your whole life and expect people to treat you like a respectable human. You get what you give, Perez.

1913 days ago


words are just as violent as a smack to the face.both wrong.........

1913 days ago

Paul K.    

Perez victimizes and embarrasses all gay people whenever he opens his mouth. From all reports here, he was the agressor and owes apologies all-around. Perez Hilton -- please just do us all favor a go away!

1913 days ago

you must stupid    

Maybe this will be a wakeup call to everyone in Hollywood that ever considered associating themselves with this bigot. He's NOTHING!! He has no talent, no skills, nothing. All he did was create a website for himself and began bashing people that he is jealous of. He's so gutless he won't even go by his real name. Let this neverwas crawl back under the rock that came from in peace. Now be gone, Mario!!!!

1913 days ago


I stopped going to his site last August. Everytime you go there you are putting money in his pocket. Want the douche to go away? Stop visiting his site. It's rehashed news anyways. His blog has always been a rip off of everyone elses.

1913 days ago


I wish the guy would have knocked the "holy crap" out of Hilton. He's the biggest jerk around. He should have never been invited to judge the beauty pageant. How on earth is he qualified to judge beautiful women.......maybe a man's pageant!!! He's a trouble maker, a loud mouth idiot and ugly on top of all of that. He's so chicken scared, he would not have taken up for himself on a bet. He's a bully and used to intimidating other people with his big, loud mouth. Well, this time someone intimidated him. Perez.......JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1913 days ago

you must stupid    

To Mr. Karma,

Mario was obviously first on your list. Next should be Lewis and Moakler and then save Harvey with his hate site for last.

1913 days ago

Lisa Pembleton    

Perez is a self absorbed IDIOT!

He has attacked numerous celebs for using the word F@ggoT!

Isaiah Washington
Jerry Lewis
Mickey Rourke

Atleast these guys apologized... but Perez feels he is too good for that! Sick!

GLADD was already pi$$ed at Perez for posting those nude sex photos of Dustin Lance Black last week!

TMZ was atleast respectful of Justin and didn't even report about the photos leaking, let allow embarrass such a respected leader in the Gay and Lesbian community!

Perez attacks successful gay men and uses the same hateful words to inflict harm on others, but still wants to play the victim card?


1913 days ago


He deserved to get bobbed in the head. Loser.

1913 days ago

you must stupid    

And gay activists really scratch their heads as to why the majority of the country refuses to take them seriously. Gee, I wonder why.....

1913 days ago


Can he call someone a F***** because he is one? Isn't that a double standard.. pssh

1913 days ago

you must stupid    

Will this X-list disgrace please just go away now. He had his 15 minutes with Carrie, but he's only making her look more and more better the more he talks and types. Hell, Carrie is still kicking him in the face and she's not even involved in this.

1913 days ago


Sometimes violence is the answer - and Mario is a tool. Victim - huh? Time for him to go away...for good. GLAAD should distance themselves from him too. Rules apply to everyone but Mario - I don't think so.

1913 days ago


This is so VERY typical of the gay male mindset. Loud, arrogant BULLIES who think their homsexuality gives them the right to be VILE and CRUEL to everyone in their path. Then, whine "VICTIM" the minute there are repercussions. If you think Perez is an isolated case, take a look at BET's "College Hill, South Beach. They gay roommate, KYLE, is a black clone of Perez -- FAT, LOUD, constantly thereatening WOMEN with physical violence, and generally the most reprehensible person on television. He gets one inch from the girls' faces (spitting and pointing his fingers) and threatens to hit them on a weekly basis, then expects sympathy beause he has "struggled" as black gay man.

I have lived in NY for over 20 years and, while I believe everyone has the right to sleep with whomever they please, I hope Perez's recent behavior will open everyone's eyes to the level of HATRED and NARCISSISM that exists in the gay community . SOME (not all, but an uncomfortably high number) of these men are truly beneath contempt -- filled with anger just because they don't have breats and a vagina. So keep digging your grave, Perez. The longer you speak, the more the REAL you comes out. Please let this episode END your fraudulent "career."

1913 days ago
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