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SJP Surrogate -- The Water Broke ... Again!

6/23/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Have two babies ... then bring water to a boil. That's the headache facing the surrogate who just delivered Sarah Jessica Parker's newly minted kids.

The surrogate gave birth in Martins Ferry, Ohio last night. Here's the problem -- there were breaks in the water main over the weekend. It's a small town, so 3 breaks in the pipes and everyone is screwed.

The hospital has to boil all the drinking water and it's turned into a gigantic hassle. But by the time the kids are 3 days old, the faucets are expected to flow again.


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Don't forget the two bales of hay!

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Psyclon Nyne    

I always say, there's something in the water in Ohio that makes people act (or react) as they do since there's been a lot of crazy noise being plastered on the news that's coming straight outta the sewage pipes in oHIo.

1949 days ago


Okay a surrogate mother, but who is the real mother? Where did the egg come from? the surrogate mother, Sarah Jessica Parker or a third woman who is an Egg Donor? Where did the sperm come from? Sarah Jessica's husband, a Sperm Donor, the surrogate's partner, David Crosby who helped concoct babies for other celebrities? or Sperm Unknown from a Sperm Bank? If the Surrogate Mother used a Donor's Egg, and the sperm was donated by Who Knows Who, when the concocted baby is handed over to the Rich Celebritie$, it may have as many as 5 parents???? Money can buy anything!!!!

1949 days ago


welcome to the wolrd Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick! ( the names *rolls eyes* hehe)

1949 days ago


They have water in the hospital now. The water break was yesterday and the day before that, not today. And they have drinking water, they don't have to boil it. It's not that small of a hokey town.

1949 days ago

mickey lou    

I guess she didn't want to ruin her figure? Have morning sickness? Labor pains? Hope the surrogate got paid well.

1949 days ago


Mickey lou

Sarah said in an interview... something to the effect of... "if she were ABLE to carry a pregnancy to term, that would have been their preference"

1949 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Hopefully the egg is from the surrogate or other donor, for the sake of those babies. No one wants to look like Ol' Horse Face!

1949 days ago


I am an employee at East Ohio Regional Hospital, First off we do not have to boil the water, the water is brought in by a service in Pa. Second I agree with the person who commented about the water and thirdly it may be a small town but everyone is friendly and helps everyone. I think people like should get the facts before u make up things oh wait that is how u guys make your money and make believe what you say. Small town girl in Rayland, OHio

1949 days ago


it is a joke

1949 days ago


Be thankful it was a suragate , They would be pretty ugly Horse faced kids other wise.

1949 days ago

cop mistress    

I can see why the majority of you live in such a po dunk town, with a po dunk mentality (definition for you: relating to the mind of disorders, the ability to learn, and to cope). That explains your lack of intelligence, brain, brains, mother wit, sense. Get a life, go to school, and for the love of Pete, Have some sort of concept what in the Good's Lord's name your talking about. You are all embarrassing. Hey.............just a little hint, we do have dentist's in the area. (Dentist)-one who cares for and REPLACES teeth. P.S There is another string item you might like to invest in it's called "DENTAL FLOSS."

1949 days ago
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