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Farrah Fawcett -- Grim Reports

6/24/2009 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett is reportedly close to death.

Numerous reports have surfaced that family members are gathering for their final goodbyes.

Farrah's health has been deteriorating ever since she was diagnosed with anal cancer three years ago.

We just spoke to Farrah's rep, who would only tell us, "She continues to be treated for her condition."


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162. TMZ you are so ignorant, anal cancer? Rectal or Colorectal or Colon Cancer, learn the proper terminology!

Posted at 12:09AM on Jun 25th 2009 by bebechrissy


Sorry- but YOU need to learn proper terminology because she has ANAL cancer! Rectal and colorectal are totally different than anal cancer.

And all you fools who comment about she got this from anal sex need to grow up. Just beause that is one of the risk factors doesn't mean that THAT is what caused it. She is older and cancer runs in her family. Just like some people who get lung cancer never smoked s cigarette....some people can be so rude.

1910 days ago


I'm so sorry-she will truly be missed. Always thought she was such a sweet person

1910 days ago

Bless you Farrah    

I know you will never read this, and I pray you never see the comments made by some heartless devils .. but God bless you beautiful Angel. May you smile that beautiful smile for many eternities to come. May you laugh with angels, be loved by Jesus in eternal joy, and may you shine upon us in every first ray of Morning light
.....With love for you always Farrah.

1910 days ago

its me    

you people should leave her son alone ! do you PERFECT PEOPLE honestly think addicts wanna be addicts????? well they dont !
put yourself in his shoes right now. if hes still in jail (not sure if he is)) but if he is can u imagine what he is going through
hes a full blown addict and he really is gonna hate himself because he cant be with her right now. he has a disease AND I'M SURE HE DONT LIKE IT ! i just dont understand why people are attacking him ?! your parents and all you loved ones could be on their death bed and the drugs will be calling the addict so the addict runs to the drugs. if your not an addict you will NEVERRRRR understand. so stop talking about something you just dont get !

1910 days ago


I will pray for you Farrah. Stay strong.

1910 days ago


The devil is clearly alive and well and living among us. Shame on you low life lucifers! May the mercy and love of the Lord reach your hearts before it is too late! I have never been so disgusted w/ humanity.

1910 days ago


I pray that God will take her soon and stop the suffering she is going through. I've seen this first hand in my family and know, without a doubt, that the best thing to happen now is for her to go to sleep and not wake up. As hard as it is to let a loved one go, it is much harder to see the suffering day after day. May she go in peace.

1910 days ago


Why is #161 allowed to post such filth, have you no monitoring for this? I will not ever be back on this site again.

1910 days ago


Farrah, I am so sorry and you have been so brave!! GOD BLESS you and your family. Thank you for being YOU over the years........A true memory for me!!

1910 days ago


175. The devil is clearly alive and well and living among us. Shame on you low life lucifers! May the mercy and love of the Lord reach your hearts before it is too late! I have never been so disgusted w/ humanity.

Posted at 12:35AM on Jun 25th 2009 by pamela


You got that right! I have NEVER in my life seen people so enjoying another person's demise and suffering! I would like to know EXACTLY what this woman has done to anybody here commenting that was so terrible to be hated so badly....

Did she take down the Twin Towers? Did she bomb Oklhoma? Did she shoot up their kids school??

No- she was on a few tv shows, commercials and tried to live her own life.

The way some of you are acting is sick and what goes around comes around.

1910 days ago


Farah and Alana Stewart are the kind of people I would love to be friends with. They've stuck together through thick and thin. It would be an honor to be their friend and to support Farah through her transition to Heaven and Alana through the loss of her best friend. ~ I pray that Farah and Ryan's son, Redmond, can use the opportunity of his mother's death to strengthen himself to get clean of drugs and help others who are suffering drug addiction. I also pray that Ryan, Redmond and Alana, as well as Farah's elderly father, can find happiness in life after the passing of Farah and that they can draw on each other for comfort during this difficult time.

1910 days ago


Well, i pry won't be doing any sexual things for a long time, because not even a condom can save anyone these days. You can try to be safe but you never know who your partner is with.. but granted i agree everyone should get the vaccine even after 27...but i think they have that warning because older immune systems may not work as well with it...maybe more education on anal cancer from HPV. BUT i really hope this is not the case with farrah. If so that is even more sad, as thousands of women get HPV and some get the deadly strain. I did know about throat cancer from HPV and i did know HPV can be on the anal area...but just thought cervical cancer was the only cancer spread down in that region. Thanks for letting me know about that....even if farrah doesn't have it, its something educational on these forums, maybe it will wake some kids up!! Some kids stupidly think they can do everything but actual sex to still be virgins & be safe from diseases. NOT true!. Hopefully this will alert some people.

Either way though its still sad to see a woman dying at 62, which is relatively young these days concidering most people live to be 80-90 now a days, and if this happened to be the way she got it, we won't know! I say least show some respect. She was never a prostitute! Thats just mean!

And another comment: Isn't it ironic its the women who suffer more from HPV than men do? They carry it, but they usually don't show symtoms if they are infected and thats why we really don't know who is safe or not. They seem to carry most diseases. But maybe there are and im just not aware of that. Have tried to study up on HPV as i hear over 70 percent of women in the world today will get at least one strain of it in their lifetime (some heal on its own)

1910 days ago


Comment #168
UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! How utterly disrespectful and how dissapointing in the people who monitor this site!!
I am really really, REALLY sad with that posting.

1910 days ago

Valerie McLellan    

How sad that others find it humorous to write hateful things, about someone they do not even know, in a public forum. It is not funny, not even mildly humorous. To try and get a laugh or just to be a jerk at the expense of someone who is clearly suffering as well as her family and friends is just sad. Your parents and loved ones would be so proud.

1910 days ago


Go in Peace and may God bless you. You gave it your best shot to live. We shall miss you and we shall pray for your famly. Thank you Farrah for you acting, you were the best. Amen

1910 days ago
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