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Farrah Fawcett -- Grim Reports

6/24/2009 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett is reportedly close to death.

Numerous reports have surfaced that family members are gathering for their final goodbyes.

Farrah's health has been deteriorating ever since she was diagnosed with anal cancer three years ago.

We just spoke to Farrah's rep, who would only tell us, "She continues to be treated for her condition."


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#7- You are SO stupid and ignorant...........

1912 days ago


What in the world is wrong with you cretins? The woman is dying, for crying out loud, as you yourself will someday... and when that day comes, who's gonna stand by you or give you words of comfort when you're scared and wracked with pain? Huh? Who's gonna sit with you while you cry after the doctor tells you nothing can be done to save your miserable, pathetic, hate-filled life? Nobody, that's who, because you will have isolated yourself from the beauty that is humankind. You're doing it right now, and you probably do it with every remaining breath you take.

I cannot imagine how horrid it must be to face every day with hatred and envy in my heart, especially when it's directed toward absolutely everyone whether you ever interacted with them or not. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, pity you. You are missing out on so much. But what you don't know you don't miss, I guess, so none of this is likely to resonate with you anyway. Truly sad.

Farrah is dying of cancer, but you are dying of self-loathing. She's only been ill a few years; you've been sick for a lifetime and it's not over yet. The difference is there's no cure for what she's got. You, on the other hand, have options. Choices. Farrah's got no choices left, but she took every one available before the disease consumed her completely. Because she loved life.

It doesn't matter what she did or didn't do in the past. Whether she was the poster child for anal sex or the icon of human dignity is beside the point. The point is, her life was her life. It's beyond our realm of authority to determine whether or not her choices were right. They were HER choices, and they were right for her at the time she made them. It was HER life. And ultimately, your legacy will be the same. YOUR life, lived the way YOU chose to live it.

We all make a difference in this world. Whether our influence is good or bad is a conscious decision we make every day.

Life is a chess game. Your move.

1912 days ago


TMZ, Please do your job and REMOVE these horrible negative comments that so many people are leaving.
"Add your comments
Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry.
Inappropriate or purely promotional comments may be removed."

1912 days ago

Mary Worth    

I, too, prayed for Farrah to beat this; but God's will be done!
May she know true peace after she leaves this world.

For those who care enough, she'd probably be pleased if we contribute to cancer research. The address is:

1912 days ago

Steven D. Knorr    

#161,#168,#181, My heart aches because I know there are people with hate in their soul!! You are loved by someone aren't you? Aren't you!! Dig down and think of someone you love, and put them in Farrah's position!! I hope you would think differently!! There is a good person in you but you must be hurting too!!

1912 days ago


There is a better place on the other side...Farrah, I hope you find that light and live in it eternally!

1912 days ago


Don't be afraid, you will live on and be remembered. This is not the end.

1912 days ago

Beautiful Angel    

Her legacy will live on forever. What an amazingly talented and wonderful woman. People that know her love her and those lives she has touched have been so blessed. How fortunate we all are to have been alive during the time she has lived. She is an inspirtion. I have met her several times and have always been so impressed by her - her humanity, her kindness, her humor.
I will love her forever.

1912 days ago


I will remember Farrah as a beautiful, kind, funny and very talented dramatic actress. I watched the burning bed the night
I started labor for my son many moons ago, and as the movie moved along so did the contractions.... I will always remember Farrah Fawcett as a part of the most important moment of my life. Thank you Farrah for all you've given... you will never be forgotten.

1912 days ago


Thanks Farrah, for your life and your family.

I wish I will have earned the love you have known.

Go gently into your next paradise. We wish you and your family peace.

1912 days ago


This is so irresponsible to post this while she's alive. Shame on you.

1912 days ago


God Bless you....May you not suffer anymore....RIP Farrah

1912 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

My prayers for Farrah...Get well!!!

1912 days ago

Beautiful Angel    

Farrah will forever be America's Angel. This woman has legions of fans in every corner of the world. One of the last true stars and one of the the world's iconic beauties. Her legacy will live on. May she continue to bring a smile to everyone that thinks of her. She was a gift.

1912 days ago


you ignorant people need to stop saying that Farrah got cancer from unprotected anal sex. that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. the fact is, that cancer is genetic & runs in her family. you people need to get an education

1912 days ago
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