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Fur Real

6/24/2009 3:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the conservatorship wonder herself, Britney Spears.

Britney Spears

In 2007, Britney shaved all the hair off her head.


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I KNEW who it was didnt even have to look. Daddy just dint have enough free time to shave her legs yall.

1916 days ago


OK that DONT look like peach fuzz coming out of her fat nasty knees..............and NO ,most women cant stand hairy legs. It feels just GROSS !! She could be walking around with a beard and her 2 fans would justify it somehow....thats how they roll.....

1916 days ago


She has great legs and at least her hairs are blond..

1916 days ago

ex lax    

she sure giving that straw a lashing!

1916 days ago

Camille Toh    

Oh, well THAT'S a big scandal. *rolling eyes*

I doubt that your own wife/sister/mother/daughter has EVER done that. Notice I didn't say girlfriend--most of us don't unleash our inner Yetis until after marriage. lol

It's cool, Brittney. Sisterhood is powerful. :)

1916 days ago

You guys are idiots!    

Uh Huh...must have been one of the "boys" at TMZ who got this "scoop". Grow up

1916 days ago


TMZ, you're bordering on creepy, here. Please don't start showing close-ups of anyone's private parts. Thanks, TMZ!

1916 days ago


Men, I don't expect you to understand this, but if there is an area on a woman's body that doesn't need to be shaved, she ain't going out of her way to shave it.
Although some will because of times like these when a photog catches you in shorts and sunlight, most women don't shave too far above the knee.

Perspective: Some idiot sat and stared at this picture until he went, "oooooh..." blew it up as large as they could before it got distorted, pointed out the hair and sold it for $10 so we could all sit and stare at it and point out the hair.

1916 days ago


Why is it necessary to shave your thighs? As long as you don't have beasty black hair on them, whats the necessity? I don't get why this is news...

1916 days ago


If the hair on my legs was that light, I would totally slack-off on the shaving too.

1916 days ago

blah blah blah    

You're not supposed to shave the top of your legs anyway!

1916 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

eee thats gross!!! thats a week worth of not shaving not a day like some stupid ass above wrote. but i guess what they say is true must take alot of money to look that damn cheap!!!

1916 days ago


who the hell shaves blond baby hair like that is a fool, no woman i know would do that. anything below the knee is all that's needed... who wrote this TMZ?? has to be a man!!

1916 days ago


You guys were really trying to get a crotch shot and you failed so now you point to something else so the photo isnt wasted. Give her a break.

1916 days ago


CALM THE F&*@ down... check most girl's legs... there will be peach fuzz.... we should be shooting men's DISGUSTING back of the neck hair. Now that's disgusting.

1916 days ago
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