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Lindsay Lohan's Makeover -- Smokin'

6/24/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan -- ever the multitasker -- was able to get her hair did, text, and violate the law by smoking inside the salon.

lindsay lohan

She's no Sharon Stone -- but what are they gonna do ... arrest her for smoking?


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I couldn't agree more that Kim is a weirdo! Very creepy girl you are, honey!

1947 days ago


Can someone give her Chris Browns #, they should hook up, maybe he can beat some sense into her. lulz

1947 days ago

ex lax    

Sam the man wont have here arrested !

1947 days ago


My gawd this site has gone downhill!

Jay, sweetie you might want to venture out more. In most states now, it is illegal to smoke in any establishment including, bar's.

I loathe LaLoca.......................she will do anything for attention. Anything!

1947 days ago


Calm down, everyone, TMZ doesn't just have bad grammar: they also have bad spelling. Based on the photos, LL was getting her hair DYED, and someone at TMZ tried to spell it DIED, then thought better of it and dropped to last letter. Am I right? Course I am. What a silly story of a silly young woman who could have been so much more. Talk about hitting your peak at age 13 . . .

1947 days ago


She looks absolutely horrid with dark hair. Much better as a blonde and even a redhead. Anything but dark hair..

1947 days ago


She's going to love all those wrinkles smoking causes along with cancer.

1947 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

I can't wait until she gets those lines around her mouth from sucking on those cigs...between that and the horrible freckly skin, her best years are behind her. She must smell so freakin bad.

1947 days ago


TMZ, can't you afford proof readers or spell check? Multiple articles today have spelling errors. Would you overlook that on an applicant's resume?

1947 days ago


yes- It wasn't an error....

Women always joke and say that we need to go get our hair did....come on. What rock were you under?

All I can say that she is the typical smoker- rude.

1947 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is a 22 year old young woman who has probably been smoking since she was about 13 years old. She has a horrible voice and it won't get any better in the years to come. She will age really bad, by the time, she get's about 40 she'll look 65 or older.

1947 days ago


Jay (#8) it's been illegal in CA to smoke in the 'work place' since 1995 .. not to mention the chemicals involved in a salon it's a down right fire hazzard never mind completel rude and ILLEGAL... and it's one of the most disgusting and dirty habits, I'm sure she's one of those ignorant types that won't put out that smelly dirty 'butt' in her cars ashtray but thinks nothing of just tossing it on the ground.

1947 days ago

Linda Mott    

SHE broke the law, that's a first isn't it?

1947 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Big laws, little laws, the Lohans don't care! They break them all. You think a thief who steals from friends and jobs is going to care about any laws?

1947 days ago


Chemicals used to dye hair are highly flammable....she was just asking for it! LOL!

1947 days ago
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