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Perez Hilton -- You Owe Me a Black Eye Fee

6/24/2009 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez Hilton is striking back at the man who allegedly punched him in the face -- by filing a civil lawsuit against him.

Hilton is suing Polo Molina -- the road manager for the Black Eyed Peas -- for battery and an intentional infliction of emotional distress. Hilton's suit claims Molina attacked him outside of a Toronto club on Sunday night because the blogger wouldn't stop writing about the Black Eyed Peas on his website. The suit wants payback in excess of $25,000.

Molina turned himself in to Toronto cops on Monday and was charged with assault -- he is due back in court on August 5.

Hilton's attorney, Bryan Freedman, just released the following statement:

"Perez Hilton files this lawsuit to protect his freedom of speech and seeks legal redress against those who have physically assaulted him because they do not like his review of their album. Whether you love Perez or hate him, he is entitled to his freedom of speech without fear of physical violence. This lawsuit will make the statement that violence is never the answer."


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This alleged assault doesn't even compare to the damage he did to himself by making that video. He proved his malicious tone and intent by continuing to look like a loose cannon and trying to provoke Will I Am to further confrontation. And he videotaped it of all things. Not to bright, it'll get thrown out.

1857 days ago


Perez is a very poor rep for the gay community - so sad.

He is NOT my spokesperson - he is only an advocate for himself!!!

1857 days ago

He's an [A]SSHOLE!!!!!!!!! He's a little [P]USSY (sorry for the insulting language, ladies) who COWARDLY (((hides))) behind his computer trashing people and then gets surprised and acts like some f a t a s s martyr WHEN he FINALLY gets popped in the face for it.
He's (((also))) a MAJOR KICKABCKS-taker ($$$). Do you think he ACTUALLY "loves" Madonna and/or Lady Gaga and/or Angelina Jolie?????? HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! He's PAID (by them) to write nothing but favorable coverage.
He's a PED|OPHILE, too! He literally LUSTS after minor celeb boys (those under 18) and SHREDS minor celeb girls (those under 18). Drooling over Jonas Brother Nick Jonas. Spewing venom at Miley Cyrus.
He's a hypocrite, too!!!!!! When Miley Cyrus wore these knee-high platform boots, he calls her a "s l u t". But when Lady Gaga (remember... kickbacks!!!!!!!) did, the a s s h o l e actually PRAISED her!

1857 days ago


oh yeah and perez lets not pretend you got punched over comments made about the BEP's music. how stupid, deaf and blind do you think we are?

1857 days ago


Polo Molina,,, if your not a BEP fan you wouldn't know this guy from your neighbors landscaping crew, I can't believe how egomanical some people with limited fame can be. Perez has his right to speak out on whatever he wants but he does go overboard I think he is quite immature for his age, but Polo should have been able to control his temper and now he will have this on his record. Does he have other criminal activity on his record? Find out for us TMZ, perhaps this is a pattern of behavior for Papa Molina.

1857 days ago


The attorney representing PH should be disbarred for filing such a ridiculous lawsuit. PH needs to stop wining like the little bitch he is. He is an embarrassment for the gay community mm, wait, he's not gay he's a F*****G F****T!!! I hope some one else punches him hard enough that he'll shut up for a good while. And YES people need to STOP visiting his BS website.

1857 days ago

Lelsie B.    

HATE HIM!!!!!!!!

1857 days ago


Perez is Trash

1857 days ago

A Nagai    

Thank you for kicking his fat gay ass!

1857 days ago


Is Perez a top or a bottom?

1857 days ago


ummm he's a fat ass!!

1857 days ago


Somebody needs to set up a fund for polo if he loses the case! I'll donate the first fitty bucks! Go polo! We got your back!

1857 days ago


Not a Perez fan but there is no excuse or justification in physically attacking someone ... period. Anyone who thinks it's ok to assault someone else just because of something they said or who they are should be charged with the crime that it is.

1857 days ago


Well then ... this should lead the way to open season on filing harrassment suits against all the paps, including queen Hilton.

1857 days ago


the thing about perez is if your not in line to kiss his big a$$ forehead to make him feel all better, then he's not interested. since he's a talker BEP's manager should've punched him in the mouth.

1857 days ago
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