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Hurricane Hits Louisiana Capitol

6/25/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why not let Hurricane Chris rap about Halle Berry inside the Louisiana House of Representatives -- it's not like they have anything more important to be doing there, right?

The rapper, a.k.a. Chris Dooley, Jr., was recently honored by his home state. But instead of giving him a key to the city or some random certificate of congratulations, they gave him the House floor -- and he brought his beats.


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I wish Katrina had of wiped the whole state off the map - including it's residents which would have prevent this kind of crap from being allowed and would have prevented all of the ghetto thug criminals from invading other cities like Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and St Louis.

1889 days ago


No wonder so few people left when they a 5-7 day warning that Katrina was the size that it was and was headed their way. Idiots running the place.

No chicken? Or they just outta chicken?

1889 days ago

Arthur Lois    

For those wondering his Grandma is the lady in the video and is a state rep of Louisiana from Shreveport so I think she is randomly why this happened also from the youtube link their a longer version which is worse.

1889 days ago


The first thing that came to my mind... IDIOCRACY

1889 days ago


R They Serious?!?

They "honored" a rapper that raps about sex, drugs, and violence? No1 in the entire L.A. legislation thought of honoring a volunteer helping Hurricane Katrina victims, N.O.'s Mayor Nagen, or a member of the Nat'l Guard? The really believe Hurricane Chris is the best person 2 represent their state?

In the 1 song 'Halle Berry' he says...''she fine den a b***h (aye) a**n her t**s (aye) thick in da hips erry n***a wanna call her Halle Berryyyy...take her from tha club ta da car ta da d**k, Superstar b***h''

Who ever approved this really should b fired.

1889 days ago


As a black person I am so embarassed! WTF were they thinking. Your city is still in ruins and you find this productive????!!! A ss holes!!!!!!!!!!

1889 days ago

New Orleans girl    

I am truly embarrassed to say I live in New Orleans. Not everyone acts like this! Where is Jesse Jackson and Al?? And they wonder they really wonder!?!?!

1889 days ago


And folks from Louisiana were mad when the rest of the nation didn't come to save their butts from the hurricane?????

Can you NOW see why??????

1889 days ago


Thank you fools!! You've only made the citizens of Louisiana look more inept and stupid than you usually do. Someone hurry and figure out a rap to rebuild our coastline. *eye roll*

1889 days ago

Cory Roberson    

Kids of all races listen to rap....its an artistic expression of music and has nothing to do with representing a race. Yes, it is ignorant to play that in a state legislature assembly meeting. I was like WTF too?? That is just embarrassing to play that music in a state legislature meeting...any music would seem wierd to play in a serious meeting.

1889 days ago


Everyone CALL and let them know how silly they look as a state and how they allow the defamation of women to be proudly displayed on their legislative floor:

Jackson, Katrina Executive Director of the Black Caucus Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (225) 342-7342

1889 days ago


Words cannot describe the amount of humliation I feel. I am from Louisiana but now live in Texas. This is why I left even before Katrina hit. They could have honored some one worthy not a thug whose granny thinks he has talent.

1889 days ago


Wow!! I live in Louisiana..right outside of Baton Rouge, and I must say I am truly embaressed!!! This is why we get a bad reputation!

1889 days ago

Miss Mae    

Are you kidding me!?!?! Ya Lauisiana that is the way to make the rest of the country think we are so smart. He should have been wearing his pants around his knees that would have made it better.Said to say right now but from Lafayette LA. I think we need to rethink our votes next time people!!!

1889 days ago


I'm embarassed to say the least, but these types of idiocies happen across the globe. As for #22, jlove....don't judge LA...I'm secondarily educated, can buy and sell your ass, and can skin a deer and run a trout line!!!

1889 days ago
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