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Hurricane Hits Louisiana Capitol

6/25/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why not let Hurricane Chris rap about Halle Berry inside the Louisiana House of Representatives -- it's not like they have anything more important to be doing there, right?

The rapper, a.k.a. Chris Dooley, Jr., was recently honored by his home state. But instead of giving him a key to the city or some random certificate of congratulations, they gave him the House floor -- and he brought his beats.


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What the hell is this!!! I am embarrassed about this as a black person.

1912 days ago

Claude Parish    

This garbage is why no one takes Louisiana seriously and thinks we're all morons. It isn't because we're in the south. It's because our chosen representatives take any opportunity to nuzzle up to any obscure celeb that shows up.
Shame on you La. legislators for heaping another load of crap on our state's already tarnished reputation.

1912 days ago


I have no idea who the hell this "rapper" is. Why does he deserve such "honor"?

1912 days ago

Cindi Burkey    

Some of you guys need to allot yourselves two hours of every single day in the rest of your lives for re-centering, healing, breathing in, and listening rather than flapping your jaws.

New Orleans is famous for its music, its arts, its livliness and unpredictability. If this city is going to get back its magic, there MUST be music in the halls in addition to the deal-making, blackmailing, secret-trading, survival struggles.

Any kid with a perceptive mind or a tape recorder knows you can learn more about your immediate environment by listening, than by just looking and seeing what your blinders allow. The more types of music you open your mind to, the more different styles of rhythm you let into your heart, the more you'll understand people who seem different from you.

This gives me hope for Louisiana and New really does.

1912 days ago

Sweet Baby James    

Michelle Obama has probably already booked him for a one of her self-aggrandizing "trying to find myself" fund raisers.

1912 days ago


What .. the f*ck. I would rather watch a snail walk across the camera on youtube,..than see him in a suit and tie singing HALLE BERRY talking about women scrubbing the ground and havin their hands on their knees .. in a legistlative office. Utter disappointment.. && im black =/

1912 days ago


"Bring Your Grandchild To Work Day" ranks high among the most interesting 24 hours you can spend in LA. Where's the video from the family that works on the Alligator farm?

1912 days ago


The reason this happen was not Jindal's fault, our governor does not control the Louisiana House, it is control by Democrats and powerful ones from New Orleans. Hence the rest of the state is reflected by someone who did not give any rules to this person. He is famous, so is Brittiney Spears, who is from Louisiana also, but I would no more give her free reign in the capital, as I would this singer. His words and actions do not speak for all Louisiana, both black and white.

1912 days ago

Cindi Burkey    

Just because your culture doesn't celebrate his type
of music, doesn't mean music isn't a great thing in its each and every
form. Regardless of whether it hits your spot, it's language, and
speaks to someone. Our legislative bodies all over this country would
be evolving if they include joyous noise in their chambers.

Come on people. Take your shoes off and walk through the friggin daisies.

after I listened to the video I can say the song is not my cup of tea, but HAVING MUSIC
to give the mind a break from the tedium at hand is, I've personally found, an excellent
way to loosen up thought processes and realign those synaptic circuits which can get burned
out if they grind too hard for too long.

Regardless of whether you like this song, this country needs more music and more
spontanaety. Yeah lets' honor the police and firefighters. Let's honor everyone. Musicians included.
I think this is right where it belongs and I think it's cool.

I just learned Michael Jackson passed away as I was writing this.
Please let's have some respect for performing arts. These people may
look like carnies and circus freaks to you, but they are people. And
they're the ones who put themselves out there and give us something
to dance to.

If that's not worthy of respect, I don't know what is.

1912 days ago


i am from louisiana and that just makes us look like idiots and thats not how all of us are! i am embarassed now! thanks a lot!

1912 days ago

The Real Truth    

So I want to set the record str8..Hurricane Chris DID NOT THINK UP/MAKE UP/NOW WAS this HIS song. This song was an original Song by SuperSTAAR The dude that raps at the end..He made this song up...then The unofficial remix was with Dorrough Music. Then after Signing with Play & Skillz SuperSTAAR Sold the song to Hurricane Chris after he put a verse on another Unofficial Remix. But Halle Berry has been out since 2007 in Texas. But if u dont believe me contact DJ Merk @ or DJ Hella Yella @

1912 days ago


I listen to rap and I even know who he is, BUT THIS is the most craziest thing I have ever seen.Will not let anyone know that I am from Baton Rouge.This is a HOT GHetto Mess!!!!

1912 days ago

Emma G    

I moved to Louisiana in 07' from Australia and this is indicative of the entire state, but especially BR (NO is great but has it faults). The government is pathetic and most of the residents are too, every rumor and stereotype is spot on, this place is filled with redneck idiots. At least this is a nice change from the usual time wasting discussions regarding abortion and intelligent design though..

In conclusion, BR is a hole, people still drive around with Bush/ Cheney stickers on their cars, what do you expect?

1912 days ago


...Wow. Really?! At the Louisiana House of Representatives?!?! Thats stupid as hell, haha. Ill admit, that is a big song here in the south, but still -- Why would u rap at a place of business....a GOVERNMENT BUILDING?!?!

1912 days ago


I'm from Shreveport where he's from and I'm truly embarassed. No wonder I'd rather go back to Texas than stay where I was born. :(

1912 days ago
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