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Jackson Danced and Sang Last Night

6/25/2009 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Michael Jackson showed no unusual signs of distress -- he was rehearsing his upcoming concert at the Staples Center in L.A. But, we're told, like other nights of rehearsal, Jackson was both hours late and lethargic.

michael jackson staples center

We're told rehearsal went late into the evening. Jackson was singing and dancing with the backup dancers and the band. Someone who was there says Jackson was supposed to show at 7 PM but didn't arrive until 10 and he was "listless." But that was normal, according to people at rehearsal.

Right now, some of the cast and crew are at Staples, packing up their stuff.


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RIP, Michael Jackson. You will always be remembered as an icon, an amazing dancer, entertainer. All you haters, you have your opinions, but no need to say things like RIH unless you have lived a pure life and have never done anything hateful.

1924 days ago


You know......none of us know the truth behind the man. Not one child ever came out and said, specifically, that he molested them. It was always the parents. Do I think it could have been true? Yes. But there is a chance that it was not.

MJ's entire life has been played out in front of all of us, from the time he was just five years old. How many of you think you could have handled that and come out ok on the other side? Not one, and if you think you could have, you are kidding yourself. Susan Boyle collapsed after just a couple of weeks of paparazzi.......MJ has been dealing with this crap for 45 years, in addition to putting up with his family woes (we've all been there, too).

Let the man go in peace. He can't hurt anyone, He can't be hurt. It's over. Think of his children and how this nastiness can and almost certainly will affect them. Be humans. Just stop and leave them all alone.

1924 days ago


he was a good person. great voice, great humanity. rip michael from Italy.

1924 days ago



1924 days ago

Nanci Meek    

Michael was supportive of our efforts to pursue our father's case and he will be dearly missed We had many conversations about trusts and wills and what happens when people died.

Rest in peace

1924 days ago


1924 days ago

Mr. Balls    

Now those poor performers our out of work. This recession is putting people out of work everywhere.

1924 days ago


Sad that the 'entertainers' of the world (Sports "Stars" included) have lost touch with the decency of the world and instead have to persist in outlandish egregious behaviour, crop, color and spike their hair, bleach their skin, tatoo their bodies et ceterae ad infinitum ad nauesam in order to proclaim ther dubious greatness and self aggrandized superiority to the rest of humanity.

Even sadder is the response of the ignorant masses who grovel in mindless worship of such behaviour.

Armageddon will be none to soon!

1924 days ago

Emmanuel Emeka    

A tragedy

1924 days ago

Violet V    

We will miss you Michael. Thanks for the music, the performances and the beautiful gift that was you. You will never be forgotten.

1924 days ago


It just goes to show you what a slippery slope we all walk. Last night, at this time, he was rehersing, dancing, singing, going about his normal daily activities and tonight....well, you get the picture. He could have never imagined that before the sun set on the next day, his life on this earth would be over. That within a mere 24hours time, he'd be lying stone cold dead in a mourge. I hope he didnt suffer and I hope he has found his peace. I hope that all who read this think about how easily and quickly the earth can shift...and maybe do today what they have been waiting to do tommorow. Call your mom, tell your brother you love him, give your spouse a hug.

All things considered, he was a human being, and the loss is unmeasurable now. I am mewed up to my heavens this evening praying for the guidance of hs soul to our heavenly father, praying that his family find some peace and solace during this hard time, and thanking the Good Lord for giving me one more day to spend on this planet with my loved ones.

God be with us all now and always.

1924 days ago


I do not really belive Michael Jackson had it in him to hurt anyone..... I think he had a very different outlook on life due to the way he was raised.( no, I do not think that outlook included molesting boy) He carried a huge burden from a very young age and it in part shaped who he was as a man. Michael was never a "normal" kid he was treated as an oddity, shoud it suprise us he grew up to be far from what we consider "normal"?

Three children lost a father today and I hope, although foolishly, that they are able to remember him as just that- their father.

May Michael Jackson find peace and may he dance forever......

1924 days ago



1924 days ago


I grew up watcing Michael Jackson become over the years the man that had endured so much negativity. Tonight I went on "you Tube" and showed my daughter his music and video's. Then we began talking about how he seemingly was talking to us through his music. The MEDIA was a huge negative aspect that he was frustrated by........all the criticism. If he truly was as sensitive as I am hearing on TV tonight then his video SCREAM makes perfect sense or a good portrayal of his frustration. Then after all the allegations and trials from the "child molestations" the unthinkable stress that that gave me makes perfect sense as to why he became more of a "hermit." He started dying inside and that impacted his creativity and ultimately impacted his music. At least he had 3 children that love him and he at least knew that all 3 children loved Michael unconditionaly. For the last few years he spent and lost a tremendous amounts of reported money. BUT, think of all the greedy people that took him to courtonly wanting his money .......if those reporst ring true. He was a sad & lonely man....incredibly gifted and knowledgeable beyond his years. He did find love in his family and most important than all of them his 3 innocent children. My heart really goes out for his kids!I am happy that he is resting in peace and I hope and pray that whom ever gains custody of his children will look out for their safety and futures. God Bless all of his family and true friends. RIP......Michael..............from a lomgtime FAN.

1924 days ago


Michael never lied, he was who he was, he was a child at heart who never had a childhood, so he wanted to offer kids what he never had, but could afford to give with his money and affluence. Anybody can appear to be weird, but he wasn't and people thought he was only because the tabloids called him wacko jacko, always photgraphing him in public with the surgical mask and HYPED up everthing he did.. he wasn't faised by it, but was hurt by the nick name. I know his pain, i've experience this same kind of ridicule, but also learned that the only people who make fun of you, wish they were you, because you have extrodinary talents and money or fame, so it was it is. Micheal was talented, shy, a flamboyant entertainer, but most of all a man with a childs heart an one who so badly just wanted love. When your closes freinds and family (dad) don't give you that love, you find it in the streets and he did, just like myself, so I understand and identified with him. It can be lonely at the top, but even lonelier at the bottom (your own backyard). I called michael on the phone once and I was a young girl, but a clever one. He was playing the Front row theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, the well known theatre in the round with a revolving stage that hosted many big name head liners like Sammy Davis jr. who I also saw in person there and got a close glimps of. I called the theatre in the afternoon the day of the night of the Jacksons concert and I pretended to be an overseas asian operator and I asked for Katherine Jackson, Michael's mom and hands on close companion at the time. She came to the phone, to my astonishment and then put Michael on the phone cause she believed the call was safe and legit. I said Michael and he said yes and I said OMG hi, this is Tena and he said hi and then he said "do we know each other " and I said no, but we will after the concert, then my girlfriend screamed and he hung up. I will never forget it and I know to this day I got further than any teenaged OBSESSED fan could have ever gotten back in the day. I have other close up and personal experiences with him and would love to share them,but today my heart is broken and my mind is in a state of what the heck, are you serious, I don't believe it SHOCK... Janet, if iI saw you now, I would hold you,cause I know you are the one just dying inside with shock, pain, and disbelief. I know you love Michael like crazy and always stood by him no matter what. That's what sisters should do, and taurus girls, loyal to a fault do. I love you girl, I loved Michael and my heart is breaking now also. Be strong and no matter what comes next, you are not alone, Micheal left me to watch your back like you watched his. If anytime you need to talk about him or this, i'm sure your people will seek me out and kind me. God bless you and yours, nothing but love for you, stay strong and fierce. Again I honestly don't know what to say, i'm stunned... Tena Dunne

1924 days ago
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