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Jon Gosselin -- Douchey Clothes Make the Man

6/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Audigier, inventor of every bedazzled d-bag's official uniform, has found a perfect model for his Ed Hardy clothing line -- soon-to-be-divorced Jon Gosselin.

Audigier tells TMZ that he sent a bunch of free stuff for the Gosselin family's eight little rugrats a few months ago, but the only member of the family brave enough to wear it in public is Jon.

The designer's taken notice and predicts we'll be seeing a lot more tigers, skulls and rhinestones in the near future -- Christian says he's sent Jon a box full of the tattoo inspired goods.


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This is what happens when you sell out your principles, faith, identity, vows, & children for money. Pride & greed lead to the degradation of everything else.

1893 days ago


Looks like Jon has turned into a mess without a domineering wife. Has anyone considered that all those years, Kate was dealing with a kid and HAD to call the shots as one would talking to an ll-year-old?

1893 days ago


why is he still wearing the wedding ring? does he think we are all that stupid?

1893 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Death before Dishoner? Really? How can someone that's whoring out his kids and doing a little whoring of his own on the side wear that with a straight face?

1893 days ago

Candie Cane    

He is so not Good looking like he thinks!!!

1893 days ago

Chris is fug    

SMART marketing move on Ed HArdy's part. Jon's pic is splashed accross rag mags, tv, internet. Free publicity baby. Sounds like Christian is a douche too.

1893 days ago


shush already! i think jon is effin hot!! kate is an idiot for mistreating him and taking him for granted. i hope she is slappin herself upside the head!

1893 days ago


I like the shirt - and who cares about the weight issue - when your getting constantly nagged by a freak of a wife - you get a little stressed, and with stress comes eating alot - all us over weight folk know about that non-hidden secret.

1893 days ago


He acts like such a douchebag and man, he has gotten F-A-T. No amount of designer duds is gonna hide that triple chin he's got going on.

1893 days ago


I don't care much about his clothes but isn't it funny that Kate and Jon BOTH are still wearing their wedding rings? When Usher said he was getting divorced he took his ring off. It's just a little odd

1893 days ago


Jon is effing ugly period, with or without the show. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1893 days ago


Hey listenhear, # 21. What do u like about him? The fact he has no balls or maybe it's all 5 chins of him? Or maybe its his beer belly? Oh wait, no it much be the clothes..yes, that's it. Or maybe you just like cheatin men who have 8 kids that doesn't want to take care of then cause he's "only 32 yrs old". "There's so much more out there for me". Your a dumbass listenhear, you must be just as trashy as he is!!

1893 days ago

Chris is fug    

"The show MUST go on", as J & K put it on during their last episode. Of course,, without it, they would actually have to get a real job and stop smooching off their kids,
Kate is keeping the million dollar home, while Jon is shopping Trump Tower in NYC for new digs. So messed up.

I pity those kids. Pull the show or pull the kids away from these dirtbags

1893 days ago


Hey atabaw (overweight folk from wife). Why dont you grow some balls and stick up for yourself then? While your at it you probably need to jump on that treadmill. Whaaaaa, whining like a baby is only gonna make your wife walk over you more, your stupid, no wonder she treats you that way, I would too. GROW UP!

1893 days ago


Is he ever going to get a vastsectomy?
It looks like he is going commando?
You would have never seen him do that before the hair plugs.
Finally the show has real potential now.
A six week hiatus is time enough for Kate to become pregnant with a key grips babies and for Jon to announcing he is coming out.
"Jon and Kate plus Significant Others and Life Partners plus Eight plus Half-siblings and Stepchildren"
I'd tune in to that.

1893 days ago
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