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Jon Gosselin -- Douchey Clothes Make the Man

6/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Audigier, inventor of every bedazzled d-bag's official uniform, has found a perfect model for his Ed Hardy clothing line -- soon-to-be-divorced Jon Gosselin.

Audigier tells TMZ that he sent a bunch of free stuff for the Gosselin family's eight little rugrats a few months ago, but the only member of the family brave enough to wear it in public is Jon.

The designer's taken notice and predicts we'll be seeing a lot more tigers, skulls and rhinestones in the near future -- Christian says he's sent Jon a box full of the tattoo inspired goods.


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does this guy think he's like some young skater kid with no kids of his own??? I guess that's what happens when you wake up one day and realize you are'nt half the man you thought you we're when you decided to get married and have 8 kids. LOSER.

1893 days ago


Who would date a person with 8 kids? Would have to be desprate....Isent he a little old for that style of clothing?

1893 days ago

FL Gem    

I don't watch the show often but when I did see it, I thought John acted like a stupid, lazy slob. I guess I'm a *itch too because I would have talked to John in even stronger terms than Kate did. What she needed was the support of a real man, not having to put up with a bratty child.

1893 days ago


hey jessi..........that's not what you said last nite!!! ;)

1893 days ago


I used to like Jon but I am now firmly on Kate's side of this. That's money he could be spending on marriage counseling if he really gave a rat's ass.

1893 days ago


nice USMC support. dunno whether it really matters coming from this guy....

1893 days ago


Hey listenhear....if you would pay attention dumbass you would know I didn't post "I hate you". Buy hey I have to agree. And I got one word for you.....YUP!! And No I'm sorry But thats not what I said to you last night, thats what I was saying to your mom lastnight!!!

1893 days ago


Whats he trying to be.... a washed out ex-boy band member? Whats with the earrings? Also on the last show... he said he didn't know what the future held but he was excited by it. Excited to abandoned your children?? Excited to get a break from them? What a f***in' loser.

And Kate ain't any better!!!

1893 days ago


Listenhear has a opinion - may not agree with it -BUT Bunny did tell Listenhear I hate you not Jessi- However score for the 8th grade use of the mom last night joke -

1893 days ago


Omg dude give it up,I have to say i was one of the many fooled by the tlc show,after learning that j&k have been living seperate lives for 2yrs that made me upset!The whole time tlc knew & went on with the show,Please if I want to watch kids grow up and play i have 3 of my own,those kids will be so screwed up just like mom & dad!!Jon you look a fool in ed hardy your not a hott 20 something ok,go home to your family ,

1893 days ago


Not thrilled about them getting a divorce, as that just bad.

Wouldn't mind the show being cancelled, for sake of the kids.
Clothing line? is anyone really serious?

1893 days ago


Just like Bret Michaels...

1893 days ago


Actually, it looks like a graveyard vomited on him. Dude, you're having a mid-life crisis at 32.

1893 days ago


No matter how many times I see him, I just can't get over how ugly he is.

1893 days ago

What the Hell?    

Has time to dress in $ clothing and go to $ hotels-why not be like the rest of us-when divorced we go to Wal-mart and live in our little shacks -as far as the girlfriend -who has that kind of time? (unless they are neglecting the kids)! "Nannies excluded."
I would like to see the network pull the plug and end the $ train!
P.S. the kids not the parents should get the royalties from the" kiss and tell books"-or how about something refreshing-the judge says" no " to the books-like they do with criminals!

When it's all said and done their significant others will leave them-after thir money is gone-

1893 days ago
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