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Kate Gosselin Gets Rear-Ended

6/25/2009 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been three days since she filed for divorce from her husband, but Kate Gosselin has already gone two-pieces.


The mother of eight flashed her tanned backside in a blue bikini near her PA home on Thursday.

Thankfully, Kate did keep something covered ... her chunk stripe, bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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Ga in TX    

Kate loves attention and likes to show off her ass. I agree with previous postings--"dress your age" mother of eight!

1946 days ago


She is one huge man (lady)

1946 days ago


Maybe they are both still wearing their wedding rings because they haven't yet told their kids the truth. Kids notice everything, and they would ask 1,000 questions if the rings were off. These two really need to grow up and face the music. They really have made a mess out of their family.
Oh, and she doesn't have a bad body, just bad taste in bathing suits (and men).

1946 days ago


Enough with the hair comments! There are people with a lot worse . . . Amy W. comes to mind.

1946 days ago


She's at home, my goodness. If she wants to parade around in a bikini at HER HOME, LET HER! It's nobody's business but hers.

1946 days ago


I bet MOST of you commenting on her ass have even nastier asses....haters, she has 8 kids give her a break, she could look a lot worse!

1946 days ago


She looks good for a woman that has had so many kids but she is wearing the wrong kind of suit for her body.

1946 days ago


Her bikini is wwwaaaayyyyyyy toooo small for her. She may no be overweight, but HER BODY IS TOOOO THICK FOR A BIKINI! She should also does not know how to choose the right hat for her face and her frame. She does not have feminine features and the hats she's been wearing lately exagerate how hard and harsh her features are. She honestly would look best and more fashionable with a baseball cap and a sportier and more fashion-current one-piece bathing suit!

Just an observation.... she does spend a lot of money on hats, bikinis, and summer dresses! I don't think I've seen her wear any of her summer pieces more than once! Doesn't she know that she can save money by buying quality (classic pieces) than quantity... or by hiring a stylist who can be brave enough to be honest with her!

1946 days ago

who gives a shit    

who cares???????????????????

1946 days ago


Ladies know when it's time to where a wrap in a bikini..

1946 days ago

Anna Parrott    

she needs to cover herself. next pictures will be of her full nude on the front lawn. she is adverstising for the next Husband I guess... however she may want to rethink her bathing suit choice or possiblly get some clear duct tape to hoist her cheeks up...

1946 days ago


You people are so if you look better than her. I bet most of you are like 300 pounds and could only hope to look half as decent as she does. Get a life people..not everyone has perfect bodies.

1946 days ago


Whatever happened to our demure , modest little Christian mommy? It seems every day there are a new set of pap photos of her prancing around in teeny too small bikinis. Don't tell me she isnt fully aware and loving the fact they are taking shots of her. This woman is completely delusional. She actually believes she is some sort of sex symbol. Got news for ya honey, you aint. She thinks all this media attention means she is hot and that America is in love with her. News flash. We all despise you -you obnoxious, self-obsessed,overbearing egotisical nasty assed creepaziod.

1946 days ago

Make them go away!    

Yikes! Might I suggest a sarong.

I read before that her belly button appeared to be trying to get as far away from her vagina as possible (its located just under her breasts).......... Well, it looks like her a$$ is trying to do the same, but in the opposite direction.

1946 days ago


Shame on all of you for your degrading comments!!! These people are going through a very public divorce and certainly don't need these tacky and tasteless comments. So, what should the body of a woman look like who has had EIGHT children If you are a man with tacky opinions, they are not needed, nor warranted! And, furthermore, there is no need to comment on any body parts of either of them. It is obvious that the only way to make yourselves feel better is to try to bring others down with your crass, rude, tacky, tasteless, and immature comments. Grow up!!!

1946 days ago
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