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Kate Gosselin Gets Rear-Ended

6/25/2009 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been three days since she filed for divorce from her husband, but Kate Gosselin has already gone two-pieces.


The mother of eight flashed her tanned backside in a blue bikini near her PA home on Thursday.

Thankfully, Kate did keep something covered ... her chunk stripe, bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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Really people! Why be so ugly to someone you don't even know??? Such ugly and hurtful things you people are saying. You should be ashamed!!!!!

1949 days ago

Ron Jeremy    

I'll tear that ass up....salad toss and all

1949 days ago


Tmz has run many contests here & I can see that most of the people who submitted pictures look no better and many a lot worse than this lady. To those who say I look better and I am older than her ..yeah I'm assuming you didnt shove 6 kids all at once out of you or else you'd have your own show on TLC & you wouldnt have the time to write here. Posters here are delusional..You think because you stand in front of your mirror & you like what you see that you are so hot. Have your picture taken outside with the harsh daylight by one of those TMZ cameramen who will zoom in on your every flaw. You'd be shocked at your own imperfections.

1949 days ago


Looks to me like she wasnt able to get a FREE bum augmentation. HOLY CRAP ZILLA that is the worst azz I have ever seen. POOR Jon. He had to hit that... ICK ICK ICK. Put a FN sarong on that mess for the love of all that is holy. .

1949 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

I'd love to take a bit outta that thing!! I don't care what all the haters on this board say. She has a freakin sexy body...donkey punch.

1949 days ago

shut your foul mouths!!!!    

ummm clearin throat.....last time i checked six kids got nothing to do with having an ass or covering your ass with flattering material...... That bikin is clearly out of her range and she should wear a wrap. Kate is just flaunting it. Kate and Jon both are trying to ignore the fact they have six kids. In some way I feel like they resent having all these kids. Because just look at them...they act as if they were kept from being young. Jon has an earring and kate is flaunting bikinis and mini skirts all over the place. I as a woman already told my fiancee that i will never have more than one child. NEVER. Not because it affects the body, vagina most notably, but having more than one child puts a strain on any marriage that some are lucky to overcome and others aren't. Actually many aren't. My marriage will never be about my kids, as ssonn as one marriage revovle around kids it goes caput!...... Make your husband or wife happy and you will turn around and make yur kids happy. Thats my philosophy so to that was my parents philosophy. They raised 3 kids, all very successful and have been married for 36 years and they still kiss hug and make out infront of us. My mom is a lawyer my dads a principal. Guess what even though my mom was a very busy attorney she always make her kids know how important they were. I feel in america this idea that you have to stay home if you are a mom is crazy! Thats why jon and kate are where they are because both of teir lazy asses stayed home AND HAD NONE OF THEIR FAMILIES INVOLVED!

1949 days ago


Disgusting ! That chunky junky ass should be covered up ASAP. Gross, bitchy, nagging, trailer trash b*tch she is.

1949 days ago


Oh you people are pathetic. You know she looks good for a 34 yr old woman with 8 kids.

1949 days ago


Sorry, I meant.. Ladies know when It's time to wear a wrap while in a bikini. She also could use a shovel to scoop up that ass before it gets concrete

1949 days ago


I think she looks great. For all you nay-sayers out there, why don't you try carrying 6 kids at once and then look somewhat normal for the rest of your life. For a mom of 8, she looks fantastic. I only have one kid and my ass doesn't look that good.

1949 days ago


I'm shocked at all of the mean comments. Try having 8 kids and still having a body like hers. I think too many of you are spoiled by hollywood and now judge every women by her looks. To all of the women out there.. you better hope your husband loves you for who you are, what you are inside verses your ass!

1949 days ago


Jen & the nasty others. Its better to have an ass on the ground than to be one. Learn from Perez HIlton..Run your mouth & say enough nast things & it will come right back to you.

1949 days ago


Man, she's da bomb! I would love to have dat between da sheets, I don't care what any of you greety, selfesh, blog whores think, when you add up da 75K she's banking a week, plus perks, she's look'in finer & finer by da minute!

Now, smoke on dat for a while!!

1949 days ago


She must have something going on with her hair. For the past 4 or 5 days every picture she has been in she has a hat on

1949 days ago

Justin Godfrey    

I seen this on JonGosselin(.)com, she's got a horrible shotgun'd ass.

1949 days ago
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