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Madonna 'Can't Stop Crying' Over Jackson

6/25/2009 11:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna One pop icon remembers another. We've just heard from Madonna on Jackson's death:

"I can't stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever!

My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless."

- Madonna


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Grim Reaper    

I love pickles

1912 days ago


Stupid opportunistic corporate shill Madonna should shut up. Madonna will be forgotten in five years time whereas Michael Jackson will live FOREVER! That dumb b%tch just has to always 'issue a statement in an atept to get attention when somen more famous dies such as Princess Diana.

Madonna the media whore even exploited her death. No more quotes from this child snatching media sacred cow skank please?

1912 days ago


I remember when Michael Jackson refered to Madonna as a "heifer." He was honest about how he felt about her.

1912 days ago

you suck    

Some of you people have "major" issues and need "psychological help. The man died for heaven sake, yes he was a genius and yes he was an ICON. He changed the music industry and the world evolved because of him. Have you read the first court case? It was all about money. It went from being a simple he looked at my privates and escalated a year later to other types of charges. Read the book Jeopardy in the Court Room - the father tarnished the child's memory for what $22,000,000 - not a bad win fall for being friends with a pop star. Michael was too kind and let people take advantage of him...luckily he did learn, but not until later in life. The secondr case, did you watch the biography on television? Probably not!! There was nothing wrong with watching T.V. with kids. Do you think the world would let him have three children if they were at risk? God bless Michael Jackson, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the way the world treated you!!!! People of the world lack empathy, sympathy and are sick. I also come from abuse, you're not the villian, you were the victim!!! But I'm sure you're father also suffered the same pain as a child, and only wanted you to become something that he wasn't. Even so, you endured pain and suffering, but somehow survived it all. God bless your family, your legacy and the beautiful children you've left behind.

1912 days ago


This ole plastic heifer is so full of it. When was the last time she even talked to him?? She even said his kiss was fake with LM Presley. Why did do we have to have 24/7 coverage already with the stupid whore?

1912 days ago


1912 days ago

james hue    

What difference does it make if a famous person pays their respects verses a fan ? What makes a fan more spacial than a famous person ? Madonna who is famous just like Michael are they NOT allowed to have feelings or are fans only entitled to feelings ?

Be careful where you give evil eye too cause those who judge will be judged that is the laws of nature !

I believe Madonna is the first celebrity that has acknowledge his passing and as a mother of three i think she is more than qualified
to speak as parent of children and as performer who has worked with M.Jackson. I applaud Madonna for being there for him as i am
sure the king of pop would of been there for her (God Forbid). Let's stop hatting one another and start practicing unity. There is too much hatred in this world and only narrow minded ignorant fools could speak of another. Rest in peace Michael Jackson and may the media respect his childrens privacy.

1912 days ago


Yea, I'm sure she was so sad, while she got back to her yoga and left the kids the nanny

1912 days ago

stalkers are scum    

Madonna crying over Michael Jackson? Okay, but remember, Mike always called her, "The Cow." And Madonna used to brag that if given the chance she would bring out the gay man in Michael.

1912 days ago


All of the negative feedback she is getting for remembering a fellow pop icon is ridiculous. Did it ever occur to any of you that she really is sad or that you and I are both on TMZ because we will never understand what it's like to be that famous? Have some sympathy people, I'm so tired of ignorant and cynical people I could scream

1912 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Is his family going to sell his nose on eBay ?

1912 days ago


Get over yourself COW!!!

1912 days ago


I hope Michaels children get far away from Hollywood. And someone please step in and take care of those kids and give them a normal life. Michael...Rest In Peace.

1912 days ago

Which pathetic Corey is this one????    

Who cares what this hag thinks????
Try to make a movie or an album that doesn't completely suck, then we might be interested in your idiot feelings or thoughts.

1912 days ago


I would love to see what the people look like that are bashing MJ as a pedophile and Madonna as a washed out pop star. I'm sure all of you have been as driven as these two have.Bash all you want on how messed up MJ was or how Madonna is, but remember this it's the people such as yourselves that cause celebrities to break. Just because they are famous does not mean that they are still people. He was the King of Pop and deserves some respect. I swear...America is going to hell in a hand basket, there is no respect anymore

1912 days ago
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