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Michael Jackson


6/25/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

mj-dies-1We've just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50. 

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells TMZ Jackson died of cardiac arrest.

Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.

A source inside the hospital told us there was "absolute chaos" after Jackson arrived. People who were with the singer were screaming, "You've got to save him! You've got to save him!"

We're told one of the staff members at Jackson's home called 911.

La Toya ran in the hospital sobbing after Jackson was pronounced dead.

Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.

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RIP Michael, Although you were a man of many faces you will truly be missed. My prayers go out to your kids and immediate family. May God Bless them all and give them the strength to make it through

1913 days ago


lol knowing farrah for the sweet person she was im sure she asked god to protect all the children of the world from people who spread hatred so WWJD? to you? think about it, god did not kill michael he has taken him home , people should not use gods name in vain , and everyone has a opinion but that don't mean we want to hear yours , i hear you talking but all i hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH lol

1913 days ago


seriously? who cares about this child molester? you? that's sick? just like he was. so now we are advocating child molestation? that's what you people (fans) are doing. I think that is gross just like he was. I'm glad he's dead. now children all over the world will be safer from such a monster! One less child molester in the world.

1913 days ago


First of all something that needs to be said is that, no matter what
micheal's past may have been, the man just died! i truly believe that
all the negative info about his past and the rumors of molesting
children is over with and should not be discussed anymore or at least
for this moment of tragedy. It's enough. Please have some respect for
the dead.

1913 days ago

murali krishna    

ur my JAAN.

1913 days ago


It is truly shocking to hear that Michael Jackson passed away. I can not believe it...who can believe it honestly? He was the definition of MUSIC...the true definition. As a teenager now, all I can do is continue to listen to his music and respect him as an entertainer. I love: WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARE....HUMAN NATURE....THRILLER...GIVE IN TO ME...LEAVE ME ALONE...STRANGER IN MOSCOW...Those songs are all deep. I could care less about his legal and financial troubles and I hate that some people have the audacity to continue to bring it up. Those same people are the ones who have brought pressure upon him. I totally respect Michael because there is no way I could ever try to even attempt to please and satisfy others. It is never enough! Whether you loved/liked him or know that wherever this man went people would bow down before him (literally) doubt about it. KING OF POP FOREVER! UNDEFEATED! I can not imagine what the Jackson family is going through right now. Life is full of pain and unexpectancy. "Heaven is where I want to be for eternity. True peace and happiness." -Lady Gemini-

1913 days ago


My prayers and thoughts go out to the family and fans of MJ. I like so many here grew up with J5 and Michael. He was an extraordinary human being. Regardless of what others think about his life only GOD will judge him and that judgment will be the only one that counts. The hate in others hearts will be dealt with in their own lives. I suggest you move on and focus on your life because Michael is now gone and no one will ever hurt him again. His children will have a difficult time adjusting to life without their father but, God will work it all out for the betterment of the children. His mother's heart is broken for sure because we all think we should never bury our children. To her I leave my prayer of joy for the time she had with him. Also, his siblings and father will have many memories to sustain them through this hurt and sadness. I say to them that time is the best healer of all hurt. In all things know that God loved him best.

1913 days ago


Tragic,...just tragic
Not to belittle his demons, but this man lead a tortured life that began with an allegedly abusive father who forced his children to work when they should have been allowed to play. If Michael Jackson had no childhood, his adult life played out that fact.

What an unecessary waste of life and talent.

I hope you are at peace now Michael, you will forever be in our hearts

1913 days ago


Michael, a part of my life has died with you, it is not up to me to forgive your sins nor to judge them... you will be missed and revered as you truly deserve, as the King of Pop, whoever gave you this title... well deserved.

RIP my man. Sorry you had to go this way.

1913 days ago

louiza prince    

Great singer and dancer of all generations
Our prayers for you and your family. We love you.You will always be KING OF POP.

1913 days ago


I have grown up to Michael Jackson's songs. I am so sad that he has passed away. A prodigy and genius thats talent led him into a world of lonliness and dispair. It's such a sad story. RIP Michael.

1913 days ago


It all seem so surreal. He will be missed.

1913 days ago


R.I.P Michael

Thank you for the happines you brought to my generation and beyound.
Your name and music will live on for ever. I am finding difficult to believe that you are gone.

I love
The world loves you

At least you are now in a better place where no dad can bully you are tell you that you are urgly. When one is bullied by outsiders you come home to get reassurance from people who love you - your family, but when you are being bullied by your family (your dad ing the case), say you are urgly, then you have nowhere to go.

We love you Michael

Rest In Perfect Peace

1913 days ago


its all good that we remember him for his music but the question will remain What Really Happened? Despite all his personal problem he was still healthy enough to move on. if there was any health problems we would have known. There are homicide cops on this which tells me this is a bigger story than meets the eye, i dont buy this because he is a high profile he has homicide detectives on the scene,homicide cops investigates possible homicides. This doctor that disapeared is a suspect regardless of what the news say. it is just too suspicious he would just disapear like that. he is a doctor which means he knows what to give him and not to give him that is if he dont want to be responsible for killing a patient for overdosing

1913 days ago


Tribute to Michael Jackson, probably the only super star, whose music and songs can be heard on other planets !!!!
Let me tell you guys, anywhere in this world you find people you find the presence of MJ..
His contributions to the economies of the entire world are remarkable.
Michael Jackson, probably the only individual musical talent, who has achieved the highest recognitions of all time.
No doubt MJ will be missed by billions of people, his legend continues forever.
Posted by Harmony from Singapore

1913 days ago
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