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Tito Filled With Regret

6/25/2009 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

tito jacksonWe just spoke with Tito Jackson, who was grief-stricken. Tito said he so regrets not having spoken with Michael Jackson "in a while."


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James T Quinten III    

Why must other comment on such trivial matters, such as what they believe? Just accept what some people are saying since everyone has their own beliefs. No one said these beliefs are right but they are equal to your own in someone elses mind. Quit trying to force others to see your way.

Michael Jackson may your soul find peace and not damnation in the eternal pardise.

1912 days ago

Jesus is the way    

Just wondering :)

1912 days ago


Michelle needs to get over his/her self. It's possible that his kids may now have a normal life without him subjecting them to his bizarre behavior and selfishness.

1912 days ago


Tragic, such a great influence early in his life, the stress may hve caught up with him ....

1912 days ago


Tito get me some tissue.

1912 days ago

Mauritius Fan    

Today has seen the passing away of one, if not THE, greatest entertainer of all time. To my mind, Michael was greater than Elvis and the Beatles. He could sing and dance like no one could. The devils that haunted his life were because of the type of childhood he did not have. May he rest in peace and may his sins be forgiven. May those who were close to him find peace and consolation after his sudden untimely departure. His music and his videos will live for ever.

1912 days ago


Trivial matter to squabble over. But reflective of the dearth of understanding we extend to each other.

Michelle, words are only words. When someone's shortsightedness cannot be helped, it's no use getting worked up over. The pen is only mightier than the sword when the writer knows how to wield it.

People may choose to harp and comment extensively on the scandals and the misgivings of a person's life. But ultimately, it is the legacy, the music, the influence - the impact - that will survive even beyond death. No one will remember cleveland except those whose lives he chooses to impact.


1912 days ago

A Fan Forever    

Michael was my age, I grew up listening to him, enjoyed his music, respected his abilities and am shocked he is gone at such an early age. I have only shed tears for two people that touched me when they died. One was Johnny Carson, the other is Michael Jackson. Yes I was very sad for John Lennon, Elvis, JFK, Diana and a few others...but these two were who I related to and both have today hit me right square in the heart. Michael will be singing and dancing along side Johnny and Ed in heaven. What a sad day for a tremendous iconic legend....what a sad day....

1912 days ago

Just Sayin'    

by continuing your conversation, You are no better than what you are putting back on Cleveland. Get over it and keep you opinion to yourself!

1912 days ago



youre crazy. period.

1912 days ago

The Wolf Lady In CA    

I didn't like Michael Jackson's life style but I do think he was one of the greatest performers we've ever had in the U.S.

My deepest sympathy goes out to his family, especially his parents. I think the loss of a child has to be the worst kind of grief that one can go through.

1912 days ago


The fallacy of humanity is the inability to infer from what's shown to our eyes. That's why it's always best to hold your defence or offense in things not known.

The ignorant ignore the fact that we all are part sheep and part freak, part sane and part insane.

1912 days ago


It's sad is all i can say. Today is my birthday and what new;s we lost a important person. He was just another star(person) for me but to his family I PRAY FOR THEIR HEART GET PEACE, TRULEY

1912 days ago


my prayers go out to Micheal Jacksons' and Farrah Fawcets' families. They both were legends. Their families, friends, and fans have both lost loved ones. It is a sad day. Can't people have respect for anything? Some people are truly pathetic. This is about death and loss. IF Micheal did those things, he will have to answer to God. His family and friends are the ones left behind that will have to bear what all is said. and, sadly, for the person who said Micheal will overshadow Farrah, well, Farrah was sick, and Micheal wasn't. It always happens like that. Both families have lost a loved one. Children have lost their parent, siblings have lost a sibling, parents have lost a child, friends have lost a friend. PERIOD. May God bless both families and the ignorant ones out there.

1912 days ago


I send my deepest simplethy to family, freinds, fans.If u want to keep his memory alive listen to the music he made and the lives he touched u will be missed but not forgotten love u Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.

1912 days ago
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