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Mother of Jackson's Kids


6/25/2009 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe're told Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, is "inconsolable."

For the record, Debbie gave up all parental rights to the two children -- Paris and Michael Jr. Therefore she is not legally in line to take custody.

UPDATE: We just pulled legal documents regarding custody of Debbie and Michael's kids, and you can see here the moment when Debbie gave up her parental rights.

In the docs, when Debbie is informed she'll have no rights, she says, "Not that I don't love them. I do. I think they're adorable. They're his kids. They're his kids. They're not my kids. They're his kids."


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linda badcott    

i have just hurd about michael jackson. am in shock and i cant bleve hes gone. my thoughts are with his family . rest in peace michael . god bless . xx

1911 days ago


Ehmagwash! Sending my love to his family, I feel so bad now about all the rumors that have been spread in the media about his nose and stuff. I wont say anything bad about the dead but I will say I send all comfort to his kids they are the ones who are gonna feel this the most...

1911 days ago


LaToya would be a good choice, I saw her on UK big brother and she is a sweet woman. I don't know why people make fun of her. She really is sweet and normal enough, just shy and a bit of a loner.

1911 days ago

Juana Doe    

I won't speak ill of the dead but I will of the living what an idiot MJ's ex wife is!!! Who's going to have custody if the kids? Poppa Jakcson so he can slap his grandkids around and make a Jackson 2 singing duo and exploit his grandkids like he did his children?! I am sorry but a child always belongs to the mother only when she is not a busive and a bad example for her kids.

1911 days ago


I feel for his kids. Their Mom should raise them. He will also face his final judgement and the question of molestion will be taken up with God and punishment will be levied. My heart goes out to his family also, we all have crazy "uncles" but love them anyway. Losing a family member is never easy.

1911 days ago



1911 days ago


The world has truly lost an ICON. Good or bad you have left your mark Michael, and may you finally rest in peace

1911 days ago


Yes, because he PAID HER.

She's called him a sociopath.

1911 days ago


Michael was a wonderful person and will be remembered for all his beautiful songs thaty he did, May his soul rest in peace.

1911 days ago


You never know when its your turn to die . Death is a terrible thing . RIP Michael Jackson , We will miss you ...
You were a legend in your short time here on God's green earth . We will all meet again one fine day .
You were my age and you had it all . It's ashame to lose a great person . Why does God take good people .
I will tell you why ; Because we need great people up above in Heaven to watch over all of us down below .
We must learn from others how to live longer in our own lifetime . It is amazing that you had 50 + concerts
sold out that you now cannot attend . But you are in our hearts and thoughts forever and ever to the end of time .
I do not think that there will be enough flowers from all the gardens for your grave site . RIP - XOXOXOXOXO

1911 days ago


I am so sorry for his family I cant even begain to know what is children are going through!!!!RIP MJ

1911 days ago


This is really sad loosing four huge Icons on the same month. (David Carridine) so if celebrity deaths happen in three there will be two more. I dont know fo sure if he actually molested the kids that accused him but first of all the parents of those kids should have been put on trial as well if they where dropping them of or basically pimping them pediphile or not I would not be leaving my kids with any celebrity over night hellooo. I think he was just like they said a child in a grown mans body who was never allowed to grow a normal childhood and now hes gone.

1911 days ago

Just Lynn    

It's events like this that really show us where so many other people's hearts are...or are not. There is a huge lack of compassion for our fellow spirits and an indifference for others' grief and losses that is spreading in the hearts of people everywhere . Sometimes I think our country is not much better off than those 3rd world war mongers who train their children to hate, resent and kill others from an early age just for having principals or religious beliefs different from them. To read comments about Michael just minutes and hours after his death, that are so brutally disrespectful, sarcastic and attempts to be funny for the put down, is just a confirmation of how many people disrespect human life, spirit and its value if it doesn't serve them any personal benefit. Michael may have had unusual quirks or made mistakes but the judgement passed on him from people who only know what they read in the media have deeper issues to tackle than he ever did. I wish his family, friends, children, fans and the population of people who actually care about others, strength in overcoming this grieving time. Remember to waste no time and energy time worrying about others mistakes but look closely at correcting your own. It is the key to peace.

1911 days ago


Wow I saw the future again! A couple weeks ago I had a premonition we would not have any more music from Michael and he was done. Despite his personal issues his music is great. I felt bad when I realized that so I went out that day and bought my first ever CD of his music. I'm not a big music buyer but the thought that he was done made me sad and it felt better to have something to remember him by. Then I forgot about that until I see today my worry was accurate and Michael is done for now. I have seen lots of other things from the future that happened. One thing I saw loud and clear a couple years ago that any living human should be preparing for. Something is coming and it will affect our food supply and the ability to survive as urban surburban humans. Hopefully I am just crazy but I personally am getting ready for the sudden crash of our society and possibly a tragic reduction of the human population on Earth. There I said it now I feel a little better I maybe saved a family somewheres.

1911 days ago


may you all find guidence and strength in the all mighty gods arms and may he lead u out of pain, my love and healing for all of ur broken hearts are with you, micheal was a lovly man, warm hearted, loving and caring for all gods creatures and gods children, micheal is in a better place now a place were no1 can judge him for being who he was and still is..... a child at heart tryin to have fun love u micheal xxx rest in peace brother xxx

1911 days ago
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