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Mother of Jackson's Kids


6/25/2009 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe're told Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, is "inconsolable."

For the record, Debbie gave up all parental rights to the two children -- Paris and Michael Jr. Therefore she is not legally in line to take custody.

UPDATE: We just pulled legal documents regarding custody of Debbie and Michael's kids, and you can see here the moment when Debbie gave up her parental rights.

In the docs, when Debbie is informed she'll have no rights, she says, "Not that I don't love them. I do. I think they're adorable. They're his kids. They're his kids. They're not my kids. They're his kids."


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she's probably she will get the kids now

1945 days ago


You are so right, Just Lynn. Some people today can be so disrespectful. Regardless of whether you liked him or not, giving your condolences would not hurt. I loved Michael Jackson as the singer and performer he was. Yes, he was odd and freakish but all in all, he was a great singer. Who are we to judge? Judge not, lest we be judged. We all will be judged in the end, so get yourselves right.

R.I.P. Michael.

1945 days ago

jackie sorensen    

I truly saddened by this news...I really enjoyed Michael Jackson...Who cares if His children are really his or not. He loved them VERY much!!! Thats all that really matters.
I really had hoped someday I could have met him in person...=[
Now I will have to wait till I am up there in the big house if God allows me
RIP Michael...Dear Lord have mercy on his soul. He was too young to die...=[

1945 days ago


Why are people talking so much chite! The guy is dead! His family and children are mourning! Do I believe he did what he was accused of? Hell yeah! But the man was and is a legend and no one can take that away from him. I don't want to remember him as the pedophile, but as the great music man and dancer who I fawned over throughout my teen years.

1945 days ago


I'm shocked, not saddened by his death. I won't judge, but I will forever remember June 25, 2009 as Judgment Day for Michael Jackson. I have no idea what is best for his children, but I do hope God steps in and see's to it that they are given a chance at a normal life and perhaps some therapy to weed out any potential problems, etc.

1945 days ago


Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. I will miss your music. It was beautiful.

Thank you TMZ. I was on this site when it first happened. Then my Twitter account when off and I was in shock the whole time update by update thanks to you.

1945 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Debie Rowe gave her paretnal rights away for a hosre ranch and a ton of money for life.
Imagine those two oldest kids and knowing your mom gave you away for this and has never been in your life.

I SUSPECT those kids are not hers.She carried them from an egg donor and of course,those kids are not from MichaelJackson's sperm. THEY ARE NOT HIS BIOLOGICAL KIDS.They probably aren't his either. Blakny,the4 youngest onbe does not even have a mom.Talk about a custody usit these kids are going to go through.Awwwww, the truth will come out.Kate and Jon's 8 little medias freaks can be friends with MicahelJackson'three little media freaks. These are real life kids, butthey are going to be even more destryoed. SAD!!!!!

1945 days ago


OMG! I swear as if my childhood died with him... as if something took me by the hand and showed me that LIFE is changing!!! Life changes things!!! Michael Jackson was an idol... my music...... no! GOD! I can't imagine... I used to hear my parents talking about Elvis Presley... now my children will know Michael Jackson as I knew Elvis...But I didn't know Elvis as much as I knew Michael (not in person I mean.. hope you're understanding me me here!!!). RIP... I wish people will understand you now since you're gone... but I'm sad for you took my childhood with you... Iyour MOONWALK... your .....I donno!!!...I'm in shock!!!!

1945 days ago


she did give her rights but she is their mother. i know there was an article where micheal was asking janet to take his children...thats all and good but they should be with their mother....

1945 days ago


I'm just going to say this because I have wondered about this off and on for years, I live near BH and one of my Dr's is off of Bedford, so I have seen him with and with out his masks several times. I have also caught glimpses of his children at times and they look nothing like him, not on feature. Has it ever been proved that he is the father?

1945 days ago


ByeBye short eyes.

1945 days ago


There will never be another king of pop like yourself .
You were the best of all time in my time . There is no one to
compare you to . You entered this world as # 1 and you left
this world as # 1 . There will never be another Michael Jackson .
You inspired the world with all of your talent . May you rest in peace
my dear close friend , even though I never meet you . I felt like I
knew you because you were the bomb . With respect and love .
Charlie Jones from Pinellas Park , Florida will always miss you . Will never forget you ...

1945 days ago


I'm reading some of the comments that people have left on this site, and I am totally disgusted! Michael Jackson is a MUSICAL ICON and GENIUS! He had his share of troubles, as have many others, and he was not found guilty of any wrong doing. Regardless, the man has DIED. His children are fatherless, and his parents and family members are in mourning. God forbid, any of your self-righteous, ignorant and need a life people ever have trouble in your lives. And, as for the individuals who seem intent on mentioning him as a Pedophile, remember. PRIESTS IN CATHOLIC CHURCHES, where CHILDREN ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE, have been around a whole lot LONGER THAN MICHAEL JACKSON EVER WAS! Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house!

1945 days ago


I will like for all of you BLOGGERS to respect the dead. If you DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING DECENT TO SAY, please do not say ANYTHING.

NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR, only GOD. Please get off the BLOG

1945 days ago


I just read an article from 2008. Deb Rowe sold her house MJ gave her and lives in the middle of nowhere breeding horses and animals. She has not one pic of the kids anywhere in sight. She saws she did her "breeding duty" and is not interested in the kids at all. She had not seen them in years. Perhaps they should go where they are wanted. Janet or Latoya I hope!

1945 days ago
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