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Nas -- Kelis Should Put a Cork in It

6/25/2009 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nas KelisKelis secretly threw a Hail Mary in her bitter divorce war with Nas, but the judge had no sympathy.

Kelis, who is about to pop with her first kid, has been begging the judge to make Nas pay for pre-natal expenses and baby stuff. So far Nas hasn't paid squat.

A hearing is set for July 21. Kelis is asking for $3,500 for a baby nurse, 20,000 for strollers, cribs and stuff, etc. But here's the snag. Kelis may be in labor during the hearing. And she needs money badly. So her lawyer went to court asking to move the hearing date up.

Sadly for Kelis, the judge was on vacation and the substitute judge wouldn't mess with the court calendar.

So Kelis is poor and pregnant, Nas apparently couldn't care less ... and the wheel of justice grinds slowly.


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Has TMZ ever heard of Infa Red?? That's the guy Kelis had a sex tape with back in 07. Guess who she was married to when she slept with Infa Red. She was married to Nas. Nas should take a DNA test before he gets too involved with this baby. TMZ she stay away from hip-hop. This site should only follow pop stars and washed up celebs.

1944 days ago


typical of this culture to treat their babies mamas like poop....

1941 days ago


TMZ needs to leave this issue until they know the facts. We don't know how much Nas has given her. Just going by Kelis word does not qualify. She already showed off all her jewelry so if she really wanted to could sell some if she is sooo broke. I don't blame him for waiting until a court decision to pay up. He's being quiet so far does not mean he's neglecting his future kid. He already wrote a nice Father's day piece about being there for your kids and shouted out his baby on the way so know he will take care of the baby when born.

1941 days ago


Also, how do people not know who Nas is. He's only one of the most successful rappers ever, in nearly everyone's top 10 lists of greatest rappers ever, has arguably the greatest rap album of all time and 9 platinum albums.

1941 days ago


first of all they were married and thats his child he needs to get his child support in order first of all im sure kelis can fend for her self she,s a big girl but he needs to come out his pocket for that baby regardless of how they feel about each other that aint got nothing to do the child !!!

1940 days ago

Q-U Native    

Women have always been trying to take advantage of Nasir, ruin his name and reputation. What ever happened to independant women? My mother raised two boys and mortgaged a house all by herself. Remind you that she came from another country and learned English in America.
American women are spoiled and lazy.
If 20,000 a month isn't enough for anyone to survive with, you're just greedy. No man should deal with a woman like that!
Run Nas and don't look back, you'll turn to stone.

1930 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Is this the line to lose your child, 18 years of income, and 1/2 my sh1t? Great. Look. The line is movin'.

1945 days ago



1945 days ago


My wedding cost $5000. that included my dress the rentals, appetizers, music, etc. my baby stuff was consignment, Also, much less than $5000. She has NO idea what poor is. Have her move, reslot her budget, get a job- like radio, since she's about to pop, do the circuit, work at McDonalds. I personally worked at a walmart at night stocking shelves while 8 months pregnant. Divorce sucks, but you can still remember you're not going to be pampered by a guy anymore or have the expectation too.

Granted, this "nas" guy (again have no idea who he is and don't care to know) will have to pay up post court date. It's a divorce. However it does not benefit him to gift somebody without a legal requirement to do so. I know if I were in a bitter divorce my spouse could suck an egg as far as I was concerned. Long as the baby is eating (assuming mom knows her way to a soup kitchen) and there are no drastic reasons to believe that the fetus is in emminent danger, Kelis should grow up. quit whining. If I had 1/2 the luck to be able to have spent 1 years salary (which is what I Make in TN) just on my child for a crib, well...I think I'd have sense enough to take whatever other means I had (including street smarts) and find a way to rub nickles together.

After all neither one of them look like they're so poor that if it cost a nickle to use the bathroom, they'd throw up instead...

1945 days ago


john h..grow up you incompetent fu**

1945 days ago


Kelis, it's called a baby shower. If your family is too broke to throw you one and get you things like a stroller or clothes, then I'd say welcome to how millions in this country live. Except you're a special case, because you had a lot of money at one point and blew it all on bling and your fake gangster lifestyle. I hope you had fun while it lasted and I pray for your child.

1945 days ago


who are these people??????????? just more of the same from these monkies.

1945 days ago


At the very least he should care for the expenses of the unborn child. It doesn't matter if he hates his ex, he should be concerned about having a healthly child...So sad!

1945 days ago

To hell with her    

He's a total douchebag for not supporting the mother of his child; he's playing into the old racial stereotype of "black men don't care about kids, they'll walk away from their family if it suits them". And, she's a brainless moron; she's bringing in $21k per month yet can't make it work because she's spending over $15k/month on entertainment, vacation & gifts.

These 2 dumbasses deserve each other. I hope they f*ck each other over for years...

1945 days ago


isn't this going to be her second kid?

1945 days ago
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