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Perez -- So Sorry for Gay Slur

6/25/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonPerez Hilton is apologizing for the gay slur he threw at Will.I.Am on Sunday night in Toronto -- with an asterisk.

GLAAD had asked the battered blogger for an "I'm sorry" a few days back -- but Hilton makes it perfectly clear that GLAAD can pound sand.

Here's the mea culpa for calling Will.I.Am a "fa**ot."

"I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words," adding "the 'F' word will never be uttered from my lips again."

Perez also says, "I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe, despite his own public statements that he was not."


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A very poor attempt at DAMAGE CONTROL.........was he sincere? I highly doubt it.

1949 days ago


Perez is making an a$$ out of himself. Keep it coming, this way too entertaining to end.

1949 days ago


To me, it's not an apology if it is demanded of you.

1949 days ago


Please explain yourself LALA. They are both hurtful words. Both words should be banned from the human language. But african american people call each other and other people that word every day every moment? I am offended by the N word. Very offended! But are these rappers going to publicly apologize to all the people who dont like that word? Its a double standard that we people have come to accept. Im just making that point. Some people are such hypocrites. So, you approve of the use of the N word? Shame on you LALA.

1949 days ago


I wrote this on his blog on will write it here. This is NOT sincere, the boycott of perez hiltion’s website sponsors has been working. People have been removing his ads and are continuing to do so. He’s not an idiot he knows that, that 25,000 he’ll win in his case in no were near the money he gets for EVERY ad on his website, which is more than 45,000. Please everyone continue the boycott of perez Hiltons sponsors. Contact them my email or phone.

1949 days ago


Love to see the sponsors of his site get a major boycott against them.

Supporting this creaton speaks volumes of his advertisers.

1949 days ago


BOYCOTT all the advertisers at his site. It is time to bring his hatred toward straight people down. He is a bigot, calling a "thug" is racist. All he does is criticize and take bribes. He is a horrible specimen. BOYCOTT and get rid this filthy stain once and for all.

1949 days ago


Fear of losing your livelihood will make people do the strangest things...

1949 days ago


He should have shoved the CN Tower up the hypo(crit)'s ass. Base first.

1949 days ago


If Harvie wasn't such a closet case himself he'd be ripping Perez a new one instead of his untraditional...merely reporting.

1949 days ago


I hope his advertisers take his slur seriously.

1949 days ago

Mike B    

He should be punched once a day, everyday for the rest of his life. What a SISSY!

1949 days ago


People need to figure out that if you think a word is offensive, don't use it yourself. Plain and simple. A slur is a slur, it doesn't matter who says it. Like the "Latina" woman on here last week who called Will I AM a "crazy black man" and said "I can say that because I'm Latina. Uh, no you can't. It just makes you mean-spirited and hateful.

1949 days ago


That's no apology. What...just because he's gay he can throw that word at anyone? What a hypocrite.

1949 days ago


This guy is losing it. Get a grip.

1949 days ago
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