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Perez -- So Sorry for Gay Slur

6/25/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonPerez Hilton is apologizing for the gay slur he threw at Will.I.Am on Sunday night in Toronto -- with an asterisk.

GLAAD had asked the battered blogger for an "I'm sorry" a few days back -- but Hilton makes it perfectly clear that GLAAD can pound sand.

Here's the mea culpa for calling Will.I.Am a "fa**ot."

"I am apologizing to the gay community, to anyone who was hurt by my choice of words," adding "the 'F' word will never be uttered from my lips again."

Perez also says, "I have reached out to Isaiah Washington, someone I incorrectly labeled a homophobe, despite his own public statements that he was not."


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Oh PLEASE.. hes not sorry, he only did this because it could cost him his income. He will continue to beat people down verbally and the next time he may not be so lucky as to walk away with a black eye.

1883 days ago


Perez is a disgrace.
There are women and children who get beaten every day & you don't see them PROMOTING themselves all over the place!
He made an ass of himself by the way he talks & acts - he continues to make an ass of himself. He can stuff his fake aopology.
The ONLY thing Polo did wrong was punching him in eye. He should have punched him in the mouth!
Frigging little sissy whining over a tiny little scratch under his eye.
Fat pile of stinky dog crap!

1883 days ago


Oh Perez-your as fake as your one cares what you spew....but for me I'd like to say FU!!! there is a haiku for you tmz

1883 days ago


#93: Isaiah Washington didn't call Patrick Dempsey anything. He was referring to T.R. Knight.

1883 days ago


someone get him a stalker with some ammo STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1883 days ago

Have no shame    

Well I'm glad that he "reached out" to Isiah Washington. Since this whole thing came to light, that was one of the things that bothered me. You can't be hypocritical of people then turn around and do the same yourself. I think the lesson Perez should be learning is to think before you complain about someone elses faults. Governor Mark Sanford is learning this lesson now in his critique of Bill Clinton.
The only thing he needs to do now is apologize to Will. I. Am. He called him violent, a thug, and said that he felt threatened. But when you listen to the tape, the only one raising their voice is Perez (and that idiot taping it). This is defamation of character. And he did it for an effect. But it is backfiring in his face. But I'm sure his lawyer has advised him against apologizing as it would hurt his case and then where would he get this money for the Matthew Shepard Foundation? *wink, wink*
I still will not be going on to his site. It's fine for him to have a little fun on his blog. I still don't see where celebrities mind it because they choose to associate with him. But now he's making himself the topic of descussion and he's looking like a fool.

1883 days ago

who dat    

Contact perezs' sponsors of his site and write angry comments to boycott their products if they don't withdraw their support of perez the hate monger. It is time to finish perez off. It is going to be entertaining to watch perez get taken down.

1883 days ago

Justin is Calling    

His career should be destroyed the way Isaiah Washington's career should be destroyed.

Every gay man should write his advertisers requesting that they pull their sponsorships... unless, of course, the GLBT Mafia is completely hypocritical,

1883 days ago

John D    

Perez is not going to win this lawsuit. He's a proven hypocrite, crybaby, and liar all rolled into one. His first claim was that Will.I.Am and his crew beat him up and attacked him; now it's just one person. He first claimed Will.I.Am went after him and "verbally abused" him; the video shows Will.I.Am completely calm while Perez screams and curses at him.

A lot of things just don't add up. And honestly, the guy that punched Perez should just be let off with a warning and told by the judge "You got lucky this time, but be careful. The next guy may not be a completely douche."

1883 days ago

who dat    

The way to hurt perez (besides a hard punch in the face) STOP visiting his site. He will have a mental breakdown when that happens.

1883 days ago


Well, I'm hoping that the damage that Perez promoted against Carrie Prejean will be the same wrath that he feels.

He is sooooo pathetic and I enjoy watching him try to squirm his way outta this one.

1883 days ago


He's an awful person and like all awful people is only sorry because he's busted and pwned. I hope all his advert$ and invites dry up. Nobody should be co-signing this guy. Decent companies should not be paying him to do what he does to people. It's ridiculous.

1883 days ago



1883 days ago


KARMA is so sweet.

1883 days ago


He makes a living off of insulting people and destroying their careers. What did this jerk truly expect from those that he's been defaming. It certainly wasn't going to be a handshake.

1883 days ago
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