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Debbie Rowe --

She Gets Custody if She Wants

6/26/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe is poised to take full custody of the two children she bore for Michael Jackson.

It has been widely reported Debbie Rowe gave up her parental rights to Paris and Michael Jr. That is not true.

During the custody fight that Rowe had with Jackson in 2005, she attempted to give up her parental rights, saying Michael was the greatest father ever. Retired Judge Stephen Lachs, who presided over the hearing, initially ruled her rights were terminated ... but then Lachs reversed his decision.

Here's what happened. We spoke with Lance Spiegel, the lawyer who repped Jackson at the time. Spiegel says under the law, the Department of Children and Family Services must conduct a parental fitness investigation before parental rights are terminated and that didn't happen with Rowe.

So Rowe has never given up any of her parental rights. As a result, under California law, Rowe is now presumed to be the person who will get custody. The only way Rowe can be denied custody is if a court determines it would be "detrimental to the children."

As for whether Rowe will ask for custody .... our sources say you can bet on it. We're told if Rowe gets custody she will get "a huge amount of child support from Jackson's estate."

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Michael just did what Madonna and Angelina Jolie did , he brought some children from another race, they need to fight tooth and nail if Debbie comes, DNA, DNA, they are not his children, if they are removed they are not entitled to a thing, its like he just adopted them, and like sponsored them, Debbie Rowe, what she has done is ABANDONED her children, therefor she is not entitled to great weight.

1943 days ago


what estate? I thought he was fully bankrupt at the time of death!

1943 days ago


How can she be the most sanest when she was willing to give up full custody of her children for money. She didn't want them she wanted the money so she should get them.

1943 days ago

Rah Rah Fan    

The Kids should not be seperated. and if Debbie haven't seen the children all this time she should not be granted custody now. the poor children. However knowing Michael to be smart i bet he had some type of clauss in his will in the case of his demise concerning the children. Perhaps if he has a clauss that in the event that Debbie gets the kids they will not get any support i bet she will change her tune. She looks like trailer park.

1943 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

Debbie should get the children....all of them, she lives a quiet life. Debbie gave MJ what he wanted kids......they are her children. She has never proven to be a person that would not care for the children. For all the Debbie haters out there if you loved MJ and he cared for Debbie enough to have the kids so be it.......we still do not know what HE wanted.

1943 days ago


If she tries to get the kids you know it will be for the money. She has not seen them in years. I would guess that the courts would think that the children being raised together would be in their best interest. I'm not sure she would burden herself with a child that is not her's.

1943 days ago


They said that when Michael was a little boy, Tatumn O'Neal sexually molested him, mayb thats what bothered him-the only thing I saw bizarre was the Debbie Rowe artificially insemination-she needs to be forced to take a DNA -probably wasnt even her eggs! Debbie by legal definition -ABANDONED those children, that is a factor-nor did she contribute to their support.....

1943 days ago


One has to wonder about a woman who gives up all custody of her children for any amount of money, no matter how large. Yet, one also has to wonder about a man who wouldn't ever wat his children to see their mother. The whole situation was weird. So, I honestly think that the kids would be better off with someone in Jackson's family--like Janet.

1943 days ago

polly purebred    

Michael's claims that his father was abusive tells me those kids should be with their mother. Where was Katherine when Joe was abusing Michael? There and doing nothing, making her just as guilty as Joe. Michael's family (other than Janet) has lived off of his earnings for far too long. Give Rowe the money and trust she'll do right by HER kids. I certainly wouldn't trust Michael's parents to do right by them.

Keep the siblings together, give Rowe "Blanket" as well. Let's hope there's enough money left to take care of all 3 until they're adults.

1943 days ago


I believe the children will be better off now that he is dead!!! AND YES I said DEAD!!! Same on PETER PAN or touching little children. Everyone knows that if someone without money would have done those horrible things to children would have been in prison. He had the money to pay them off and that is what he did. And shame on any parent who let their children stay there without adult supervision. So love me or hate me there it is in a nut shell. PEACE OUT hope God forgives you!!!! But I doubt it cause I sure you (Michael) never asked for any forgivness

1943 days ago


I believe this is his children.I`m polish women, I have 3 children and 1 of them has blue eyes and clond hair,I have green-brown eyes annd brown hair,and husband brown eyes and hair, and in Poland some people has both partns white and his child has lightbrown skin

1943 days ago


Maybe the kids aren't Deb's either!! Maybe she was just the surrogate.

1943 days ago


@polly purebred; 'slave masters' abused children, Michale was a GROWN man when he reared these children, Debbie abused her children psychologically by abandoned them-custody rights do not just spring from biological connections, Missy!

1943 days ago


Biologically she may be 2 of their mothers, but she was never around and she wanted to give them up. She is just as much a stranger to those kids as me. They should all 3 remain together and with the Jackson family. One of Michael's siblings should take them. I really hope he left his wishes in a will.

1943 days ago


What money for child support? He owed more then he could ever pay back. She will not want the kids when she learns there is absolutely no money for child support. The children do not need to be seperated. They just lost the only real parent they knew worst thing to do is seperate them from each other.

1943 days ago
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