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Felt Jackson Dead at Scene

6/26/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Dead at the sceneWhen EMTs arrived at Michael Jackson's home yesterday, the medics wanted to pronounce him dead on the scene -- but Michael's personal doctor refused to let them "call it" -- this according to sources close to the situation.

When EMTs arrived there was evidence someone had been performing CPR on Michael for "quite some time." There was evidence of Lidocaine -- an old-school drug that can be used to treat disturbances in the heart's rhythm. Medics took over performing CPR but determined Jackson was lifeless -- and wanted to call the coroner to pick up the body.

We're told Jackson was flat-lined when EMTs arrived.

But our sources say M.J.'s doc demanded EMTs continue performing CPR anyway, and demanded that they take Michael to the hospital.

Once they arrived at UCLA, we're told Jackson's doc continued to personally administer CPR -- even though it was clear Jackson was already gone.


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What took the Dr so long to call 911???
God Bless you Michael

1912 days ago


what a freaking mess!

1912 days ago

something smells    


1912 days ago

Dana Lowry    

To Neer, you have to be one of the rudes and careless person i've come across in a long time,making jokes about someone death is not funny at all.Hopefully it's your mother they meet on christmas day!!
P.S Learn how to spell her last name it's F-A-W-C-E-T-T not F-AU-C-E-T-T

1912 days ago

Justin Case    

The official cause of death has been announced by the Los Angeles County Coroners Office. He died from eating 12 year old nuts.

1912 days ago


Lidocaine does not make the heart beat faster. It actually it could slow the heart down in certain cases. It is an antiarrhythmic, used to convert the heart out of Ventricular Fibrillation or Tachycardia, and to keep it from going back into a fatal rhythm after a return of spontaneous circulation. If it was used it could have made matters worse depending on the rhythm he was in. That is why a cardiac monitor would be needed.

1912 days ago


Something just doesn't seem right. The 911 caller states that CPR is being administered but, he was still not breathing. Why would a doctor be administering CPR with him on the bed. He would have known a hard surface is needed for chest compressions. Why in the world would he not have moved him to the floor?

My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones & especially his children, during this difficult time.

1912 days ago


Micheal may you rest in peace. The world has lost a great talent. Anyone who was alive when thriller came out that says that they did not have a copy of it are telling a lie.I hope that you have found the love you have been searching for in the afterlife.

1912 days ago

Michelle Jackson    


1912 days ago

Linus Redding    

I wanted to add an addendum and that is that the house right across the street from the House that Michael was renting
stands the very last home that Elvis had in LA . Michael was in need of earning the money from this up coming European
tour. Elvis was only hours from leaving for a tour of the USA. In fact his band was already on the plane, when they were told
that Elvis had died. A one point Michael was Elvis Son in law. Both had a live in doctor at the time of their death.
Both deaths apparently the result of Polypharmacy. Elvis was the King of ROCK N ROLL , the other the King Of POP.
Both were reclusive. Both were known in all parts of the world, Literally. One had Graceland, the other was Neverland.
Both had an audience of all ages. Finally, both will forever be enigmatic icons.

1912 days ago

Michelle Jackson    

Does anyone want to buy some leftover Prescription Drugs left over from Elvis.
You see if these patients would listen to there doctor they would still be alive today.
Elvis didn't listen.
Anna Nicole didn't listen.
And Michael Jackson didn't neither.
He spent $100,000 last year on Presription Medicines last year.
If he would have spent $200,000 he would still be alive.
Oh Well..
I have a 20 Drug Coctail called the ELVIS SPECIAL for only $10,000 but you must act now....

1912 days ago


Oh God!, Why Michael, why? I'm so speechless, i dont have words to explain how im feeling. When i think of Michael i cry, when i hear a song i cry, i just cry. He is the KING OF POP, KING OF MUSIC. He made it alive, from the dancing to the singing. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL,. Just reading that headline "Michael Jackson DEAD" OMG NO!!! It's like a nightmare that i cant come out of. I LUV U MICHAEL JACKSON

1912 days ago


To answer malia question on EMT-A,
In some states there are 3 stages of EMT'S:
EMT-I Intermediate

Theses are not medics but ranks of EMT's and what they can and can not do. Paramedics are ranked higher. I was an EMT -I then went through medic school thus my license says EMT-I Paramedic .

1912 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Sure - the freak OD'd, and Dr. I'll Give You All The Drugs You Want felt just a itty-bit guilty at that point. Sorry bud, too late now - yo ass is gonna be called onto the carpet.

We've heard this tune before (Elvis, etc.).

1912 days ago



The sound a child's rear end makes in MJ's company.

1912 days ago
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