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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

Story developing ...

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What the Hell?    

#16, I agree with you -this is only the beginning!
I believe a lot of stories will come out-also-I would hope Janet is privately mouring and not staying away because of impending controversy!
I still feel sorry for the kids and his mother!
Another celebrity/mega star broke and broken!

1948 days ago


In answer to (Doublej) I have been prescribed morphine for the intense pain I am in as Michael must have also been. For a long time I couldn't understand why my pain would not go away, I had broken several bones and in my book you brake them, they heal and then you should be able to get on with life. But at the time of breaking my bones I went through a massive upheavel in my personnal life and now I believe the stress which it caused helped to increase the pain I was experiencing. I firmly do believe the stress Michael went through initially with the 'Court Case' then with the promise he recently made in London to do a final tour at the 02 arena, brought on massive stress for him. I hated the way he was treated by certain people and don't forget their was no evidence and he did win his case, but sadly it had a marked effect on his health and that coupled with his oncoming tour of 50 appearances which I do again firmly believe was too much for any artist, sadly in my book caused his death. I am now trying to get back control of my life and then in time I do hope to be weaned off the morphine - one doesn't take morphine when prescribed lightly, it's there to cure the pain, whether it be physical, mental or both.

1948 days ago

Laure H    

Who CARES? So jackson is dead. Thats what happens when you take drugs. He was 'nt that good especially his dirty dancing(grabbing his crotch while dancing) That is really disgusting. He was a freak ,look at his face, i mean who the hell gets 50 plastic surgeries on their face? He wasn't that great a singer or a person. Who the hell hangs there baby over a rail and laughs about it? Someone who isn't right in the head. Any regular person who would have done that would have been put in jail, but not the king of pop (something he started calling himself) Maybe his kids can now have a NORMAL life. No tears from me, he is no loss at all.

1948 days ago


God bless you and I know you are in a better place. You had a good kind heart and touched so many with your music and kindness.

1948 days ago


Last night, when Jermaine Jackson came out and spoke for the family, he said that Jackson's personal Family Physician had been at the house with him.

This sadly sounds a whole lot like Anna Nicole Smith. Too many people feeding her too many drugs. When I saw the list of drugs she had in her system I was shocked that any doctor would prescribe that much.

Drugs can be used for good but they can also kill in high doses (well, I don't think anyone has ever died from marijuana).

And if Michael was having to have narcotics shot into him, then his body was probably not in condition to do a tour in the first place.

So sad. Such a troubled soul.

1948 days ago


OMG. Drugs? So sad if true.
All I can say is that I wil NEVER, EVER forgwt the first time Michael Jackson moonwalked across the stage and stood up on his very tip toes and danced like NO ONE else. I STILL get goosebumps when I see video of him doing that -I ALWAYS will.
There has never been anyone like him, and there never will be.
Godspeed Michael, alas your journey of peace truly now begins.

1948 days ago

same same same    

RIP Michael... the drama begins... the Jackson Family will be crawling out of the woodwork to get in the media spotlght with this... Joe Jackson is alive and well! and looking to make a buck! j

1948 days ago

Laure H    

Why doesn't tmz have page after page about Farrah fawcett like with jackson? At least she had class dignity and courage unlike jackson with his dirty dancing (grabbing his crotch) and disgustinly warped face. That man (if you can call him that) was one sick puppy.I guess he is a lot more important then farrah, never mind she went thru cancer couragesly and filmed it for people to see what its like, but i guess some warped face singer is a lot more important. people have no common sense. jackson sucks, has always sucked and good riddance.

1948 days ago


I am stunned and heartbroken at MJ's death. I have loved and followed him for over 30 years and I have followed him faithfully, unwavering with the trends of the sooth-sayers and get rich quick evil people! The only reason why he was driven to seclusion was because of the mean people that wouldn't leave him alone. My daughters have grown up listening to his music and we have always been huge fans. I will miss him greatly and will miss the fact that he will no longer bless us with his greatness. if it is an O.D. by the means of his personal doctor, then he should be held accountable. I will always love Michael and treasure the fact I lived to see his awesomeness.

1948 days ago

*suzie bubblegum*    

Michael Jackson's death is a rely sad moment that people are going through, because he was loved,and he will still be loved.Even though hes gone,he still lives in our harts and he will never be forgotten. Uhmmm......he might of not been perfect,but yet none of us are,his music will continue to live on 4 ever, and i hope hes a peace,and lots of sympathy goes out to his family from me.Rip MJ 1958-2009 [salam-uh-lake-um]

posted June09 11:05 by *Suzie Bubblegum*

1948 days ago


RIP MJ. Michael Jackson was cleared of the pedophile charges. But let that be a lesson for the rich and famous people to not ever let the common people into their lives. MJ's goal was probably to share joy with children with his Neverland. BUT I have learned that bad people who think you have money because you are famous or have a business will stage events so they can sue you and take your money. Michael Jackson was probably a magnet for conniving people such as these. Michael should have just stayed the heck away from the common people and stayed with people he trusted. It is very lonely at the top and eventually when someone is at the VERY top, you can't trust no one. That's the price of being famous. MJ will meet God on Judgment Day and will determine whether he is guilty or not.

1948 days ago


Cub Scouts the world over will sleep sounder/safer tonight......see ya loser.

1948 days ago


# 28. It is shameful to speak ill of the dead. I am sure your life has been one of perfection and purity?
If MJ's death is of NO LOSS to you, why are you on the internet looking at the posts and making negative
and ill willed comments to one who has passed.
No loss to you? H-m-m-m. Obviously not. You had to get that hatred out didn't you?
Shame on you. Maybe someday you will learn something called compassion.
Until that time-remember karma is a b*tch.

1948 days ago


What SICKENS me to the core is how you get these low lifes jumping on the bandwaggon calling Michael the most insulting names - have you tried looking in a mirror and asking yourself are you so perfect? Why don't you cast the first stone comes to mind when you get these people with such venomous accusations which were not proven to be true, but what was proven to be true was the 'Mother' was doing her best to screw Michael for millions because she saw it as an easy route to get money from him. Anyone who knows Michael will tell you how gererous he was, he would give you the world if it made you happy, that's the person he was. And as for accusing him of being a drug user OMG! Do you understand the world of medicine? If you had half a brain then you would understand Michael was taking Morphine as 'Prescribed' note the word 'Prescribed' by his doctor for the pain he was suffering made worse by idots who because they don't have a life and were jealous of Michael decided to make the stress he felt so much worse, I hope God can forgive you all for this!

1948 days ago


Michael Jackson was constantly having plastic surgery on his face in order to try and look like a woman. He was probably in considerable pain because he didn't wait to heal from the previous surgery before he started another one. Those greedy doctors should have told him no.

Michael Jackson was a gay man who wanted to be a woman instead of a man. He was a black man who wanted to be white. I guess he must have lived in a gilded kind of hell.

1948 days ago
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