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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

Story developing ...

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Laure H : Your posts are shameful, and if you do not care-why are you spewing so much hatred?
See my post # 38 and since you do not care-about MJ's death-why are you so determined to keep posting
your blatant negativity. Is it because you have lived your life in purity and perfection and have NEVER
done anything wrong? Quit throwing stones at one that had passed. Did you have MJ's talent ? Did you ever help humanity and give literally millions to charity? MJ's personal life was his own, and his business, and he was never convicted of anything.
You need to rethink your hateful, ignorant rhetoric.

1909 days ago


Hey #38 your right Karma is a bitch and maybe that's why this guy is dead at 50.......

1909 days ago


38. # 28. It is shameful to speak ill of the dead. I am sure your life has been one of perfection and purity?
If MJ's death is of NO LOSS to you, why are you on the internet looking at the posts and making negative
and ill willed comments to one who has passed.
No loss to you? H-m-m-m. Obviously not. You had to get that hatred out didn't you?
Shame on you. Maybe someday you will learn something called compassion.
Until that time-remember karma is a b*tch.

Posted at 11:13AM on Jun 26th 2009 by Gia

Amen, Gia, so much hate in this world, and what do these dbags accomplish???? Ugly, ugly souls.

1909 days ago


Jackson family: I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart is heavy, I cried all of yesterday and today. Michael is more than just a musician, he is an ICON! His music changed my life! "Man in the Mirror" made me who I am today!
Please don't listen to any of the negative things that some of these worthless hurtful people have to say, It crushed Michael, don't let it do the same to you. You know what he was, let him live on inside of you, like he does for all of us. Thank you Michael Jackson for being you, everyday, in every way ... you are SO missed!

1909 days ago


I always stuck by you Michael. Be at peace... And thank you, for being you.

1909 days ago


to: #33 - karma is going to visit you one day... and someone will feel the same about your pathetic waste of a life

1909 days ago



He has died at 50 because it was his time to go. No one is saying he was a perfect person.
Obviously "WHO CARES", DOES care otherwise you wouldn't be so hostile about directing your negative
comments to a human being that has passed.
Shame on you.
YOUR KARMA will come back at you when you least expect it.

1909 days ago


"Who CARES? So jackson is dead. Thats what happens when you take drugs. He was 'nt that good especially his dirty dancing(grabbing his crotch while dancing) That is really disgusting. He was a freak ,look at his face, i mean who the hell gets 50 plastic surgeries on their face? He wasn't that great a singer or a person. Who the hell hangs there baby over a rail and laughs about it? Someone who isn't right in the head. Any regular person who would have done that would have been put in jail, but not the king of pop (something he started calling himself) Maybe his kids can now have a NORMAL life. No tears from me, he is no loss at all."

go suck yuh dutty stinking mother racist biatch

1909 days ago


And the Jackson family got their medical degree from what school? They would say anything to help sell papers and get more money.

1909 days ago


GIA GIA GIA......Why is speaking ill of the dead bad? Ye reap what ye sow, and this guy sowed a lot of garlic. Also, while we're on it, I notice that all of the "Michael" supporters immedietly call non-supports names. My comments were directed at this pathetic excuse of a person, a molester of children, a freak of humanity not at other posters. Why the hatred towards my right of free speech? As for why I'm even here, its a slow day...and watching you unravel is fun!

1909 days ago

same same same    

No one left anyone of us to be judge ... quit bad mouthing him he was an incredible talent.... something did go wrong with him... look to his dad for that is what I believe. It is over now.... his talent is what we celebrate... forgive his weakness. RIP Michael Jackson!

1909 days ago


I am waiting until it is official- Thank You TMZ for staying on top of this story. More citation is needed for me to buy the allegation of Demerol.

1909 days ago

dr fred    

they always blame the drug, not the drug's fault , millions get demerol every day

he may have had a bad reaction , but not DR or drugs fault

1909 days ago

same same same    

whocares... exactly no one cares what you have to say... what an incredibly vile mind you have... sorry for you is what I am there is good in everyone and there also is bad in everyone.... this is life, you may be betterr served to try and find the good in people.

1909 days ago


Why was he getting demerol? I have a friend who has severe nerve damage up and down her leg, where if she stands still for 20 seconds, she will pass out from pain, and she is only on a low dose morphine, slow released over 12 hours(mscontin).
Demerol shots are usually only for cancer patients in extra pain, they can't think straight, and near death???????
Something is wrong here. I see a doctor in big trouble.

1909 days ago
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