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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

Story developing ...

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No Avatar

MJ Fan    

God bless the Dead. Some people rejoice over another succcess and marvel at it and others want to see it end and want to be them. People like WHO CARES who is a waste of a good abortion are the latter. Free speach is one thing but ignorance and defamation are anohter. None of us or any star have never been under the extreme pressure and scrutiny of MJ so it easy to take shots and make low brow remarks. Dont waste your life, live it please.

1942 days ago

Yung J    

dis cant b true damn dat doc should b n jail by now foe tryin to kill the king of pop

1942 days ago

Brillo Pad    

Ferd Berful: You are killing me!! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!!

REST IN PEACE MJ! Have a safe trip to Never, Never Land.

1942 days ago

Non PC at all times    

Apparently many have forgotten that this was a drug addicted, ashamed of his skin color, facial features and nap of his hair, child molester. The fact that he could sing and dance is secondary to that reality regardless of the self serving entertainment industry accolades. So can we please quickly roll out Elton John and let him sob his way through "A Candle in the Wind" and be finished.

1942 days ago

Susie Smith    





1942 days ago

New Englander    

I think by the time the investigation is complete there will be quite a few "doctors" put on trial. Ironically, Farrah fought like hell to stay alive and this death was 100% preventable.

1942 days ago

Brillo Pad    

You are cracking me up!!! LOL! LOL! LOL! ^5

1942 days ago

Brillo Pad    

Totally Amused, I AM TOTALLY amused by you. I've been laughing so hard!! LOL

1942 days ago


Michael was not only a large part of my life but millions around the world. We have truly lost an icon, regardless of the disrespectful comments by ignorant people who in my opinion added to Michael's already complicated life, I am embarrassed for you. Everyone has their vices. I also like so many believe he was wrongly accused of molestation by money hungry vultures searching for their 15 minutes of fame. My heart goes out to Michael's family, friends, and fans. I will miss you greatly MJ.
Farewell Peter Pan.

1942 days ago


hopefully he is gone as muslim,and hopefully he has peace and freedom now.allh rahmet etsin inş.

1942 days ago

Brillo Pad    

Oh grow up JW LOL Have you forgotten that in 1993 he molested a child? Lord knows how many others! And, "haters" LOL@ that saying, did not kill him. He was a freaking druggie!!! HE killed himeself.

1942 days ago

Aman Dhillon    

Rip Michael. I think its funny when most people were avoiding him, especially the artists in the music industry, the media - - commenting on his looks, the depth of his socialzing, etc. And now that you see how important he was, as he influenced many many people, everyone is mourning.

I never followed the media, but the reverend and his publicist was right, a human being can take so much and most of ya'll should stop following the world and follow God.

Dont worry about sometimes nose, worry about your self.

I wish Micheal could have seen how much people loved him while he was alive. May he rest in everlasting Peace,

- 1Aman Dhillon

1942 days ago

ponder this    

This report by a close family member cannot be accurate. Demerol is a very potent pain killer and highly addictive. ONE injection per day would not work to ease chronic, severe pain, of any sort - there would need to be more injections, over time, because the analgesic effects would wear off. This dosage (one injection per day) rules out the use of Demerol for pain. ALSO, a similar issue exists with Demerol used by an addict - there would be more than one injection per day to satisfy the returning craving for the drug. Most people who take Demerol OUTSIDE a hospital, where the dosages are heavily supervised, and regulated, become addicted, even if their reasons for first taking Demerol were for pain relief. Thus, ONE daily injection, because of the effects of the drug, is nonsense. Ask Rush Limbaugh if he could take only one Oxy per day and keep his drug usage at that level. Impossible!

1942 days ago

Brillo Pad    

MERYEM: I agree. I hope he DID go as Muslim. That way we can be certain he is in hell.

1942 days ago

Billy ONeill    

You can't really charge the doctor of these allegations, first he must be found, question him on certain occasion with Mr. Jackson and his habbits, and then obtain the toxigoligist report and the result of the autopsy, how ever, the autopsy will tell little of his cause of death except the heart attack as they reported, the toxigoligist report will give you the reason is to how he really died, if he substain any illegal drugs or overdose by demerol or other medication that the doctor may have contributed, but to prove that the assigned doctor have anything to do with Mr. Jackson death is extremely hard, mine you, that Mr Jackson was known of taking drugs in the past, maybe in years of substances drugs abused may have caught up to him, thats one, two, he's 50 years old, he's not a teenager anymore, his body could only take so much, and to sit there and advocate to accused any doctor's that is in touch with Jackson health is totally irrilevant of his sudden death, to bring anything to a grand jury to determine that "Doctors" or the one in question is responsible of Mr. Jackson death, won't be suffient enough proof to determine if the doctor's or anyone responsible for his death, except himself, so I ask the nation's around the world and his beloved fans and families as well, don't rush to judgement until the investigation is completed by the authorities who's in charged of this investigation and give a moment of privacy to the Jackson's family to mourn there beloved member of the family. Bless you Mr Michael Jackson and rest in peace.

1942 days ago
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