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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

Story developing ...

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Brillo Pad    

SUSIE SMITH?? NEWSFLASH! This is a comment board and I seriously doubt the editors, medical or otherwise, care, nor have time to read this. Who cares anyway?

1908 days ago

Brillo Pad    

And Family, him being a child molester is well true also.

1908 days ago


It's interesting that his doctor fled the scene. He loft his car & ran on foot obviously.

That sounds like the actions of a guilty man. Whether the dosage did him in or not...why is the doctor MIA????

1908 days ago


Demerol is some scary stuff. I was given it for pain after surgery 30 years ago and it screwed me up at the time. I was hallucinating and doing things I had/have no memory of doing.
If Demerol ends up being the cause of death it won't surprise me although how much pain was Michael in that he was taking morphine and or demerol?

1908 days ago


If you are not terminally ill, and you are not the President of US, why would you keep a personal physician around all the time? To feed you drugs maybe? I'm suspecting that is exactly why the police now want to talk to the physician and that is why they have impounded his car. Michael was kept on this narcotic as opposed to being withdrawn from it properly as he should have been. Who is responsible?

1908 days ago


I read in 'People' that the fan who won somehow, a day with Michael as he rehearsed for his tour, said to the effect that she was totally shocked that Michael was "a skeleton" and even said that he looked "so bad that he may even die." That was 4 days ago now. Demoral is one of those drugs that is also given by the patient's weight. I remember my OB and the Labor roon doctor talking about it as they gave me a shot when I was in labor. I was pencil thin pre-pregnancy and their arguemnt had something to do with my pre-pregnancy weight and how much Demerol I should be given. I remember looking it up when I came home from the hospital. So...if Michael Jackson was SO thin that he was "like a skeleton", he wouldn't have required much at all. Perrhaps someone was not measuring his dosage according to his then weight?? Taking it EVERY day probably didn't help, but to be given too much for his size, that could well be what caused Michael's shallow breathing and then his death. He was given, intensionally or not, a Demoral over dose. I read somewhere else this morning that one person that Michael would NEVER want near his kids is "Papa Joe", his father, and now his mother has the children. No doubt now then that Joe will be around the chidren and probably often. Does ANYONE care about Michael's wishes, knowing that in life, Joe was all but dead to Michael?? I think that in the end of it all, we'll find that the person who administered that shot of Demoral will be charged with, in the very least, involuntary manslaughter. Michael's personal physician was supposedly in the house, but where? I believe like so many others do - after the funeral services that lay Michael to his final rest, the circus will begin including fighting over Michzel's money if he did have a wil - protesting it, if no will an even bigger fight. I also believe it'll be quite a while before Michael will TRULY be able to finally rest in peace. Of ALL people in Michael's life, my prayers remain in the most part for his precious children. Not only for the loss of their daddy, but for now having to live with Joe and their grandmother, especcially Joe. I hope that Michael will rest in peace. A so talented in many ways man-child, who only wanted to be loved. As a girl wrote on the 'People' Magazine blog this morning, it is indeed hopeful that Michael rest in peace in Heaven among friends and family lost, as he lived enough hell here on this earth. Michael Jackson brought me and then my children much joy with his music. May people remember him foldly, and not with hate or malace. RIP dear Michael. You're already missed.
(If I have any typos - its because this type is too small for me to see Please excuse it)

1908 days ago


MJ is dead, the least any of us should do is pray for his soul and show the dead some respect. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say it. None of us know the much about MJ. He was liked many of us, he is just another human being and was a very good one in too.

1908 days ago

Non PC at all times    

People mention the incredible stress he lived with. Well I suppose there could be some truth to that. He did lose his home and his personal petting zoo with all of those little creatures he enjoyed snuggling and caressing. Not to mention the animals he kept there.

1908 days ago


RIP MICHAEL your always gonna be missed very much so and you'll never be forgotten... I would like to ask his fans who have purchased tickets for his concert that instead of getting your money back that u find it in your hearts
and donate it to a charity on behalf of michael or maybe even pay one of his debts....We are his fans how bout we give him something back.......My condolences to the Jackson Family....May God give you the strenght to deal with your great loss at this time....

1908 days ago

wacko jacko IV    

It is too bad MJ turned into such a freak show. He belonged in a circus. He turned himself into a monkey - probably trying to immulate "Bubbles"
He was talented when he was younger. But money and fame changed him. And he felt he needed to change himself.
Michael was a respected artist at one time.
Who has these lowlifes around him, when he can buy the best medical care that money can buy? He had a supposed dr. that isn't licensed, hmmmm I wonder why? probably so he could get his narcotics. RIP
it is too bad all I see at the end of his name now is all the inappropiate things he did and was accused of.
Too weird for me

1908 days ago

Brillo Pad    

TOTALLY AMUSED: I am crying here, you are too funny!!!

1908 days ago


It was known that he was addicted to painkillers. Years ago he even admitted it. He even wrote a song about Morphine/Demerol it's on the blood on the dancefloor. It's sad he is gone, but he is in a better place now, I think.

1908 days ago


This is beyond tragic!. During surgery in 1995 I was given morphine and I went into cardiac arrest but luckily I was given the "paddles" so here I am. I wear a medical alert bracelet that I am "allergic" to morphine or like agents..I am so sad for Michael and his family. Something tells me this didn't have to happen to him. I cried all night for Michael. I even woke myself up crying for him.

1908 days ago


Michael, I felt your energy as you transitioned from life to death, in Milwaukee, I was at the park, and I felt a huge spirit, i said to everyone at the park, somebody great has passed, somebody great, that's all i could say, everybody stood around looking at me, I felt your spirit, brother, I said that minutes before you were pronounced 'dead'-your spirit lives on, may you join our ancestors, and give to us the necessary energy to fight against so many wrongs, you said it best 'they don't really care about us'-'they'll beat you and they'll kick you and they'll tell you its fair'-I love you King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1908 days ago


Michael Jackson (to this day brings a smile to my face and warmth to
my heart).I grew up with Michael & the Jackson 5. As a child, I had a
small record player, could never decide whether to play ABC (Jackson
5) or Puppy love (Donnie Osmond) LOL. Wore them both out! I also
remember (my now 35 year old son doing the moonwalk at a school fair
with his RED jacket at 11) 100 on lookers! Great times….happy
memories THANK YOU MICHAEL. Still listen to his music today. My heart
goes out to his family. This is horrific to say the least. I hope and
pray he was not over medicated by another Dr. Out of control. We see
this type of thing constantly. Unfortunately we have Dr.’s that are
legalized drug pushers with no accountability or remorse.
Our Society
forgets we are told, taught to depend on professionals to make the right health
decisions for us. We put our lives in their hands. When in severe
pain EVERYONE will turn to their Dr. with belief of
relief and recovery. (Every other commercial/ad promotes meds) Next thing you know millions are dead from drugs we believe safe. God forbid "Americas" Michael Jackson was the
victim of one more crazy with a medical license. If so, this man
(persons) should be criminally accountable. Our Government should step in on something of such magnitude and make an example out of this killer,
set the stage for future criminal acts such as this. As far as some of the negative comments by small minded MEAN people being made about Michael, opinions are like asses, most have one. Michael was and will always be “KING OF POP” Michael will be remembered for the God given gift he shared... …He will live on….

1908 days ago
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