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Cops Meet with Jackson Family

6/26/2009 10:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned at least five detectives from LAPD robbery/homicide met with members of Michael Jackson's family at Michael's Holmby Hills home.

Sources tell us both the cops and family had requested the meeting. The family wanted to know about "the circumstances surrounding Michael's death." The cops wanted information that could help them determine what killed Michael. We're told Katherine, Joe and several brothers were present.

The meeting is over -- one of the cops just told us he believes "no crime" was committed inside Michael's home.


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I am with YOUR CONSCIENCE. HOW YOU FEELING MR. F*****HEAD PAPA JACKSON??? You drove the poor boy to such low self esteem and joked about his N*** Nose, that he felt he had to chop it off so he did not look like you. What about the rest of his looser brothers??? All if them pretty much bankrupt and living with MOMMY. She is the only saving grace Michael had. They all wanted to cash in on him and did. When he refused to cancel his tour for their stupid 5 come back, I am sure the stress was a killer for him. Having to support all those people BECAUSE THEY FELT ENTITLED. He was his own talent and a beautiful looking man before all the plastic. NOW THEY WANT TO KNOW. THEY WANT TO SUE AND GET MORE MONEY??? Watch the vultures move in now. I sure hope the KIDS are protected in this. KEEP THEM AWAY FROM PAPA JACKSON FOR SURE or they will end up like Michael. A lost and gentle soul whose flame burned out.

1953 days ago


If the story about the drugs is right then there isn't much a Doctor can do without the right meds to counter the pain killers. With out the meds he can being doing cpr all day and chances are very very very small....

This reaks of ANS and Britney

1953 days ago


I bet I know 2 people who are actually relieved right now.....Jon & Kate! MJ's death gets them off the hook for a while.

1953 days ago


... he "broke racial barriers"??? (Quote from Dateline NBC News to Alicia Keys.) WT...? Maybe in the '60s-70s, but then he ran screaming as far and as fast as his moon-walking feet could take him AWAY from his race... Watch "Farrah's Story", unbelievable, if Ryan alone doesn't bring you to tears...

1953 days ago


Cops still have to keep looking into it till they know 100% what happened. Thats there job. Its not uncommon at all for them to meet with family and close friends. Wouldn't be uncommon for them interview everyone who was around him in the last 24 hours.

1953 days ago


47. So you are telling me that the guys who held the insurance policy hired this doctor? Keep on this TMZ you guys have gained my faith.

Posted at 10:15PM on Jun 26th 2009 by hamilTonyan

I do not know the lingo but LA Times reports the "concert promoter" is the one who hired the doctor to go on the tour. It could be that something did come up in the physical of MJ and the ride along doctor was the cost of getting MJ insured for the tour.

1953 days ago


66. I bet I know 2 people who are actually relieved right now.....Jon & Kate! MJ's death gets them off the hook for a while.

Posted at 10:50PM on Jun 26th 2009 by Lisa

LMAO, they will find a way back in, they always do

1953 days ago


Michael Jackson was an amazing musician&man! Sure he had his flaws,but who of us don't?????Anyways,I hope they find that ignorant doctor that did nothing to help! All he could do was run&hide! And hope that the Jackson family can get all the answers they need as to why this tragedy happened! R.I.P. MJ:(You are greatly missed!

1953 days ago


I am not trying to be funny or sarcastic, but if there was a heart problem, and he was aware, after all the cosmetic surguries etc, why did he not opt to get a heart transplant?

1953 days ago


In the end Mr. Jackson may have just committed suicide. Without being emotional, let's look at the facts. He was deeply in debt, he was fifty years old and committed to a concert tour that maybe he wasn't all that ready for and he realized that. Did he have everything in place to undertake such a venture only a few weeks down the road? What about his unsettled court case with the prince in the Middle East? Even Lisa Marie Presley has said that Michael already believed he would face just such an untimely death. There may (or may not) have been a doctor at the scene, but the doctor already had a role... to administer the drug and wait just long enough that recovery would not come: per pre-authorizated instruction/agreement. When every detail is analyzed with a clear mind, suicide looks more and more logical in Mr. Jackson's situation.

1953 days ago


What will happen to his 3 children? They have 2 mom's. This reminds me of a girl I know ( Sandi Geer ). Who would take care of her daughter if something happened to her because she has had at least 3 dads? That poor daughter would be left all alone and Sandi's mom passed away very young. Is this how we live children? (alone)

1953 days ago



1953 days ago


This guy was a total pediphile and child molester. Hated his music, and justice finally caught up with him. Total idiot as far as I am concerned. Anyone who thinks he was great needs to see a doctor..

1952 days ago


Mom said "Never speak ill of the dead" The reasoning was they have met their maker and answered for their wrongs.

If you are in the "hope he burns in hell he is an abuser" camp why don't you stop abusing the rest of us with your disgusting words and thoughts the man is dead, go have yourselves a beer in a pub and spew hate with your friends. There is a family and friends and innocent children all in pain and mourning show some respect for them even if you had none for the man.

1952 days ago


When you take away all the weirdness of Michael Jackson the last few years, when you take away all the molestation accusations, what you have left is a Musical God. A talent that can match no other.

1952 days ago
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