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Cops Meet with Jackson Family

6/26/2009 10:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned at least five detectives from LAPD robbery/homicide met with members of Michael Jackson's family at Michael's Holmby Hills home.

Sources tell us both the cops and family had requested the meeting. The family wanted to know about "the circumstances surrounding Michael's death." The cops wanted information that could help them determine what killed Michael. We're told Katherine, Joe and several brothers were present.

The meeting is over -- one of the cops just told us he believes "no crime" was committed inside Michael's home.


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monte Cortez    

This Has broken the Hearts of many Fans. The only sad part about this ,its to late to give him his honor and respect he was do by all. Michael died trying to prove to everyone he was still king.The media has destroyed his name over the years. And should take responsibility for his broken heart. Micheal die as a victim of judgmental critic

1889 days ago


This is the Super Bowl for TMZ. A week ago I hated this site that I kept looking at but man have they stepped it for MJ. Don't give up, keep digging.

1889 days ago

True Fan    

1889 days ago


Micheal will be greatly missed, I hope he finds something that he couldn't find on earth PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1889 days ago

m dennings    

MJ will live forever and now he truly knows how much the world loves him. At least now he is safe from the vermin and leeches who have taken advantage of him for years. I feel so sorry for his children. They do not know, or, are even prepared for the real world and are now without their Dad.

1889 days ago


According to TMZ Jackson was taking daily injections of demerol (sp?). This is a narcotic. So, what we have is a has-been, drug addict, child molester that wanted to be a white woman. Tell me again why ANYONE is morning this weirdo? If you take this along with OJ Simpson it makes me wonder what black Americans use for moral barometers. Is anyone better than Hitler a hero to them?

1889 days ago

Johnny Bittencourt    

I'm sorry, 'cause I'm learning english.
I'm brasilian and I'm a student:

God has the time for each of us and Mr. Michael Jackson was a human being too!
I am sorry for his death, but God knows all things.
My condolences to his family at heart.

1889 days ago


Very insightful post Peterson32. I totally agree with all you said.

1889 days ago


My wife is a doctor in Las Vegas and has worked with Conrad. He's a very me-me kind of person. She says that he should have had something like Narcan to counteract the drug he gave him. He has many beautiful women all over the world that dont know each other exist.

1889 days ago


"70. I am not trying to be funny or sarcastic, but if there was a heart problem, and he was aware, after all the cosmetic surguries etc, why did he not opt to get a heart transplant? Posted at 10:55PM on Jun 26th 2009 by hamilTonyan"

One would have to qualify to get on the transplant list and if that biographer Halipern(sp) was any where near the mark Jackson might have had a chronic if not debilitating disease damaging his lungs so he would be deemed ineligible. We will have to wait for the full coroner report comes back to get the details of any conditions. Many people have heart issues and live long lives w/o transplants when one would surely improve their health greatly. Of course they are probably not rumored to have drug addictions or in a position to face 50 concerts.

Geraldo Rivera (ducking, I know) did not cite sources but claimed that Jackson as of 2mos ago still had not hired a choreographer or picked out the dancers. I am not sure how long planning takes for a concert made of songs/dancing but it sounds like Michael may have been under a large amount of pressure to come thru and 50 and with health issues.

1889 days ago


I am still so crushed by this...
God Bless Michael Jackson

1889 days ago


I agree with you AJ.

I think he was a tortured soul that was never allowed to have a childhood and he either altered his appearance because his self-esteem was constantly lowered by his father or maybe to "remove" his father from his own face. I do not believe the child molestation accusations and have always believed that he was trying to recreate his childhood. I can tell you one thing for sure, if I found out someone molested my child...I would kill them! F the money...they are dead. Plus heaven forbid I ever let my child spend the night at someone accused of child molestation....THE PARENT should be charged with child endangerment.

He was a musical genius but had a mental status of a little kid. Boatloads of people took advantage of him...and still are!! I even wonder if the "Come back tour" was his idea or if he went along with it to please others. I think he did things to get people to like him...and in turn isolated him even more.

I think the doctor is lawyering up...I sure would in this case!!

RIP Michael Jackson...may your soul finally find peace

1889 days ago


This case makes me think of Britney Spears and what her dad did for her. Thank goodness he worked for the conservatorship on his daughter. It has saved her life. I wish the same could have been done for Michael. So very sad.

1889 days ago

A Fan    

A poor kid that went through hell as a child but went on to become a Star for the world. However, fame and fortune could not buy his/her way out of the mental problems that haunted him. He will struggle again with Freddie Mercury and eventuly with Elton Jon and others with the problem. GOD did not want a return of this guy to influence people again. I will never forget the Billie Jean song! It was great! It was a major dance song in the 80's, 90's.

Too bad his family/friends/etc. did not look to other things than money and rescue this guy.

1889 days ago


I just received a text from Saint Peter. "Michael made it to Heaven. Right now, he's upstairs in bed with the Baby Jesus."

1889 days ago
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