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Cops Meet with Jackson Family

6/26/2009 10:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned at least five detectives from LAPD robbery/homicide met with members of Michael Jackson's family at Michael's Holmby Hills home.

Sources tell us both the cops and family had requested the meeting. The family wanted to know about "the circumstances surrounding Michael's death." The cops wanted information that could help them determine what killed Michael. We're told Katherine, Joe and several brothers were present.

The meeting is over -- one of the cops just told us he believes "no crime" was committed inside Michael's home.


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Ray Herrera    

What's going to happen to the rights he owns of the Beatles?

1943 days ago


Re: Conservatorship. That's what Dr. Drew was saying as well. Why didn't his family intervene with a conservatorship for Michael? My guess is because he was known for being ruthless about not paying people, and his entire family, save Janet, were dependent upon him for their living expenses. Deepak Chopra said when he tried to bring up the subject of Michael's addiction, Michael refused to take his calls anymore. He would have cut off his own family had they tried a conservatorship that would have saved his life, IMO.

1943 days ago


24. I always thought he would die of food poisoning, as he was so fond of 13-year-old weiners.

I hear McDonald's is offering the McMJ. It's a 50-year-old piece of meat wedged between 2 13-year-old buns.

The coronor has now said he choked on a pair of small nuts.

An interview once asked, "Do you like twenty-eight-year-olds?" Michael's response was, "I don't know, I can only handle about five eight-year-olds at a time."

Posted at 9:43PM on Jun 26th 2009 by thinkaboutit

YOU'RE A VERY TROUBLED INDIVIDUAL. MJ WAS NEVER CONVICTED OF ANYTHING. TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR BUDDY...YOU'RE A VERY UGLY INDIVIDUAL. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY OF THE DEPARTED THEN SHUT IT! He was a magnificent entertainer and did a lot of good. Remember the world hunger project? I grew up with him and he brought me much joy. I will always remember him for the good. Please have respect for him and his family. My sincerest condolescences to them and his friends. He will be missed and always fondly remembered by many. RIP Michael.

1943 days ago

To all    

To poster # 91 may you burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1943 days ago


Jon & Kate? Heck...I bet dummy Gov Sanford is HAPPY to not be in the spotlight

1943 days ago


I do have a different twist to his demise.He felt unable to perform the quality of the" Mickael" from the 1980's.Has been trying to rehearse as a man in his '20's,'but at 50 ,he finds the quality of his work now impossible..'in his mind'I can not do what I used to do.I can not let them all down, and fail...But I am not the Mickael they expect...I can't do it...Take a few pills ..a few Dr. for my daily shot...He doesn't know of the pills I took..Get demeral injection...Good Bye...

1943 days ago


Rodney.................Just wondering what Cheney has to do with Micheal Jackson?????? Talk about Douch Bag. Stick to the subject Dummy

God Bless Micheal and his family. What a lose of great Talent

1943 days ago


Kate's is NOT relieved to be out of the spot light, trust me

1943 days ago


Where did the Dr. practice before he joined Michael? I read Houston, and Las Vegas...He wrote in a letter to his patients when leaving them to join Michael 'It's a chance I can't pass up" or something similar... He cared more about celebrity, and money than Michael's well being....Now he can't be found!! I think he did give Michael the fatal shot of Morphine or Demerol...If Michael had taken other drugs in combination with the shot it could have killed him... Dr. Conrad's medical practice is over, and he will be facing jail time if proven he is guilty of malpractice....This thing is going to drag on into the fall months, and possibly beyond...I hope his three children are not placed with Michael's parents...Joe beat Michael repeatedly, and teased him when he was a child...I don't think a leopard changes it's spots...He is still a mean man, and not a good influence on children.....Who's to say he won't beat Michael's children when they misbehave? Rest in peace Michael...You were loved...You are now singing and dancing with the angels...

1943 days ago


LOL @ whatwouldudo that's true!
Kate is more than likely really ticked and she is probably trying to come up with something to top MJ!

1943 days ago

m dennings    

For those who believe MJ molested a couple of kids. I find it interesting that you believe MJ 'bought them off'. Funny, you can't be 'bought' unless YOU accept the pay-off. Says a lot about the parents(?) of the so-called victims.

If my kids were ever harmed by another, I sure as hell wouldn't be selling them out for FIAT money nor victimizing them further! I hope the media really gives it to Daddy Jackson. He's a monster and is the sole reason for this tragedy. Maybe some of you abusers will think about your actions and get help before the same is visited upon you.

1943 days ago


Hey thinkaboutit @ 9:43 You said some really disrespectful, disgusting things. Shame on you! I hope someone doesn't say that when a member of your family or even you take your last breath. YOur mother must be ashamed of you.

1943 days ago


I agree with you whatwouldyoudo. It has always been my view that because of his peter pan complex he developed due to his abuse by the hands of his father that he did weird things. I do not believe he is guilty of touching those kids either because I too would kill anyone who does that to my child not accept a cheque. I think his biggest mistake was to pay the first accuser. As for the second one..I do not know why the judge did not charge those parents with child endangerment. Leaving a child with an accused pedophile. Jackson seemed to be so alone in his life, thank god for his children. His death like his life continues to be a tragedy. I hope he finally finds peace.

1943 days ago

remember REALITY    

All these so called friends and loving family, where were they when he needed them?

and Michael himself, millions have a difficult childhood but dont revert back to it and dont hang around with and become aroused by young children

life is hard, suck it up or suck off

1943 days ago


TMZ ... how interesting that you are now showing so much concern for the loss of Michael Jackson. I would love to know how much impact your constant stream of insults and all the ridicule that you heaped on this incredibly talented, incredibly sensitive man might have added to the stress load that undoubtedly played at least some part in his death. You should not only be ashamed to the core for your actions but you should also take this as an opportunity to lighten up on all of the character slashing you lay out on a daily basis. No one deserves the kind of treatment or humiliation that is all you have to offer up in the name of "entertainment". You are hurting people.

1943 days ago
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