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Jackson Allegedly Racked Up Huge Rx Bills

6/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson RX billsOn the subject of Michael Jackson taking too many prescription drugs...

We went back to our files and found a 2007 lawsuit against Jackson for allegedly not paying a pharmacy bill -- grand total: $101,926.66.

Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills sued Jackson, claiming he agreed to "pay the purchase price of any prescription medications filled."

The case was dismissed a month after it was filed -- that typically means there was a settlement.


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Tracy. How old are you.

This was a 50 year old adult. I can't imagine my family trying to tell what to do as an adult. And, when any of my siblings screw up - nobody better blame me. They are adults.

1914 days ago


Dr. Robert Conrad speaks out about the controversy surrounding his involvement with Michael Jackson death. This is a riveting video that will be sure to make you wonder, what or who really killed Michael Jackson.

1914 days ago


Although I at first, blamed his family, in the end, there is nothing a family can truly do if the addict doesn't want help.

1914 days ago


how long did it take to rack up that bill, is what i'd like to know.....

hot damn harvey must be loving this... by now, the whole first 2 pages must be stories of nothing but michael...

1914 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Mario should be in prison for his childish sexual doodles on the pictures of 15 year old girls.
I don't listen to the B.E.P. and I don't really know anything about but I do know who that gorgeous Fergie is. I now have tons of respect for them all including the road manager. Do you really think if the Toronto police were looking for Peerez he would have turned himself in, Please he would have slinked out of town sliding on his river of tears. Like some one else said. He did not forgive Miss California-Carrie Prejean or Isaiah Washington. He was relentless in his attempt to ruin them both.
Mario's apology was obviously written by a legal team and was as fake as he is.

1914 days ago


Hmmm.... Well shame on them all as well.The sad thing is the man has died now all of a sudden there going to make him look worse than they did when he was alive. Alos there are the people out there that will make him the greatest thing since ice cream.. He was a human person no matter what color race or creed. What he did he did so be it let him rest in peace and let the family grieve. Everyone wanted to be rich once in there lifes but stardom comes with its baggage.. and this is a perfect example.. Sure we all want to know what happened. and there will be tons of what happened posted. But to be posted out at the coroners office and at airports for poor janet.. How would any of you feel if you were being watched every step you take???? Please just let the family deal with there loss and give your condolences not haunt them and least of all don't knock Michael down.. Just think how you would feel if this was happening to you or a family member.. Its not nice at all.. Looks like just a bunch of nosey people looking for news and also thats what society is anymore airing everyones dirty laundry.. Poor Farrah passed yesterday also and a few bits and pieces were shared.Thank god when all of us reading this pass we won't go threw this... Peace be to all.. :)

1914 days ago


Mickey Fine, are you sure TMZ?

1914 days ago


an icon ,my idol, a father,a son, Michael was god in this earth people looked up too him not only for his music but he changed many things in our generation , words cant express what we truly feel but if god could just listen to our prayers and turn back time,
this man was martin Luther king in music industry.

we luv u Michael
4 ever

1914 days ago

Prechus Flores    

i think its sad and horrible you have people here on the internet bath mouthing a man that if he could he would give his life to help those in need or less fortunette. Michael didint havet anyone to help him did he? We all know the Evan Chandler story, he accused Michael of abusing his kid but we forget to say how much child support he owed , almost $80,000. but ofcourse we leave things like that out dont we? The alligations of Michael being a child molester i feel were fake and not true. It comes with the territory of Michael being who he was. The man was a legend and will be greatly missed. let the man RIP , and let his legacy live on!!!

1914 days ago


#23 You better be careful. What goes around comes around and payback is a bitch. Shame on you for throwing stones at a dead man.

1914 days ago


If Micheal took drugs or was addicted to pain killers... it doesn't matter how he got them......He would have gotten them no matter what it took...It's really a sad thing...We should be outraged that he abused drugs.......

1914 days ago

Madruga News    

essa farmacia e uma porcaria foi os remedios de la que matou o astro pop fechar essa porcaria

1914 days ago

Arizona Person    

The only people defending MJ are either child molesters or those who don't care that he was molesting childern.

While he was a great musician and peformer, he was a horrible human being and is lucky someone didn't take him out before this.

Ironic his DR did it.

All you morons who think he wasn't a drug addict or child molester probably still believe in santa clause to.

The whole thing is just sad. They guy had the world in his hands and totally threw it away.

Elvis was a drug addict and it did him in just like MJ drug addiction killed him as well.

For all you mindless MJ fans, let that be a lesson to you. Drugs kill no matter how famous our unfamous you are.

1914 days ago


Isn't it funny how Music brings you back to reminisce about certain times in your life... Michael Jackson's music did that for me... Thank you MJ RIP

1914 days ago


Michael Jackosn said he had Lupus, he would have needed a lot of medication, before it eventually kills you.

1914 days ago
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