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Jackson Allegedly Racked Up Huge Rx Bills

6/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson RX billsOn the subject of Michael Jackson taking too many prescription drugs...

We went back to our files and found a 2007 lawsuit against Jackson for allegedly not paying a pharmacy bill -- grand total: $101,926.66.

Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills sued Jackson, claiming he agreed to "pay the purchase price of any prescription medications filled."

The case was dismissed a month after it was filed -- that typically means there was a settlement.


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Cracks me up when people claim Michael was a child molester..fact is
he was never, EVER charged or convicted of any such CRIME! people
say" well if someone isnt guilty they dont pay people off" thats the
most pathetic claim ever..
how about this...if you were the parent of a so called "victim" of
child abuse..would you settle? If a parent that was truly
out to get the man who hurt their child and took a paycheck in
Micheal was guilty of one thing..loving people too much..trusting
people too much..!

Micheal is in heaven with his maker ..Bless his soul forever..He was all that is good and pure in this world..RIP Michael, we love you and we all know the TRUTH

all these people that made false claims and sold out their kids like
PIMPS are going to HELL!
britt_oryan tweet baby

1945 days ago


Everyone knows this-it's general knowledge. Michael Jackson signed his own death certificate years ago by making poor choices in his personal life and drugs were one of those poor choices.

Tuesday afternoon I was walking to my psychiatrist appointment (he works out of his house on Coldwater Canyon) and saw a Mickey Fine pharmacy vehicle-a late model compact car-pull into a gated driveway. My first thought was they were making a delivery to Michael Jackson (it wasn't the house he's renting but I didn't know that at the time-but I did know the words Michael Jackson and Mickey Fine were synonomous.

Rodney (Rodney-CuttingConfessions-Billboard Hot 100 Expert on MySpace)

1945 days ago



I am 35 years old. And yes, no matter what the can still help people who are drug addicts. My FATHER began using drugs when I was 23 years old, he was OVER 50 years old. It took his 3 children (me and my 2 sisters) to get him the help he needed,, because he DID NOT think he had a problem. Many drug addicts will NOT help themselves, it takes family members to do it for them. It's a long, difficult battle but it can be done....even with a 50 year old. It's a really LAZY way to not want to take any blame or action for trying to help a loved one battle something so terrible.

Would you sit on the sidelines and watch your child, you sibling, your brother kill himself? Or would you do everything possible to help with their addictions? Or would you just sit on the sidelines and make sure you drug addict son sent the checks to pay your mortgage every month? Janet has money, or was she to busy with her own life to give a rat's a** that her brother was one injection away from killing himself. Who is gonna pay his parents mortgage now? Or buy their bentley's for them?

If your child, even at 50 years old, was addicted to demerol and feared that he would OD as reported, what would you do? Just shrug your shoulders, as you insinuate, and say "they are 50, they are on their own" ?? Continue to take his money without trying to get him the help he needed? It's called enabling, and it makes the person sitting by watching just as guilty as the person harming themselves.

1945 days ago



an icon ,my idol, a father,a son, Michael was god in this earth people looked up too him not only for his music but he changed many things in our generation , words cant express what we truly feel but if god could just listen to our prayers and turn back time,
this man was martin Luther king in music industry.

we luv u Michael
4 ever

Posted at 5:29PM on Jun 26th 2009 by MARCIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

MJ WAS NOT GOD! GEESH! What is wrong with you??????????????

1945 days ago


What were the meds?

1945 days ago

Tow Mater    

When is a good time to start tell the jokes in my out loud?

1945 days ago

Juan Carlos (México)    

Es muy importante que las autoridades localicen al Doctor que estuvo presente durante el infarto, y quien seguramente en su miedo e impotencia de no poder hacer nada más, solicito a la pobre persona que marcó el 911 se comunicará a emergencias. Esto no necesariamente es para acusarlo de haber cometido algún delito, pero si es muy importante que relate los hechos del día de la muerte de MJ, así como los días previos. NUESTRAS ORACIONES PARA LA FAMILIA DE MJ. ¡Viva El Rey!.

1945 days ago


Its the pharmacys fault for letting his bill get that high,just because of who is was isnt fair,I bet he didn,t even need a prescription that probably filled any thing he requested,i know a few pharmacys in my area that did that if you gave them money or a few pills ,so the phamacy will have to just eat this one;

1945 days ago


now he is dead can we please give him the respect and leave his soul alone. remember its bad karma to disrespect the dead. he sure is close to a lot of spirits and he can still run things and give you a bad karma. we have killed him with word of mouth in life and we want to kill his soul again. comon people..................

1945 days ago


amazing how people jump the gun & want to lynch Dr. Conrad Murray...

we don;t know what happend... we don;;t know if MJ was already high on other Rx, or illegal drugs...

we don;t know if Rx/drugs were involved @ all...!

Let the LaPd/DiStRict AtToRneY's OfFice sort it out...

each & everyone of us is presumed innocent until found otherwise by a court of the LAW... not by some media...!!!

1945 days ago

Rondell Jenkins    

TMZ I just wanted to give you a shout out for being out there on the streets for us, keeping us up to date with our boy and his family. I no they could all use some privacy and everything but I feel y'all respectful. Tell that blonde brother Rondell says Whats UP!

1945 days ago


It is sad that you have to go "back" over files to stir up more garbage, only one day after his death.

100 grand you say? So what, it was his life..

Let the man have some peace in death. He didn't get it while alive, OBVIOUSLY

Sad to see that more people speak out against him after he is dead, because he isn't here to defend himself.


1945 days ago


"If Micheal took drugs or was addicted to pain killers... it doesn't matter how he got them......He would have gotten them no matter what it took...It's really a sad thing...We should be outraged that he abused drugs......."

drug abuse/drug addiction is a serious illness...!!! don;t judge when you don;t know what's behind all this...!

1945 days ago


Sounds like Michael was an ADDICT...

1945 days ago


Well Nancy Grace this should be right up your alley. Let's see you tear this apart and run the Jackson family down some more. I have never seen anyone more disrespectuful during a time of tragedy than her.

1945 days ago
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