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Jackson Allegedly Racked Up Huge Rx Bills

6/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson RX billsOn the subject of Michael Jackson taking too many prescription drugs...

We went back to our files and found a 2007 lawsuit against Jackson for allegedly not paying a pharmacy bill -- grand total: $101,926.66.

Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills sued Jackson, claiming he agreed to "pay the purchase price of any prescription medications filled."

The case was dismissed a month after it was filed -- that typically means there was a settlement.


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Justice for Michael    

Why was this doctor NOT licensed in California giving demoral shots to Michael?? Im hoping this doctor is charged with murder, because that's what it is.

1882 days ago


Oh please people!!! The man was a freak of his own doing, For Christ sakes; his damn nose kept falling off. He was a drug addict that weighted 110 lbs and a freak that could sing and dance his little skinny ass around a stage. He was ok to listen to him as long as you didn’t have to look at him cause he was a freak, looked like a damn alien. Maybe he was an alien that was kicked off his planet for being a freak!!!!!!!.

1882 days ago


Those who prescribed these outrageous amounts of narcotics should be held accountable for the deaths of celebrities and others. Don't pharmacies have an obligation to ensure that an individual are not being over prescribed pain killers and other narcotics? What is the time frame for this pharmacy bill?

1882 days ago


Folks please stop sticking up for him.. He was a like Paula from Idol he got messed up on them. Dont blame the doctor for his request.

1882 days ago



1882 days ago


I just wonder how many people leaving these nasty comments knew this man personally. I wonder how many of those people have perfect lives, perfect families etc. I know of but one perfect ONE, and I dont think he is taking the time to log on to TMZ. I feel sorry for those of you that dont have enough respect to keep your negative comments to yourself. He is someones Son, someones Father, someones Brother and no matter what you may "think" you know about Michael Jackson, I really dont think you have a clue yourself about what is to be a loving human being. Would you want someone talking about your son/father/brother like this. Take a good long hard look in the mirror and when you can honestly say you are perfect keep your opinions to yourself

I feel that this is exactly what is wrong with the world today, too many haters and not enough love. I pray that you negative posters get the help you need.

1882 days ago

Just Facts    

You know...I don't blame his father for beating him as a child, as I presume ,he did that to the other children as well.

But, I do blame his father, mother, and sibilings as they were "all aware" of Michaels pain and did nothing real to aid him.

Michael Jackson is my age....a lot of you out there are much younger and have no idea about the world in the 60's, nor the inkling to learn.

Those of you that walk around and think that everything is just the way you view it today, are real asses.

I know how tired Michael is because I lived it too, and I'm tired.

WE ARE NOT BABY BOOMERS OR THE "ME GENERATION", we are the generation that was recently voted into the White House, and the generation that is carrying this nation on their backs.


We don't watch realty programs, we are reality!

1882 days ago

Kat J    

I am truly saddened how all can sit in judgement when they were not there. Who are you to judge? Were you crucified on a cross? I dont think so. Remember he has children who will see this one day and have to sift through it all. I grew up with Michael and there is no one that can compare. I would love to know how you all haters would handle a childhood like that, I guess you would have been dead a long time ago. Please if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut. May God bless his chldren, family, friends, and fans. I am getting my memorabilia from amazon, at least I know it is authentic In MJ's own words, "The truth will prevail"

1882 days ago


who the hell cares if he had a bill 200 grand or 500 grand. everyone is missing the fact he is first and foremost a human being and deserves to be at peace. His familyy is going through alot at this time. Everyone has a past. Noone lives in a glass house. rip mj

1882 days ago


Wow I´m shocked "Michael you always live in my heart"

1882 days ago


Wow I´m shocked "Michael you always live in my heart" I don´t bealive yet

1882 days ago


Michael Jackson was a tragic figure, looking for Love ( and acceptance ) in all the Wrong places, especially in the Entertainment Field; An Industry that preys on the dysfunction of the stars that it chews up and spits out, as well as their fans.
The quick fix of 'Fame & Fortune' are never enough to fill the void in a child's heart, when that child gets anything less than unconditional love, acceptance and encouragement very early on, ( or later on through trial and introspection ) and learns to have self respect. Drugs can never numb the pain for long enough.
RIP Dear Michael. You no longer have to go to such lengths to be anything BUT who you were at birth,
an amazing, good looking, bright, sensitive talented black child of God.
It appears to me that Michael, more than anything, died of a ' broken heart.'
There is an old Christian saying, that applies to all people of all faiths:
" Seek ye first the Kingdom Of God, and everything else will be added unto You"
We can all take a lesson from this tragic death and our loss of this entertainer.

1882 days ago


Some of you fans get really pissed to hear the truth.. Gosh get a life and stop stalking stars. thats just so sad..

1882 days ago


Why did Michael pay them off? Because his lawyers couldn't confirm he would be found not guilty. If he had been innocent of the charges, he would've fought to the death to prove it and save his good name. PLEASE, GET A CLUE. WHY WOULD ANY MAN WANT TO SLEEP WITH CHILDREN?

1882 days ago


It is so sad and so typical of artist. Elvis's doctor was prescribing him all kind of pills, Ana Nicole was taking an assortment of pills. Heath Ledger. What is it with these people?? Do we blame the dotors that prescribe these pills or the people taking them? Also, why in the hell weren't his family helping him? MJ needed intervention, help. There was writing on the wall and his family ignored it.

1882 days ago
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