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Jackson Allegedly Racked Up Huge Rx Bills

6/26/2009 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson RX billsOn the subject of Michael Jackson taking too many prescription drugs...

We went back to our files and found a 2007 lawsuit against Jackson for allegedly not paying a pharmacy bill -- grand total: $101,926.66.

Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills sued Jackson, claiming he agreed to "pay the purchase price of any prescription medications filled."

The case was dismissed a month after it was filed -- that typically means there was a settlement.


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Such a shame that someone needs to consume 100k in drugs just to face the mirror..

1944 days ago

Connie Hollywood    

ohh my gooddd

1944 days ago


IT is time for our society to wake up and realize we have an epidemic of drug use in our country--and it is not just illegal drug use, but prescription drug use prescrbed by our physicians!! I know most physicians do not overprescribe abusive medications and most physicians take care of their patients responsibly, but believe me there are physicians out there that will give you whatever you want. It is not just celebrities who are victims of these physicians, but unsuspecting common folk who trust their doctors and when they realize they have a problem with addiction, it is too late. I am angry that nothing is being done to monitor this!!! My sister was addicted to medication for over 20 years- everyone in the family was in denial- turned their heads anytime she was under the influence which was all the time. It took ME taking the reigns, having her arrested and her physician questioned by the DEA. We need to learn something from Michael's death and all step up to the plate. We have a responsbility to help each other.

1944 days ago

The (PFKaP)    

Kat J, you forgot to say "God bless Michael Jackson's little boy victims". Don't you have compassion for Michael's little boy victims? The ones he molested?

1944 days ago


oh, for god's sake, ppl!!!! The has passed away! Leave him alone! You want another controversy? That he didn't pay for his medicines?

The whole world is in pain now, so please...

1944 days ago


how can u talk about mj like that its so many people downing him when u MAYB HAVE A FEW SKELETONS IN UR CLOSET weather its rx ,street drugs or liquor you shouldnt b so judgemental growing up in the spotlight and the media knowing your every move is probably depressing we all do things we're not proud of but lets get back to the real reason im here


1944 days ago

disgusted by disrespect    

I can not believe everyone! Let him and his family be already! As for the gossip on drugs, children, unpaid rx bills and everything it our business? Will it change our life? I wouldn't want everyone knowing my business. Stories made up or not, gossip and rumors sell for big money! think about it people! He probably wasn't much different than most of us, he just had to play up to the image and the media does edit alot. I don't know MJ or Farrah personally but I do know that they did something right to get where they were before the tragic day came. Shame on everyone for disrespect; unless you had actually lived under the same roof, don't judge and be hateful people. May he rest in peace and now he wont have to feel like a prisoner in his own home because of the media and etc. Life is short and we never know when our ticket is coming, so lets not waste time talking gossip about people we don't know. God bless everyone!

1944 days ago


Are we suppose to forgive and forget that this piece of sh*t is a little kid diddler? Will you all feel the same about Charles Manson when he dies? If he was anybody else you would be thankful that he was dead. I guess money solves all problems huh.

1944 days ago


#66, Just facts...

I agree with you totally...except I DO blame his father, AND his mother.

He talked many times of the abuse as a child, and that he was the one abused, not his siblings. His parents (father in particular) seen the real talent in Michael, he was the cash cow. His father was much harder on HIM than his siblings, because HE was the one with the talent. That's why HE was the lead singer in the Jackson 5, not his older brothers. I also blame his mother for allowing the abuse to happen as a child.

More so, I blame his father if he was (IF) a drug addict. His FATHER should have been there and should have gotten him help....

I don't care what ANYONE says, his PARENTS should have been there 24/7 if they knew he was a drug addict. I know he loved his father, even after being abused, and I think his father could have helped him...IF he wanted to.

Papa Joe's fault, he should have been a more responsible parent and father, even if his son was 50 years old. His FATHER held the power over him all of his life, and he should have helped him. "wanting" to get him help and actually getting him the help he needed are two totally different things. "Wanting" to get him help and NOT doing it...well,, that's lazy and now his son is gone. His FAMILY should have been there doing everything in their POWER with every single DOLLAR they all had to help get him treatment.

They seemed to be enablers, and just as guilty, if not MORE SO, than any doctor giving injections.

1944 days ago


Just another twist on the Judy Garland story. The drugs, the comeback in London, etc,,,,Michael even "eased on down the road" in The Wiz...

Rest in Peace, MJ

1944 days ago


No matter what anyone says about TMZ, they are on the story with the FACTS before any other news source~ Bravo TMZ

God bless MJ and Farrah

1944 days ago


Schade, dass du schon von uns gehen musstest, Michael. Wir werden dich vermissen und dich in unserem Herzen weiterleben lassen. Ruhe in Frieden, wir lieben dich alle!

1944 days ago



1944 days ago


I really like the maturity of the first poster. She is correct and people can learn a lot from her.

1944 days ago


I have to agree with that very smart 12 year old who wrote comment 1.....People should show respect for the dead. MIchael Jackson is and will always be a legend. We should all remeber him for the great music he shared with us, for all of his humanitarian efforts. Just remeber "We are the world" raised Millions of dollars to feed the hungry in Ethiopia. He wrote the song, he brought everyone together, he made it happen!. I truly believe in my heart that Michael never did harm to any children. He had thousands of kids around him and only two made false allegations against him. I'm a mother, and let me tell you, if I really thought that my child was ever hurt the way these children claim Michael hurt them, I would not settle for money, not even billions. I would want that person to be punished and to rot in hell. These greedy people never cared about their children, all they wanted was money. I grew up admiring MJ, and I always will. I just hope he finds peace where ever he is. He will truly be missed.

1944 days ago
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